December 6th 2011 | Occupy’s Next Frontier: Foreclosed Homes

Occupy’s next frontier: Foreclosed homes

A campaign to defend families from evictions and protest foreclosure fraud launches next week

Occupy Wall Street is promising a “big day of action” Dec. 6 that will focus on the foreclosure crisis and protest “fraudulent lending practices,” “corrupt securitization,” and illegal evictions by banks.

The day will mark the beginning of an Occupy Our Homes campaign that organizers hope will energize the movement as it moves indoors as well as bring the injustices of the economic crisis into sharp relief.

Many of the details aren’t yet public, but protesters in 20 cities are expected to take part in the day of action next Tuesday. We’ve already seen eviction defenses at foreclosed properties around the country as well as takeovers of vacant properties for homeless families. Occupy Our Homes organizer Abby Clark tells me protesters are planning to “mic-check” (i.e., disrupt) foreclosure auctions as well as launch some new home occupations.

This is a shift from protesting Wall Street fraud to taking action on behalf of people who were harmed by it. It brings the movement into the neighborhoods and gives people a sense of what’s really at stake,” said Max Berger, one of the Occupy Our Homes organizers and a member of Occupy Wall Street’s movement-building working group.

The backdrop for all this is a new study suggesting the foreclosure crisis is only half over, with 4 million homes in some stage of foreclosure. Meanwhile, reports of illegal or questionable behavior by banks and mortgage lenders continue to stream in.

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7 Responses to “December 6th 2011 | Occupy’s Next Frontier: Foreclosed Homes”
  1. Beth A. says:

    The Occupy warriors should yell down each foreclosure sale with, “The title on this house is clouded – or slandered – and the homeowner will fight whoever bids on this house!”

    I’ve heard here and there that this scares away those who may have intended to bid. Hey, buyer beware – and in this case – we need to make the prospective buyer aware. We are fighting!

  2. Carlos Dehesa says:

    I do not think you can blame the homeowners for something they have no control such as unemployment, inflation and the products going to manufacture in China. There is only one way for the bank to lend you money and that is to sign the contract, otherwise there is no loan, so simple. The economic crisis is not just in the United States, it has spread all over the world. Are you going to accuse homeowners for the global crisis? ¿Millions of people were stupid for signing a binding contract with the bank? The banks imply they are not criminals because they provide too much money for the political campaigns and have three thousand lobbies in Congress. (Five for each congressman) However, their crimes are very serious. People probably have some guilt, because they signed a contract with a criminal. Again, or blame the owners for the global crisis.

    • lvent says:

      Right on Carlos…that is precisely the reason why there should have been a moratorium on fraudclosures along time ago…We lost our family business when Wells Fargo pulled our credit lines in 08…that is why we could not pay the mortgage…it was not a choice…like millions it was because of job loss, loss of income because of pay cuts and business losses…No moratorium on fraudclosures and these crooks are in debt to the tune of $600 trillion in collateral mortgage fraud…proves to me one thing, this is another Hitler Plan…

    • lvent says:

      We took out one mortgage, not hundreds…! These GSE’s and Wall Street crooks fraud is soo massive, it can never be matter how many homes they steal,no matter how much inflation they create, or wealth that they steal…they are just doing this to steal everthing from the people to bankrupt us…These criminals are who can’t pay their bills…that is the bottom line!

  3. We are here to empower you with knowledge and free information on how to take action against the banks. Go to http://www.StopForeclosure.LA Legal Action!

    Take the necessary steps to put the lender on notice.

    Notarize a qualified written request letter send it and wait for them to default on the presentment. File a notice of default and dishonor.

    Once the banks deny and modification or sale postponements.

    File a law suit in Pro per or with an attorney. We are in California and would be happy to assist any homeowner that has the COURAGE to fight back.

    Not one case in CA has gone to a jury trial.

    The banks cannot afford to set case precedence. Make your demand when they are ready to settle.

    Join us in the fight against bank fraud in this country!

    United We Stand! Stand for something or fall for anything!

  4. lvent says:

    My sister is fighting a Chase eviction..She was fraudclosed on because she could not afford an attorney and out of fear, she did not show up to court…she was sent to the title co. to sign off on her home…Since the fraudclosure she was able to hire and attorney…and was recently told by a Lake County Ill..judge that she had to either pay Chase $266,000.00 or get out, its been long enough…The attorney for Chase told my sisters attorney once they are granted a fraudclosure they don’t have to show any documents…Surely Chase never had them in the first place..Wall Street and the GSE’s are being allowed to steal America to pay for their crimes…and they have soo much debt…$600 Trillion dollars in collateral mortgage fraud derivatives, that it can never, ever be repaid. This is being done by many lies and deceptions and a ton more fraud…the robbery of America is continuing unabated as todays Wall Street rally proves, the FEDs keeps on propping up these insolvent institutions at our expense……they are extracting our wealth under the guise debt that we do not owe…these are Wall Street and the GSE’s UNSUSTAINABLE DEBTSand they are massive…THESE ARE NOT THE DEBTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…WE TOOK OUT ONE MORTGAGE, NOT HUNDREDS..this is why there is no economic recovery and their will not be as long as the extraction and the socializing of the debt of Wall Street and the GSE’s continues……WAKE UP AMERICA, THEY ARE ALL LIARS, ESP. THE POLITICIANS AND THEY ARE STEALING YOUR COUNTRY!!

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