#AGOs TWEET | AG Coakley to hold press conference at 1pm regarding a major lawsuit against 5 national banks

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  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s July 2013.
    What’s this all about today way back on 2010?
    Guess If I knew this then I’m screwed
    Why honestly why destroy ones life even harder then it was by all these wrongful Foreclosures back then. Keeping my hopes and dreams alive for what? Honestly what will justice ever get served. For the ones who do need the help? I know someone who stayed 4 years 5,000 mo for 3,000 to move plus never completed a doc IFR and received 1,000 dollars. Great I’m homeless out to pasture at 53 today 55 confused lost worst then ever

  2. Charles Deihl says:

    And how far does it actually go ? We will never know the truth till it turns out to be to late for millions of people.

  3. lvent says:

    How long will these financial terrorists be allowed to rob the American People before they are shut down?

  4. This seems to be the same in every state especially the #4.
    1. Engaging in unfair and deceptive foreclosure practices by conducting foreclosures when the defendants lacked the right to do so and misrepresenting to homeowners their roles as mortgagees or as the holders of the mortgages;
    2. Engaging in false documentation practices to facilitate their foreclosure practices;
    3. Deceiving homeowners in the course of servicing mortgage loans by misrepresenting to borrowers regarding its loan modification programs, acting deceptively in implementing loan modifications and deceiving borrowers regarding foreclosure proceedings; and
    4. Failing to comply with Massachusetts’ registration statute. (non of them are registered. They claim they do not have to be but that is another lie.)

  5. Fed Up in Mass. says:


  6. lies is all they tell says:

    wElls fargo better be in this lawsuit what they.have put Me and my family through is next to insanity. Then the purging of , jobs so now many families have one or no parent working when.everyone knows we need two incomes to survive. Give us back our jobs and stop kicking people out off the homes they can’t sell.

  7. equal rights & justice for all says:

    Kudos to Martha Coakley for taking on the big banks; she has more balls than Obama, Eric Holder, the Comptroller of the Currency, the U.S. Congress, and the regulatory agencies put together. Unless and until the bankers responsible for the economic fiasco are made to take responsibility and are properly punished for their actions the citizens of Main Street will never trust or have faith in out federal government, nor will our economy begin its long road to recovery; I don’t know why Obama & Company cannot grock this obvious fact.

  8. lies is all they tell says:

    about time this mess is To stressful

  9. lvent says:

    CNBC reported this…the anchor from CNBC said all AG’s are not cut from the same cloth…and this suit is going to kill any chance for a settlement with the rest of the state AG’s….!!! AWESOME JOB AG COAKLEY!! You are an American hero! As Marcy Kaptur said…PROPERTY LAW IS POWER!!!

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