A Tale of Two Attorneys General | Foreclosure Fraud – Harris vs. Bondi: California’s AG Issues Subpoenas, Florida’s AG Quits Worrying


December 1, 2011

This Week on the Florida Senate Democratic Update

The Foreclosure Crisis: As California’s AG Issues Subpoenas, Florida’s AG Quits Worrying


TALLAHASSEE – In the ongoing foreclosure crisis, California and Florida have a lot in common when it comes to the high number of people caught in its grip, but that’s about where the similarities end. California’s attorney general has been aggressively pursuing banks and lender service companies, recently issuing another round of subpoenas in her drive to pursue criminal and civil charges on behalf of victims of mortgage fraud and other unscrupulous foreclosure practices.

In Florida, Attorney General Pam Bondi took a decidedly different track. Not only did she move to protect financial companies from criminal prosecution, but fired two of the most aggressive attorneys in her agency pursuing mortgage fraud shortly after taking office. News of the ouster prompted a flurry of activity to justify the abrupt dismissals, with the attorney general apparently more concerned with her own well being than that of victimized homeowners. “I can finally go to sleep now and quit worrying about how these women will attempt to destroy me,” Bondi confided in one late-night email.

This week on the Florida Senate Democratic Update, Senator Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood) talks about Florida’s approach to the foreclosure fraud crisis, and the firings of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards. Three months after Bondi’s request to a fellow Republican Cabinet member for an “outside” investigation of the dismissals, Senator Sobel is still waiting for answers.




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  1. The people of Florida need to file a report of violation of mandated 18USC 4, and Breach of Fudiciary Duty and Honest Service by Pam Bondi, and Breach of 42USC 1983, the practice of Unconstitutional law, and violations of the Bill of Rights the U.S. Constitution and every thing they can throw at her and take her out of office.

  2. pull this up and read the Bankers Ass. threats to politicians.[PDF]
    info.publicintelligence.net/OWS-CLGC.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    American Bankers Association. Sam Geduldig, Steve Clark, Gary Lytle, Jay Cranford. November 24, 2011. Proposal: Occupy Wall Street Response. Leading …

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Funny, I went to her FB page….no negative comments whatsoever there! Does that not sound rather odd??? Well, I posted one (not favorable either) but I doubt if it will be there tomorrow. She is such a scum bag and has no scruples about not representing the people of Florida except in those stupid little lawsuits she has posted on FB. Aahhhh, but she is making such progress in health care fraud, and time-share fraud (like there’s any more timeshares being bought here in FL anymore!) and oh yes, the illegal “pill mills” which will remain no matter what you do. And all of this that she has accomplished has bettered the life of all Floridians! Gimmee a break!

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