Lee Camp | What Are We Truly Willing To Fight For?

Some Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised

Watch the news and ask yourself – For what are we really willing to put ourselves at risk?




3 Responses to “Lee Camp | What Are We Truly Willing To Fight For?”
  1. banksterslayer#301 says:

    Amen&Amen to both of you…

  2. Bobbi Swann says:

    Well, Lee really hits the nail on the head. Some will find this disgusting, however, most people will deny the truth and keep right on drinkin the Koolaid that is served. We cannot ask for the government to stop all of the control unless we learn control ourselves…..Black Friday just proves that we have not done so, yet.

    • lvent says:

      Oh yeah… People are still in la la land. I heard someone on the MSM bashing Occupy for telling people to boycott Black Friday and using the excuse that would hurt the economic recovery! What recovery..? Black Friday shopping is helping them kick the can down the road a bit longer and proves that too many people are still sheeple…They can’t cut up the credit and debit and stop buying crap they don’t need to save their own hides….They keep complying and conforming to what they are told…Like someone in the media said, these sales go on through out the holiday season..Black Friday is a gimmick….I mean if your need a new flat screen by all means by one and pay cash but all of the nonsense that it has to be done on Black Friday is a big fat farce like everything else they tell us. Who do they think owns these multnational corps? The same crooks who continue to steal our country…and as far as the people who are working these seasonal minimum wage slave jobs being hurt, maybe they don’t need to buy any more crap made in China either…because you sure can’t pay bills and feed your family in the real world on that lousy bullshit pay…I say boycott the gift buying part of the holidays completely…! Maybe America should get back to the real meaning of Chrismas and forget all of the shopping and wrapping…How about feeding some homeless people or have a coat drive for the needy or send care packages to the troops…?

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