Mandelman Matters | A Foot Soldier in the Foreclosure Wars – Matt Weidner, A Mandelman Matters Podcast

A Foot Soldier in the Foreclosure Wars – Matt Weidner, A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Florida foreclosure defense attorney and controversial blogger, Matt Weidner is in the trenches fighting for the rights of homeowners almost every single day. Trained in large part by April Charney, and practicing in Florida, the major leagues of the foreclosure crisis, Matt has become one of the best known foreclosure fighters in the country, not only because of his work, but also because of his controversial blog,

To describe Matt as “passionate” would be the understatement of the decade.  Outspoken doesn’t quite do him justice either.  He knows in his heart that what’s happening to homeowners at the hands of the banksters today is wrong, but he also knows it’s bad for everyone… the homeowner, the community, the state, the nation and even the world, and he’s dedicated his practice to helping homeowners stand up to the TBTF banks.

He’s even been talking about running for congress… and if he does, I’m certainly going to do whatever I can to help him get elected.  We very much need people like Matt serving in government, so I hope he runs, if not this year then certainly in the future.

I wanted to have Matt on a podcast so both homeowners and other lawyers would have an opportunity to hear his views on the crisis today, and specifically what he’s seeing in the Florida courts.  And sure enough, Matt did not disappoint… he’s just one of those people who can’t beat around the bush.

So, there’s no reason to delay any further, if you’re not already familiar with Matt Weidner, here’s your chance to hear from one of the most outspoken voices of the foreclosure crisis, and if you already know of Matt from reading his blog… then you’ll love listening to him tell it like it is… on a Mandelman Matters Podcast.

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4 Responses to “Mandelman Matters | A Foot Soldier in the Foreclosure Wars – Matt Weidner, A Mandelman Matters Podcast”
  1. lvent says:

    I really feel that Matt is a great american…the part about his clients wanting to pay a mortgage is the part I find very difficult to understand. Matt stated it is not realistic to expect to be granted a “free house” which I choose to call CLEAR TITLE….To me, getting another loan payment and expecting to keep up with that in this MANUFACTURED horrible economy created by these financial terrorists who have hijacked America is what is unrealistic…. The TRUTH about this whole fraudclosure mess is people who stopped paying the mortgage did not stop paying because they wanted to or they bought a home they could not afford, ..they lost their income, their jobs or their businesses…People did not just wake up one day and say to their family, I just think I don’t want to pay the mortgage anymore! For the love of God, we were set up to fail!!!..The loan mod fiasco that I was fully qualified for but failed to get, proves they just want to steal my home and millions of others…..They are sneaking in communism….that is the OUTRAGE here…!!! Free House, my ass!!! The U.S. TAXPAYERS funded this entire PONZI SCHEME….Most people who are fighting fraudclosure are lucky if they found another way to make money and if they did, they most likely are barely making enough money for the basic neccessities like food and utitlity bills…People are not socking away thousands because they are not paying a mortgage…FAR FROM IT!!….WHY are WE in this mess? The realreason is because the GSE’s and WALL STREET caused these horrible economic conditions and it was intentionally done, a well instituted plan by their owners, the NWO, and the politicians and the U.S. GOVERNMENT are COWARDS, TRAITORS AND CRIMINALS…….All of these dirty bastards worked in concert and caused Intended crisis…The GSE’s and WALL STREET created massive unsustainable debt via massive collateral mortgage fraud for themselves, and lets be perfectly honest…. IT IS WALL STREET AND THE GSE’s WHO CAN’T PAY THEIR UNSUSTAINABLE DEBTS…$600 TRILLION IN COLLATERAL FRAUD, BACKED BY ZERO…You guys should post the docmentary Plunder, the Crime of Our Time by Danny Schecter…that is our side of the story…… Matt stated toward the end of the podcast the economy is going to get much worse in the next 2 years so, WTF? Who are we trying to kid if we see what is coming? Chris Whalen stated in his Bloomberg video Foreclosuregate is a Cancer, it is a slow wasting process and will most likely end in a Property Tax I have to ask,…Why would anyone fighting fraudclosure be willing to sign up for another note and mortgage when no one knows what is coming next? With the massive loss of jobs and incomes and more to come, there should be no fraudclosures…After what my County Recorders office told me and my husband last year, I am sticking to my guns….They told us that our house is paid for because NO ONE ever assigned a lien in 18 years to my deed… and the statute of limitations is 12 in my state..because of that, we can live in the house, sell it, or do whatever we want with it…That goes back to what Mandelman said, RULE OF LAW…and are we really back to the someone is owed this money thing again? Their gamble crapped out the day the Illuminati crashed the stock market..and as far as the Government goes, they should have never repealed Glass-Steagal and allowed Wall Street to operate like a giant casino with no collateral backing up those gambles…The whole big crock of bullshit about the poor investors again who “thought” they were investing in AAA mbs’s…is old and tired..Millions of Americans lost it all as well so cry me a freaking river…the movie Inside Job spilled the beans on the so called poor investors who also bought CREDIT DEFAULT INSURANCE…So sick of hearing about the foreign investors..WE THE PEOPLE WERE INVESTORS…AND GUESS WHAT? WE ALL GOT SCREWED..AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT WITH OUR HOMES…To me, signing up for another set up to fail in this horrible economy is lunacy.,..Do that and you will lose your house in 3 months once you default again…and they know that you will…God Bless you Matt and Thank You for all of your knowledge, insight and help..I know they have your back up against a wall but, I just had to clear the air on behalf of homeowners who are struggling to keep the lights on because of what these crooks did to this country. Fight the Good Fight!

    • lvent says:

      Great advice Matt about how people need to get online and educate themselves. That is hugely important! I can’t thank this website, FH and you Matt for all of your help..!

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