LPS Whistleblower Tracy Lawrence Dead after Cutting Deal as State Witness on Fraudulent Notarizing of Robo-signed Docs


Witness in Alleged Robo-Signing Case Dies

State witness Tracy Lawrence was found dead by Las Vegas Metro Police officers Monday morning. They were called to her apartment by the Attorney General’s office after she missed a Monday morning court hearing.

The Attorney General’s office says she was going to be sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of fraudulent notarizing. She was one of four notaries cooperating with the state in exchange for lighter sentences.

She faced up to a year in prison for forging signatures enabling title companies to rush Nevada home foreclosures. Title loan officers Gary Trafford and Gerri Shepperd of Lender Processing Services were indicted on more than 600 felony charges.

Well, it looks like the other three notaries might just come up with rare cases of amnesia…

This is so beyond scandalous…



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  1. charley rice says:

    They can’t cover the REAL TRUTH that everyone home was stolen by the foreclosure mills, MERS, Recontrust, Landsafe Default, robosigners, 3rd party banks who violated their Consent Orders knew that they were prohibited from touching any property for 8 years.

    Look up Case FTC v Countrywide/ Bac…

    THESE COURTS are not following the LAWS about ALL ROBO SIGNERS IS VOID!


    Between Jan 1, 2009 and Dec 31, 2010 all these homes was wrongfully foreclosed by 3rd party banks who KNEW that YOUR SUBPRIME BANK HAD WENT out of business was long gone. YOU ONLY SIGNED ONE CONTRACT WITH ONE BANK, AND NOW ONE ELSE..


    That’s why they ROBO-SIGNED because NO 3rd PARTY BANK HAD A VALID ASSIGNMENT and also ALL these 3rd party banks were paid by the TARP.

    GOOGLE THE Subprime 25

    NOW it’s Double Dipping ALL THE WAY!

    Now why do you think that there’s a big investigation by the OCC conducting this Independent Foreclosure Review?

    These courts are siding on the fiction Bank corporations and denying every rightful home owner Due process know that they were over zealous and made erroneous judgements against homeowners are VOID and flat on it’s face. Which also makes it a CONFLICT of INTEREST because their retirement & pension are also paid by the 3rd party banks.

    It too bad these Judges, Commissioners don’t want to admit that they screwed up, but still they want to still Obstruct justice on deprivation of peoples property when these courts can’t verify the debt, under the FDCPA, and there HAS to be a FLESH and BLOOD to come into court claiming that they’re the REAL person of INTEREST to your HOME.






    THE PEOPLE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO MAKE THEIR OWN HONEST COURTS, BANKS, etc. LET’S START EXERCISING OUR TRUE rights and stop being taken advantage of by this BIG DECEPTION and FRAUD being played there.


    Cut and paste this and pass it to everyone. THEY FEAR US.

    • Texas10 says:

      I’m afraid I won’t live to see justice done, Charley. But it is fun to watch the bastards who played the securitization game (MERS, investors, rating agencies, etc) devour each other in the courts. The Regulators can’t/won’t do anything to these thieves, so I guess this is as close as we’ll get to justice.

  2. TLF says:

    Wasn’t Gary Trafford Good Friends and Business Practitioners with Henderson Attorney Jeremy Bergstrom of Miles Bauer and Berdgstrom.. They Foreclosed on properties together in Arizona, Nevada, California..Hmm.. Thought I saw their names together???

  3. TheHutMaster says:

    The dirtball scumbags @ LPS should all be jailed. We are NOT scared of these assholes and, I invite any of the scumbags to come fishing with me. I would be a DEEP adventure.

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day.

  4. See on the web State of Nevada V Gary
    Traffor & Gerri Sheppard (robo signers) on weblogTimothymccandless’sweblog: THis should embarrass any AG from not doing the same.

  5. Robert says:

    Ya know what? We have only one person to blame for all of this. Look in the mirror people and tell me when was the last time you voted? When was the last time you exersized your Voice and wrote or called Your Congressman? When was the last time you openly supported this Republic? Stand up and be counted. Demand that your congressmen and women do there job. Sitting here and Reading what others have to say and doing NOTHING to effect change is why we are in thir mess. If ya dont like what Washington is doing then Get off your collective Asses and do something about it. If we had then we would not have the traidor in office that we have now, He would not be Honoring one of the Biggest Traidors alive as Woman of the Decade. That is Right Jane Fonda. Check out History. She needs to be in Jail and now YOU are allowing this to happen. Her and Obama are one in the same. The only way to ever fix this country is to take action and We need to Hold them to the fire and not allow them to Hold us to the fire. My question Ramains when will you finally wake up and speak out? When will you take a stand? When will you stop being the coward that says IT iS Only ONe Vote it will not Count. If the People that did not vote would we can get controll and send a very strong message to every crook in Office today. they would know that we will no longer take there abuse of the system or of us. Take a stand America before we become the Socialest States of America. I am done taking there crap and never will again. How about you?

    • This is so true! Talk to everyone you can. I have been spouting this same issue for to long. I have gained some ground and actually have people voting that never thought it mattered. Including one of my sons and his wife. All my children vote and have since they have been voting age, but my oldest son and his wife. They finally saw the light a year ago, and look for their voters phamplets in the mails.
      The banksters can buy the politicains, but they can not ! buy the voters!!! The 99% matters! We are incontrol and if we dont control this fraud by not voting and policing our politiicains, write them , call them, e-mail them, l must e-mail mine at least once a day, with articles that should shame our government and ask them what they are doing publically to stop this crime. Face book everyone, twitter everyone. Wake up America! I highlighted the entire 650 page “Wall Street and the Financial Crisis; Anatomy of a Financial Collaspe” and gave the highlighted high points to Senator Roach, because I was told the document purposely investigated for the U.S. Senate was to large for her to read she would not have time! Her secretary personally picked it up from me and took it to her, she is now working with a group of homeowners and public officials to put a bill together I am told, but have not seen yet, to help. I only trust it will be good because I know one person on the commitee, that will police this as much as she is able as a private homeowner can do. Every individual makes a difference, every individual equals the 99%. The only way these crooks can get away with this is to keep this HUSH HUSH and hope America does not wake up. Help us wake up America and keep in constant contact with your represenatives. Big waves of public interest make policitians worry about their votes that count, if being moral, honest and doing an honest fudiciary duty with clean hands is not enough for them. They know they need your votes, The banking Association is worried enough already that they issured a letter (that is now exposed to the public, that I have a copy of) stating if the politicians are caught sympathizing with the 99% the banks will dig into their history and find dirt, and there will be political cost to them. That tells you they are worried the politians they have bought are worried about the vote of the 99%. WE CAN DO THIS!

    • There is always more than one way to stop this crime here is another way: Pass this on! You can see it is working. BECU credit union is opening so many new accounts a day they can hardly keep up! Bring U.S. Bank of America to its knees and get U.S. of America back!
      Neil Garfield started the U.S. Bank of America and I dedicate this Christmas song from Cher!SEE: YOU TUBE Cher- One TIn Soldier; Shame on the big bank greed! God Bless the 99% and America! Happy Honnukka to everyone also. VIRTUAL STATE BANK IN OREGON: MOVING MONEY TO CREDIT UNIONS AND COMMUNITY BANKS
      by Neil Garfield



      The Oregon Trail to Banking Local

      Katrina vanden Heuvel on November 28, 2011 – 11:05am ET

      Before there was “Move Your Money” there was “Fire Your Bank.”

      It was January 2009, and 3000 miles from the epicenter of the financial meltdown, 800 people attended an economic justice town hall in Portland, sponsored by Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Working Families Party (OWFP) and others. People wanted to take action to protect their own local economies from the aftershocks of the disaster wrought by the Big Banks.

      Barbara Dudley, co-chair of the OWFP, suggested that folks begin looking at where monies are deposited and invested. A core group focused on banking emerged and came up with the name, “Fire Your Bank.” The group organized several actions, with people serving giant pink slips to Wall Street banks in downtown Portland, closing their accounts, and moving their money to local banks and credit unions. It also began researching the community banks and credit unions, and contacting local bankers to garner support for a longer-term effort to create a state-owned bank that would partner with local banks to make loans to Oregon businesses, farms, students and homeowners.

      The 2009 campaign not only was a precursor to the Move Your Money campaign, but it also involved many key organizers now taking part in the local Occupy protests throughout the state.

      Fast forward to the first Saturday of November—“Bank Transfer Day”: 40,000 new customers nationwide deposited $90 million with credit unions, adding to the 650,000 people and $4.5 billion in deposits that had been moved to community banks in the preceding weeks. In Oregon, a savvy and diverse coalition that had already been working for nearly three years to create a state bank realized it isn’t enough to simply move money.

      “We were telling people move your money but weren’t being clear about where to,” explains Dudley. “Some of the credit unions or local banks are just as bad as the big banks—I mean, there is a difference amongst them.”

      So a coalition of six organizations that includes OWFP, Jobs with Justice and the Rural Organizing Project created Oregon Banks Local to help people determine just “how local a bank or credit union truly is.”

      Oregon Banks Local—with assistance from the New Rules Project—researched and rated real, objective and measurable data, including: whether an institution’s headquarters is in the state, region or elsewhere; whether ownership is cooperative, private or limited stock, or NASDAQ/NYSE traded; percentage of branches in-state, the region or elsewhere; and the percentage of assets in small business loans.

      The other key strategy of Oregon Banks Local was to connect with the Occupy Portland movement for Bank Transfer Day.

      “They had energy and we had a plan,” says organizer Jared Gardner, who has been instrumental in both the state bank campaign and Oregon Banks Local.

      The plan was to march to a highly rated local credit union and “connect the dots,” as Gardner puts it, between the Occupy, Move Your Money and state bank movements which are trying to make the local economies more resilient. So Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union stayed open that Saturday and added 30 new accounts. (The bank typically adds 24 new accounts per month and serves more than 6100 members.)

      Jim McCarthy, president and CEO of the $92 million bank in Portland, told the Credit Union Times “it was one of the best days” in his fourteen years in banking.

      While individuals moving their money to local banks is critical in order to shore up local financial systems, borrow locally and increase demand for local banking, Steve Hughes, state director of OWFP, said at the event that there is a bigger campaign on the horizon.

      “I think the biggest chunks [of money] we need to look at are municipal, county and state governments,” said Hughes. “They hold huge deposits and right now they deposit that money into the very same Wall Street banks that ran roughshod over our community.”

      Which brings us full circle to the Oregon state bank movement. Currently, the big five Wall Street banks receive 66 percent of Oregon’s total deposits, according to Oregon Banks Local. But they aren’t lending to small businesses and commercial properties in small town main streets and rural areas (just like they aren’t doing in the rest of the country).

      The current “virtual state bank” proposal—supported by both the State Treasurer and Governor—would leverage existing state funds (such as economic development funds, a portion of the public employee pension fund, lottery dollars) to issue these kinds of neglected loans in conjunction with community banks and credit unions—institutions that aren’t currently in a position to make the loans themselves.

      According to Dudley it looked like there would be a vote on the proposal during the 2011 legislative session when it moved through committee with bipartisan support. But on the last day, with a divided State House of 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans, the Republicans didn’t let it come up for a vote. While the 2012 session will only meet for one month both the Governor and Treasurer are determined to pass the bill.

      “I think the Republicans are feeling quite a bit of pressure because they did nothing for jobs or the economy last time around,” says Dudley. “Also, with election season coming up, we’re finding candidates who are running hard on a ‘let’s move public money into local credit unions’ message. This is really becoming popularized on a very significant level.”

      Gardner says the coalition is also now collecting reports from partners all around the state regarding where every city and municipality banks, and what the local investment policies are—which policies need to be changed so that jurisdictions can freely move monies to local banks and credit unions. It isn’t always as easy as one might think—there can be local regs about bank size, caps on amounts permitted in banks with less than $10 billion in assets, and diversification requirements, to name a few obstacles.

      “That’s really where the strategic next level is for us,” says Gardner, “and it’s already going on, because people have been working at this for so long.”

      When it comes to building a truly local and sustainable economy that keeps resources in state, investing in Main Street and rural communities, just follow the Oregon Trail.

  6. Fern says:

    If we still had a Constitution that was abided by we would not have fiat currency. When was the last time you saw the creatures in dc pass a law that did not in some way violate our rights in the Constitution? How about the mandatory healthcare bill or how about our right to choose to drink unpasteurized milk, it is not that my right to do such according to them, yet I have to sneak around to buy it for fear of going to jail. Food for thought: Gold is the currency of Kings, Silver currency of Gentlemen, barter the currency of peasants, credit/debt the currency of slaves. http://www.moneyasdebt.net/ Our Federal Reserve notes are credit, they are loaned to the American people from the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation not a governmental agency, they have no substance to back them other than our promise to pay taxes to their collection agency, the IRS. http://www.libertyzone.com/Communist-Manifesto-Planks.html for some extracurricular reading.

    • lvent says:

      Fern, they certainly have hijacked our Government and weakened the U.S. CONSTITUTION…it is time to restore the greatest document ever written by men, back to its original form…and add an amendment or two to restrain the luciferians from taking over America without ever firing a shot…The American people have been asleep for along time…we got lazy about our freedom and trusted to much…the paradigm is changing..We definitely need our own currency…U.S. BANK NOTES like J.F.K wanted…The glass is still half full…but, WE THE PEOPLE have alot of work to do because we are one manufactured disaster away from a New World Order takeover…

      • CaitlinO says:

        We definitey need our own currency? What do you think thoset pieces of paper issued by the US Treasury are? Chopped liver?

    • pat sullivan says:

      LPS Stock up 4%

      • lvent says:

        The beast will never die if it keeps being fed a steady diet of ill gotten gains… the people should be going freaking beserk by now like they are in Europe and demanding our own currency and the criminal FED be abolished…but really and truly, most are still in the dark about the ways they are screwing us…Everyone has to stop conforming and complying otherwise, the beast will just get stronger…creating wealth for itself off the backs of those who are conforming and complying…People are just to afraid to ruin their credit score and not be able to use their credit…they are simply brainwashed and do not realize they are not safe, no one is safe and that what they are doing by paying the mortgage and using their credit and banks is making themselves weaker by feeding this beast…..these people are criminals, and they are stealing that mortgage money to distribute more drugs, train and give weapons to our enemies,start illegal wars and buy loyalty..these people who are receiving that money are evil beyond belief and truly hate America and our National Sovereigty..they are whoring off of us…and what they plan to do is clean us out to take us over without ever firing a shot…!!!

        If the people knew that their mortgage money was going to a Global money laundering, drug syndicate, pedophile ring, terrorist operation who want to bankrupt them and steal everything that they own including their NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY…….then would they quit paying? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! THEY ARE STEALING YOUR COUNTRY FOR DEBTS THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN OWE!!!! THEIR DEBT IS UNSUSTAINABLE…$600 TRILLION IN MORTGAGE DERIVATIVES BACKED BY ZERO COLLATERAL!!!! THE NEW WORLD ORDER HEIST CONTINUES, UNABATED….!

  7. indio007 says:

    I bet Linda Green signs the coroners report….
    But seriously,

    Now people can’t question the validity of the documents she attested to authentic because she is dead.
    When they are alive you can challenge the presumption of authenticity. It’s nearly impossible to succeed if you can’t get the notary on the stand and cross examine them. Now there are 25000 properties that are pretty much a lock to be legitimized.

  8. Fern says:

    It is way to early to make those speculations. Let time tell the story and keep this woman’s memory clean until we know the “facts” as the media presents them. We all are hurting because of our fraud issues but remember she has family too, it could have been suicide or homicide
    As for the sneaking in communism that was done decades ago. We now have all 10 planks of the communist manifesto in place, including the schools we send our children to. Check out Charlotte Iserbyt a former Reagan admin head of the education department. Go read the 10 planks to see just where we are in that game.

    • lvent says:

      Fern, the day they declare America Broke, tell us we are now on a world currency…and they declare martial law and we all have to pay the mortgage via a world tax…then it will be a Communist country..We still have a Constitution……Right now, it is a socialist country they just call it debt and taxes. knowing your property rights and law, that is power….that is what makes this country unique… and that is what they are trying to destroy….That is why the founding fathers left Europe…to escape Feudalism and taxation…They already stole our land, we pay property tax…we never own the land the house sits on, now they do not want us to own the house either or anything of value for that matter….they have been chipping away at our freedom for decades……what they want to follow that up with is Global Totalitarianism…the paperless currency and the microchip.

  9. to the United State Banks (Banksters) of America I dedicate this song to the people the 99% fighting you! SEE Youtube Cher- one Tin Soldier; 444,320 views

    Shame on you! We will have the United states of American back!

  10. Maybe Linda Green has been promoted ito the new title of robo hit woman

    Now see here LInda …you bots to two file confirmatory assination and make sure it’s motorized this time!

  11. I have been told by police here in my area, that quit the force here, that they were told to carrie unregistered guns in case they had to set someone up. The corruption is everywhere, and you can bet this will look like a suicide even if it is not. No one will ever know for sure if it was or was not. Sure looks suspicious! Several of our citizens whom have beeb claimed to have committed suicide did not commit suicide. One man claiming he was going to commit suicide was helped out by the police force here, they used his home for target practice from 7PM until 2 o’clock AM, when they found him dead in a bath tub hiding. No one would commit suicide while hiding in a bath tub. They would not need to hide and they would find somewhere comfortable, and why hide in a cast iron tub from gun fire if you plan on shooting your self. And why did they use his house for taget practice, instead of trying to talk him out of it. he was not threatening to end anyone elses life. THe mayor and him had words over a job the mayor promised him but gave to someone else and he had moved here for the job, so was loosing his home over no job. The mayor patted the swat team on the back and told them what a good job they had done. Sickens me every time I think about it. The swat team for a man saying he was going to commit suicide?! They smashed down his garage doors with a robot, then shot out every window in the house and broke down the front door with the robot. The robot found the man in his tub hiding but dead at 2AM. Uh huh! Talk about overkill!

    • lvent says:

      Good God Shelley, that is horrendous! I was listening to the Thom Hartmann program on the radio coming home from fraudclosure court…He was talking about conspiracies on todays show…..He told about some guy who was a CIA agent when Reagan was pres and was set to testify to all he knew about Iran-Contra…The morning of court, he had a seizure and the doctors cut out the part of his brain that effected his speech… they cut his tongue out ….Thom also talked about the drones they intend to use to police us and how the police dept’s are all getting armed with military equipment..Thom said we all need to really push back hard on this…As I said, I believe they are sneaking in Communism..

      • indio007 says:

        Thom Hartman is really starting to come around. I saw him the other night on RT and I really think he’s starting to get it. He seems to be breaking out of the false left/right paradigm.

      • lvent says:

        Indioo 7…yes, I like Thom…but, I love that Max Keiser…! He is the bomb!

      • i HAVE CERTAINLY SEEN JUST THIS EXACT THING IN MY SMALL TOWN! I keep seeing the SWAT TEAM in place in their armored cars. Customers of mine and my sons were working on prisons all over the Seatle area and Tacoma and then were invited to go to Alaska to make more, when I told them to look up 800 Concentration Camps on the web. They did not know what they were working on. They could not figure why they were empty and being told they would not need them for a year and a half, which is about a year now. They prisons in this area are all done and they are working on Schools and medical clinics. Schools can be used as prisons later and miltiary barracks. I know this seems paranoid, but look at what has happened and how this parrallells the Auschwitz death camps which was all bank take overs in Germany. One of my police state patrol friends, tells me he has a bad feeling about what is going on in his field and all the mortgage bank fraud, his guts are telling him to worry. That sure does not sound good. I make no mistake to let everyone know how political I am. And how supportive I am of the 99%. The state patrol hate this mayor, they know how corrupt he is. The fire department refused to endorse him and the local police refused to make a statement either way. I have a court case against this lieing theif of a mayor..

    • joshua says:

      amazing story. by the way, how does she post on 11/29 at 8;54 when it’s 7;35 in L.A. Ca.

      • lvent says:

        Remember Obama weakened the Posse Commitatus Act with Executive Order 13528 on 1-11-10..

      • Yes I thought we had the same time as L.A! Can’t answer that myself. I wanted to post this for Ivent and whom ever else needs this infor for their case.

        This should be used in your case law: No court has ever in history adjudicated against the Mass U.S. Supreme Court and this court made this case law. stating all foreclosures in Mass in the last five years by all banks are nullity, void, and unlawful, and all foreclosed homes are to go back to the homeowners. Any new purchasers of the stolen homes are like they have purchased a stolen car and have no relief or restitution, which most of them are part of the greedy criminal investors, not the ripped off investors. A good share of them I believe are Freddie and Fannie. For those unknowing purchasers I believe because of the fraud and lack of disclosure by the crooks, they will mostlikely come up with some way to suie the banksters , debt collectors, and fraud title insurance companies, but now they are loosing their home they did not now was stolen, what a mess. Now they have the same legal problems and cost to get restitution, if they even can.

        pull up The :Bevilacqua v. Rodriguez: What Now For Faulty Foreclosure Titles and look up “Houston We Have A problem Bevilacqua V. Rodriquez to see how Livinglieswordpress explains the problem the banks have

        Subject: FW: U.S. Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe’s Home Was Stolen

        From: William Bernard Butler [mailto:bill.butler@butlerlibertylaw.com]
        Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 6:55 PM
        To: Steve Morberg
        Subject: Re: U.S. Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell, How Average Joe’s Home Was Stolen

        Fannie/Freddie can’t take delivery of notes, that is why they show up after the sale. If boa tries to lift stay or starts adversary preceding, challenge by claiming that they lack standing and are not a real party in interest, citing mers info and note payable to table lenders.

        William Bernard Butler

        33 South Sixth Street

        Suite 4100

        Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402


        On Nov 29, 2011, at 12:10 AM, “Steve Morberg” wrote:

        Hello Bill,

        I just read through your recent article, and will be re-reading it many times. Thank you for this.

        This really is a great overview in a nutshell and one that I have forwarded off to my email list.

        I am in Washington State and part of a group of homeowners here helping educate and organize against the fraud.

        I am not asking for legal advice, but I have been a bit curious why I have not read that much if really any, in regards to the loans that Fannie and Freddie “own”.

        Just to let you know I am currently in a Chapter 13, with an Attorney that has been a student of Max Gardner, but he is not a litigator and has not been involved much in regards to challenging a lender until recently.

        I am at the stage where the servicer’s attorney’s have submitted proof of claim, but have not motioned for a relief of stay as of yet. We are expecting that soon.

        I have 2 properties (owner occupied and a rental), both were originated by a table funded lender who funded the loans through their funding lines of credit. Both immediately were sold along with the servicing to Countrywide.

        Servicing was then transferred to BAC Home Loans Servicing in 2008. Both were Assigned out of MERS to BAC Home Loans Servicing this year. Servicing on both were transferred on June 1st to Bank of America N.A., as all BAC loans were done at that time.

        For the past 2 years, of dealing with loan modification denials, requesting information and documentation to show me proof of the true ownership of the loan (being ignored for any type of documentation), all that I can show through letters and emails from BOFA and Freddie Mac, is that Freddie Mac is the investor/owner of the note. MERS online InvesterID actually has shown that BOFA is the investor up until just recently the investor property now shows Freddie Mac.

        All filings and motions in BK are only naming Bank of America. Both proof of claims, show copies of the note with indorsements from the original lender to Countrywide Bank, then to Countrywide Home Loans, then indorsement in blank from Countrywide Home loans.

        Freddie Mac on their website instruct the servicer to initiate anything in the servicer’s name. From what I have read, Freddie instructs the Servicer to hold the original note and to not have the note indorsed to Freddie Mac.

        My primary loan has been identified with a CUSIP # from exact loan identifiers from loan level information from HUD, that a data analyst in Florida has been accumulating. I have yet to get the exact trust that it is in yet. I have not identified my rental as of yet.

        I am not reading about any cases involving Freddie Mac, where they are identified as the owner of the note/investor, but hiding being the foreclosing entities (servicers) in the pleadings, and where the note is indorsed in blank is presented. If the loan was securitized by Freddie Mac, then I am sure the PSA is instructing the original to be delivered and indorsed to Freddie?

        Have you come across many/any cases like this?

  12. Seems like a lot of bad things are happening to America’s Whistle Blowers recently… hmmm?
    American Justice or FBI cover-up?


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