Police, Movers Refuse to Evict 103-Year-Old Woman from Foreclosed Home of 53 Years

ATLANTA, Ga. — A 103-year-old woman and her 83-year-old daughter were just moments from being evicted from their home Tuesday, when sheriff’s deputies and the moving company hired by the bank decided not to go through with the action.



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  1. David Robert says:

    Deutsche serves no positive purpose on this planet, at their core they are one of the most evil Banks on the planet. If you look into their past it is draped with death, destruction, lies, cheating, corruption and an out and out attack on the America people. Do you see any branches around in the US ??? NO, their primary purpose is to steal Americans homes.

    This Bank financed Ashawitz, they purchased stolen property from the Jews in Nazi Germany, they were one of the financiers of the Holacaust. These fukks need to be sent back to German in body bags. This Bank needs to be attacked by the American people and put an immediate stop to them. Notify the sherrifs who these fukks at Deutsche Bank really are. Our parents and grand parents fought and died in WWII at the hands of these bastards.

    As Ivent says when is America going to lock and load and put a stop to Banks like Deutsche? Our legal and political system sure as hell are not going to do a damm thing. If you ask those sheriffs what the fukk are you doing working for Deutsche? they will say “I’m just doing my job” and the answer back at them is that is what the people who built and ran Ashwitz said.

  2. Wayne says:

    We the people need to start a group called the “Regulators”. Sound familiar? It should, for Billy the Kid was among them. They were formed to weed out evil and corruption that the Federal Government wouldn’t do. IT IS ABOUT TIME.

  3. lvent says:

    These dirty bastards, these crooks, are becoming more and more outrageous!…This is going to get ugly, soon!

  4. indio007 says:

    How is the house not paid off after 50 years? Fraud that’s why.

    • lvent says:

      Maybe a reverse mortgage that ran out…who knows! This country is a screwed up mess…these crooks can’t steal enough to cover for all of their mortgage debt fraud…now it is elder abuse….What a cabal of haters….and the Vatican/Jesuits are hiding behind the scenes of this believe me!! They all need their asses kicked!

    • Kate says:

      The house was probably paid off. Mortgage companies targeted such households– and sold them second mortgages– loaded with fees and usurious interest rates. And then they liked to churn the loans– offer them a new one to pay off the old one.
      Soon you don’t own your house any more.
      This is how whole neighborhoods are destroyed.

  5. Fury says:

    after battling fraudclosure, i feel like i am 104 years old and probably even look it.

    but after seeing this story and the florida kids living in cars, i will tell you…..

    i am going to continue to fight for justice — not only for myself and my family but for all those
    like the ones we have seen on 60 minutes and our fellow posters.

    we can’t let these criminals get away with their crimes! we can’t!

    • Fury says:

      how sad this 103 almost 104 yr old woman and her daughter had to be so stressed out.
      i’m sure the daughter was thinking of how to protec ther mom and was just put over the edge
      and had to be taken away by ambulance.

      hey Zee, did you hear this woman call her modest home a “mansion?”

      hey obama and your NYC fundraising—- quit partying , fire your banskter buddies and DO F-ING SOMETHING to help suffering americans!

      • lvent says:

        Right on Fury!…I see Obama as extremely arrogant…He is no leader…he is a puppet…the only good President we ever had in our life time,who had the guts to stand up to them, they killed..that is when this evil plan that we are living right now began…I was told that by a very credible source..Look into the Second Vatican Council (formed in 1962) and the Jesuits…they are behind all of the bad in the world throughout history…they are sacrilegous bastards…spawns of satan…they usurped the church and allowed the Black Pope to usurp the Popes authority…I read alot about this…the Black Pope ordered the assassination of J.F.K…and the Black Pope ordered 9/11…All roads lead to Rome..See the you tube video entitled…CNBC Illuminati crashes stock market.. Obama is an agent for Rome…all of the Presidents were…the NWO has infiltrated and hijacked everything..they say they are American, but they are big liars, deceivers and traitors…The Freemasons consider lying honorable…to protect their dirty little secrets…They are all incredibly evil..

    • lies is all they tell says:

      i have lines on my face i never had before and the stress is killing me. but we are still in our home. have an appt with a lawyer tomorrow.

  6. Mike says:

    Hmmmm….some Magistrate Court Judge in Atlanta had to have signed that Dispossessory Order. I wonder which judge it was.

    This would make such a nice campaign commercial…….

  7. J. Alonzo says:

    Thank god for some good people. I bet the banks don’t give a hoot, and would just boot them out.
    Its very nice to see some compassion for a mother in child in their golden years. God Bless America
    home of the free.

  8. Beth A. says:

    Bless the folks that have a heart.

    I can’t even believe that f-ing bank needs their modest little home so badly. Shame on them — there is surely a special place in Hell for certain banksters.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I need people that recieved NOD from their lawyers as soon as possible class in New York NOD are fake does not come lawyers

  10. Power of God united in the hearts of good people. We need to come together as a country and help one another. This type of action unites a community and brings good will in the hearts of others.

    We are prepared to fight for justice, freedom and the American Dream.

    Donate and support the cause for justice against the banks.

    http://www.StopForeclosure.LA Legal Action!

  11. lies is all they tell says:

    mary good luck I am. Always trying to find wells fargo people

    And its about time they should stop all evictions. so.e evictions of a family with kids is any better. Stop all forclosures now

  12. Mary says:

    Finally SOMEONE that works for these criminals develops a conscience!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Need 10 people that have Bank Of America,ReconTrust,Mers,and Bank of New York Mellon on their docs in Riverside, Orange County and Los Angeles area.STAT!!!!

      • Cheryl says:


        Why do you need to contact 10 people that have Bank of New York Mellon on their documents in Los Angeles?

    • Cheryl says:


      I am interested in talking to you further . Please contact me at cherylaichele [at] gmail [dot] com please

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