OCC Independent Foreclosure Review | We Represent the Government, and We Are Here to Screw You

“The consensus amongst those who watch these things carefully is don’t take the bait.  To put it bluntly,  why would you ever rely upon those who have been torturing you for so long to show you the way to find relief from the torture?  All they are doing is moving you from the room with the rack to the room with the thumbscrews and the nail pullers.  You are still going to be bent over,  shafted and tossed onto the dung heap for the dogs to sniff at and pee on while “they”,  once again,  laugh all the way to the bank.


We Represent the Government, and We Are Here to Screw You

I sat in on a phone call today between a highly trained attorney and three different $10 an hour employees of RUST Consulting in Minneapolis MN.  We wanted to get some information on this new and improved government cheese program called the OCC’s Independent Foreclosure Review.  It was quite the laugh as I listened to the attorney pretend he was a distressed,  angry,  and at times tearful and fearful homeowner.  Here is what we found out.

This is a game show.  They won’t say that,  but to these jaded eyes what we are looking at is no different than talent scouts scouring the countryside looking for contestants for the new season of “American DreamZ,  DreamZ with a Z”  and what a snoozer it is.  It’s your opportunity for more voluntary auto-humiliation at the hands of the very ones who have been tormenting you up to this point.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see this as a new reality TV show where the audience can vote on the amount of award to the contestants.  Can’t you just see the contestants (homeowners) jumping up and down clapping their hands hysterically as they get their piece of the Government Cheese?

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  1. Lani says:

    I have received one of these packets this week, too. I was one of the BofA that thought I was doing the right thing when I called to try to re-organize my payments to get caught up and fell for the “government program” line. Three hours on the phone going through every cent I had and owed was my start to losing my home. I thought I was applying for the program. When I got the notice that my home was going to be sold at auction I called to find out that the person on the other end for those three hours didn’t even record the information that I told her. She faked it and I was screwed. That call was mysteriously not in their system. I prepared myself to move as quickly as I could knowing I had no options. My son was forced to change cities, my husband had to find a new job and my photo studio had to move. I have felt so ashamed for getting behind when my mom died and not being smart enough to see what was coming until it was too late. I feel like it is happening again. This packet seems like they want to help me but it doesn’t seem right. Why would the government or BofA want to help me figure out if I was financially damaged? I was more than financially damaged, but why would they care now? They didn’t care when they watched me throw away the things I couldn’t take with me or when the realtor was inspecting my home while I was packing and crying. Why would they care now? Do you think they care if my credit is in the crapper now? All because I knew I was going to get behind when my mom died and tried to do the right thing. I don’t even know what to think of this other than I smell a rat.

  2. TheThorn in the Side says:

    OK, I am an attorney, I’m in foreclosure, and I received the mailing today. You can’t hurt yourself by participating in this program. Just don’t expect anything in the way of a positive outcome. I represent not only myself, but about a dozen other people in foreclosure. No one is going to save you. You must act to save yourself. Spend $1,500.00 to hire an attorney who knows what he/she is doing. At he very least, they can keep you in your home for five years, rent and mortgage payment free. At best, you will have the basis for counterclaims against the bank, which can result in a new mortgage at a reasonable rate, credit repair, payment of attorney fees, and damages for destroyed credit and emotional and mental anguish. Don’t go to any company or law firm that advertises this service. Do your own due diligence. You can kick their a**es if you go about it right.

  3. Denise Alexander says:

    Ok I am so confused at all of this? It sounds like they want to help but now I am reading what all you are saying and am thinking its going to be the same crap that almost ruined my marriage….. I would love to hear the right way to go about this do I fill the paper out that I got today or do I say f*** them! Every time I think this crap is behind me then something comes up like this and I think oh maybe something good will come up and we can move on and be happy again but then its not even a true thing…. If they wanted to help I could of told them the only thing that would of help my family is let us stay at our home we built with our children and just approve the MOD we filled out and did everything single thing you asked. I even hired someone to help with that part costed me 1500 they did nothing then to find out I didnt need to pay anyone and when I was told if we didnt get approved we would get 100% of our money back so when I asked for it back they said no we dont get all of it but here is $250.00 so not only did we get screwed by our bank but by someone that was suppose to be helping us!!!! So like I said before any help on what to do on this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks a lot

  4. Jylly Jakes says:

    Hi All,

    Before answering the questionnaire I’d recommend reading the agreement letters between the bank servicer’s and the “independent review” firms. I agree with the comments above. I am reading the letters between Citi, US bank and PwC, which is the parent of Rust Consulting. In the letter with US Bank, not only is US Bank paying for the PwC fees to review, in addition to paying for the law firm that will be assisting PwC. Why wouldn’t PwC have their own legal team? Are they some back water boutique that can’t afford their own lawyers? How convenient for US Bank to not only pick their “regulator” but also the legal eagles that will advise PwC. Have we learned AT ALL yet that self regulation is in effect NO regulation? Bill Black says that, Nouriel Roubini has said that. And yet, Timmy Geitner, Bernanke et al will rely on broken regulatory concepts to shepard our way outta this monumental fiasco that has already been way to expensive to Main Street.. We have people marching in the streets and yet our leadership is relying on pure idiocy. It’s tragic and will be a lasting hallmark of Obama’s legacy.

    I have received my questionnaire and I am consulting with the appropriate people to see what level of obligation I have to answer it.

    I also have been getting calls from Citi’s executive review unit. Apparently Citi is not suppose to influence RUST consulting. That said, my Citi reviewer admitted to calling RUST to expedite the application to me. When the ERU specialist called Citi, they denied having spoken to me and never heard of me. I gave my Citi representative the details of the calls I made three weeks ago, my RUST ID number and the identification of the four different people I spoke with. Magically the questionnaire arrived Friday.

    This is the same song, eighth verse, same song as the last seven but this time it feels a whole lot worse!

    As many people have pointed out, this is a class action style law suit brewing and the enemy wants to know what evidence we have of their criminally fraudulent behavior. I’d like to hear how others think this should be handled as I am sure if we refuse to participate that will be used in court against foreclosure fighters. I don’t see how I have a legal obligation to tell them what criminal ac ts they have done and what evidence I have collected over four long years. It’s like being lead to the slaughter house by the very government agencies that should have dealt with this years ago.

    As Ever,

    Jylly Jakes

  5. Javagold says:

    the people always seem to forget there are way more of us than there is of them…….there should never be anything to be afraid of…….dont leave your homes EVER

  6. I have warned everyone to watch their back on this. There has been little to no help from most politicians. The Washington Fair foreclosure act was to help the banks get homeowners to sign they owed the debt before they could get help and then were not quaranteed help and could be told sorry you dont qualify, Have you heard that before? The banks especially BOA jumped right in to help us ” into their chambers of horror.”. It was so kind of these serial predatory parasites to jump right in and help. Sign you owe this debt and then we will go from there. HE HE !! One of the criminal attorneys for the banks wrote in a letter to a friend through this chaos I have met on line, that because he was fighting for several of his homes, he was a serial complaintor, I nearly flipped! As if they are not serial parasite predatory scumbage imposters, trying to steal how many houses? In the thousands, and have nerve to call him a serial complaintor. WOW! They will stoop to anything, the dirt bags!

    • Jylly Jakes says:

      Shelley, The bank servicers have taken millions of homes illegally. I’m just wondering what ‘number’ we have to hit before this stops. Fraudclosure has put a near death like strangle hold on the economy, yet, we have the mass delusion that the 5-6 million homes foreclosed on so far were all just predatory borrowers. Now the next 10 million homes in the foreclosure pipeline are what? More predatory borrowers that forced banks to loan them too much? So 16 million predatory borrowers (roughly one fifth of 80 million mortgages in the US) have to be “punished” so the economy can get better? None of the nonsense that is floating around in the mass media makes any sense whatsoever. The lackey lawyers that represent foreclosure mills should be disbarred. End of story.

      In one particularly quaint moment in my four year saga is when I came home from work in February 2009 and had an eviction notice stuck to my door giving me two weeks to clear out. I spent days home from work to address this issue with the foreclosure mill attorney. Of course, at the time I was paying my mortgage. Her response in one email was “I have no idea what you are getting so emotional about…”

      Serial Complainer….we have to have a dictionary for all the tortured expressions that have come about from this nightmare.

  7. Ron Moss says:

    Oh Master, Have mercy on me Masser Please Sir, But Please have mercy.

    • Dont expect MERCY from serial parasite, imposter scub bags, they have no MERCY and not conscions. Fight for your rights in a non violent way. Write, email every politicain and support the 99%. keep sharing knowledge and lets put a stop to this craziness.

  8. Beth A. says:

    I figure if I fill out the review documents I received I will give the company knowledge of every argument I would otherwise be able to bring to court – thus preparing them to fight my case.

  9. qwester says:

    To Matt Weidner – Forclosure Fraud Review
    If we receive a packet but do not act on it will that have any legal consequences, positive or negative regarding our defense against foreclosure? Should we create a voluntary registry of anyone who receives a packet in order to deduce their criteria for selection or as a basis for a class action suit against a servicer since we will be able to sort the packet recipients into groups with common complaints? What else can we do to screw up their system if we get a packet?

  10. talktotennessee says:

    OCCUPY needs to morph into a people’s party NOW. Their impact may wane if they do nothing! Many of us out here in the ranks are ready and willing to support with votes, etc but we can’t from where we are if there is nothing defined and leadership is not forthcoming.

  11. talktotennessee says:

    Received one of the reviews last week. If OCC is involved it reeks of whitewash, rubber stamp and that is being verbally kind. Bait and more bait to find a legal way to foreclose is what it tells me and getting the victim’s approval to do so!

  12. Jenn Grant says:

    This is how it begins folks. Every other move now by our esteemed leadership will be more harsh, more aggressive and will be called austerity, and will be made completely “legal” by some imaginary contract of some sort. The evil keeps hoping that they damage they caused won’t spread, will be contained by the Inc press so more Americans won’t realize how badly they are being screwed. F%^K the OCC, once and for all!

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