Remember the Alamo! | Mr. Deeds (Jeff Thigpen) Goes National With Battle Cry Against the Largest Financial Institutions in the World

“I thought, ‘Homeowners really feel like they’re at the Alamo. They feel surrounded, they’re up against the big banks; their mortgages are underwater; they’re not getting any help.”

“It was kind of like one of those circle-the-wagon moments,” Thigpen said.


Mr. Deeds Goes National With Battle Cry

It was almost 200 years ago that Texas soldiers first cried out in battle “Remember the Alamo!” However, right now Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen is making a similar cry in a more recent war – one between his Register of Deeds office and some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Thigpen has just started, along with several other initiatives, a series of national webinars, web-based seminars, that attempts to unite deeds officials, mortgage attorneys and others around the country in an effort to prevent continued mortgage fraud by large financial institutions. The web conferences are also meant to help clean up the mess left in the wake of years of massive mortgage fraud.

In addition, Guilford County is expected to take legal action against some of the same responsible giant financial institutions soon, and that action could have national implications. However, right now the details of the expected legal action are not being revealed by county officials.

The webinars, along with the potential lawsuit and Thigpen’s other efforts, could also help establish new legislation that would hinder similar abuses in the future.

Over the last two years, Thigpen has become a national figure in calling attention to document forgery by major banks, robo-signing, and other types of mortgage fraud – and his new internet initiative is an attempt to organize registers of deeds and other deeds officials across the country, as well as an attempt to use the courts, state attorney generals offices, and other means to address the widespread wrongdoing by major banks.

The article then goes on to talk about a conference put on by the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), which is a group composed of registers, county clerks, members of the American Land Title Association, mortgage bankers and similar groups and individuals with an interest in deeds registration and mortgage banking issues.

The panel addressed topics such as robo-signing and mortgage fraud and Thigpen was up against Bill Beckmann, who was previously CEO of CitiMortgage, and is now the CEO of the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS).

MERS is a company that was used by most major banks to create falsified mortgage documents with fake signatures in order to quickly process those documents for purposes of bundling mortgages, expediting foreclosures and other actions. (Often, when Thigpen speaks of MERS, he throws in the word “evil.”)

It was at that San Antonio conference that Thigpen and Beckmann went head to head.

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  1. lvent says:

    MERS was put in place to destroy our property rights.

  2. Beth A. says:

    Some realtors are great and very knowledgable – they’re golden. Most are just salespeople and are either uninformed or have buried their head in the sand. I’m frankly really irked whenever I see a realtor’s blog and he/she is trying to pump sunshine up everyone’s butt about how great the real estate market is. Say what?? Some people will say anything in an attempt to sell something – anything.

    Thanks for posting this – excellent. They are some wonderful warrior heroes out there!

  3. CaitlinO says:

    FANTASTIC article!!

    We are meeting with our realtor next week to start looking for our retirement home. She was surprised when I told her that I would insist on conducting our own forensic title search before purchasing any property. She is clearly totally unaware of the willful destruction of chains of title and property records throughout the US, trying to argue that since nobody has ever raised this concern, it must not have happened here. Yeah, right.

    I’m going to give her a copy of this article to help her understand how serious this is and why we’re going to be so picky about the chain of title on the home we choose.

  4. lvent says:

    As Marcy Kaptur said, PROPERTY LAW IS POWER…Jeff Thigpen knows this….

  5. Fannie and Freddie are just as much a part of this and look who is hiding behind the scenes and issueing servicing rights to debt collectors to go steal the mortgages and bring them to Fannie and Freddie because these entities can not accept notes if they exhisted, and they dont, due to securities fraud, they know the notes were cashed into stocks and secutites and have been cashed so it would be securties fraud to claim they have the notes. A note is like a check, YOU CAN NOT LAWFULLY CASH IT TWICE! It becomes check fraud, same thing. Fannie blatantly claims they dont hold the mortgage they can not accept notes! They know there are no notes, except fraud documents. They have to steal the house by means of a debt collector pretending the debt collector has authourity, by con bluffs and thug pressure to steal the mortgage. The banks nor the debt collectors can prove they own the mortgage because they dont there is no proof out there to evidence, just fruad affidavits. Why would they go through such a risky fraud assignment pursuit, if they could showthe original and avoid this risk? It does not make sense. The gansters have made money at every step of the was by fruad and deception and stolen the investors, the retirment funds and all the wealth down to every little drop including our tax dollars and still throw families and hundred year olds in the streets..


    Contained within those exhibits, are 3 different versions of an ORIGINAL Deed of Trust, along with multiple fraudulent loan applications.

    Exhibit A is the Deed of Trust as filed with the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office, while Exhibit B and Exhibit C were provided by Wells Fargo Bank as alleged original documents. The magnified version of page 4 all clearly show variations of the same hand written number and is an indication that the original Exhibit A as recorded in the Los Angeles County Recorders Office has been altered since it was originally recorded.

    Re: Link to Lis Pendens with Evidence of Deed of Trust alteration and fraud by Wells Fargo Bank.

    And evidence of multiple authors of Wells Fargo Bank employee Rhonda Bernard Thomas

  7. lvent says:

    Jeff Thigpen is an American Patriot and so is the AG from Mass….!

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