Constitutional Chaos | The Judge – What if the Constitution Never Applied, What if Freedom’s Greatest Hour of Danger is Now, What if… (VIDEO)

The Judge questions whether our constitution means anything anymore…

What if this is already happening???

What if…


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  1. marilyn lane says:


    I too am living proof that the Courts have corrupt judges like Judge Alice Schlesinger of New York Supreme Court that took a bribe from Frank Malone of Fidelity National Title and David K Fiveson of Coronet Title to perpertrate Ttile fraud .

  2. j. Alonzo says:

    Please Watch! Its an older video, but its a good one. Ron Paul Revolution 2012!

  3. John B. says:

    Any questions?

  4. Prosecute the fraud says:

    Judge Napolitano needs to run for President, at least he knows what the Constitution says.

    Would be nice to straighten out these idiots in Congress(House and Senate) who think they are Barons, Dukes and Earls and “rule” the citizens of the US.

    Right now each State has no say in the Federal Government, Repeal the 17th Amendment and put the power back in each State, drain the swamp in DC. Balanced budgets will be mandatory, no more spending money like drunks and putting all our children in debt before they even have a right to vote.

    The 17th Amendment was a progressive experiment that helped lead us to this turning point in history, it has failed miserably.

    Senators should just be clerks, appointed by each state legislation and told how to vote to balance the power of the House and Executive branch giving States a say in how the Fed Gov is run, not a pawn of a corrupt political party. Each state legislature should review each bill and send its vote to the Senator, who then follows their states directions and votes, no more “Republican” or “Democratic” crap in the Senate.

    Senators are easily corrupted individuals who bow to corporate influence and pressure. If a Senator is told by an entire states legislature how to vote, it is much harder to corrupt an entire States Legislature and get away with it. Voters would have time to stop any corrupt practices and clean up government. Also need to impose term limits. Tired of hearing how new Senators are broke and after a few years of working in DC they are multi-millionaires.

    Hell, the Senate can’t even do their jobs, they created a super committee to avoid responsibility and tough choices that really just super failed.

  5. J. Alonzo says:

    You go judge, men like you and Ron Paul are the ones we need. All other are cut by the same cloth, just like the judge says. When you cant tell them apart, because they are on the same path. Big Bail outs for specula interest.
    Ron Paul 2012 Revolution!

  6. lvent says:

    The Judge is right on as always…The hour is NOW…If we dont INDIVISIBLY as one nation…stand up for our U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL rights, THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS and the laws that were put in place to protect WE THE PEOPLE from a Government that is completely corrupt and acting like a tyranny and oppressing the people….what comes next will be unbearable…GLOBAL COMMUNISM followed by GLOBAL TOTALITARIANIASM….Right now we still have a Constitution but we have been HIJACKED and what comes next will be a complete global tyranny ran by Plutocrats who will be ruling the world…and we will all be mere debt slaves to their ORWELLIAN KLEPTOCRACY…..We The People have to stop complying and conforming…We can accept no Government “fixes” for the fraud of the perps of the NWO….They want a WORLD TAX..which will mean…GLOBAL COMMUNISM is the “FIX’ that they want for the mortgage mess….everyone pays for their home through a WORLD TAX…LIKE THE PROPERTY TAX.BEWARE…..THEY WANT YOU TO NEVER OWN YOUR HOME…!!! NO ONE IS SAFE..Geithner already predicted the economy to be worse by the fall of 2012..Bloomberg news reported the price of food is set to skyrocket in 2012…WE MUST STOP FEEDING THE NWO BEAST..THE GLOBAL TYRANNY!!..EVERYONE STOP PAYING THE MORTGAGE…!!! Then there will nothing they can do….Hide the mortgage money in a safe!!!! check out this article from Radio Free Wall Street…..
    End is Nigh, Hold Gold or Cash in Mattress…

    • lvent says:

      This is a podcast..not an article…sorry..but the title says it all….Cut up the credit and debit and stop doing business with these fascist pigs..what they want it a paperless electronic currency where they can keep track of every dime that we make….That will be complete Totalitarianism which will quickly follow the Communism they have planned for all of our homes..our homes are paid for free and clear…no legally enforceable liens in 19 years in my case means the statute of limitations of 12 years has run out on them to assign a lien…My County Recorders office told me and my husband, because of that, our house is paid for, we can live in it, sell it or do whatever we want with it….!!!..They are trying to destroy our Constitution… Beware of the next terrorist event , some say it could be a fake alien invasion, another MANUFACTURED financial collapse…..that is when they intend to completely destroy our U.S. Constitution….Whatever it is DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OF THEIR FIXES which they will claim are to protect us…THEY ARE LIARS…they want to own and control and micromanage every aspect of our lives…they want us to own nothing of value and be slaves to WALL STREETS DEBT…THEIR DEBT, NOT OURS…!!….

      • lvent says:

        The banks, credit, debit is the way they monitor what you have and how you spend money…even the grocery stores are doing this with those store cards that offer you discounts..Everytime you swipe, they are monitoring you…same with the I phone when you pay and make deposits with the I Phone….Stop complying America and pay cash only…Stop paying by phone, internet using the ATM’s and the self by money order….they are not only spying, they are stealing jobs….An attorney told me exactly what myself and millions of people have in the bank…Wake Up America…they want to do away with paper currency and have a cashless, Orwellian microchipped, micromangaged society…

    • J. Alonzo says:

      We need to vote Ron Paul! The only one that follows the constitution and does not bend it. Ron Paul Revolution 2012!

  7. lies is all they tell says:

    robosigning come on my sister had a foreclosure in 1/2009 brian blye the biggest robosigner for marshall watson foreclosure mill is on her assignment. i am righ now waiting for my lis pen. she does not want to fight them she doesny know what we know. when i get served i will me ready.

  8. chinga says:

    It is already happening!!! I’m living proof of that as the judges here have denied EVERY constitutional right we have had!!!

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