Texas | Squatters Claim more than $8 Million Worth of Tarrant County Properties Using Adverse Possession

Squatters claim more than $8 million worth of Tarrant County properties

While county officials were asleep at the wheel, Tarrant County became a magnet this year for an odd assortment of squatters claiming other people’s houses all over the area.

The cast of characters includes a homeowner who scooped up a dead neighbor’s house; a woman who came to Fort Worth from Memphis to lay claim to a $2.7 million mansion; people who cited Bible verses as legal justification for taking properties; and career criminals who grabbed homes to lease to tenants.

All told, county records show that squatters and their associates claimed more than $8 million worth of properties, from Grand Prairie, Mansfield and Arlington to Fort Worth, Haslet and Keller, according to a Star-Telegram examination of county documents. Some of the squatters’ elaborate schemes have stumped law enforcement officials. One Tarrant constable has even asked the Texas attorney general’s office for help in straightening out the mess.

“Everybody is just trying to learn what in the world is going on,” said Mansfield Constable Clint C. Burgess. “It’s the craziest thing how anyone could be so brazen to just break into a home and start living in it.”

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4 Responses to “Texas | Squatters Claim more than $8 Million Worth of Tarrant County Properties Using Adverse Possession”
  1. Why not the banks do it! Most of you have adverse possession rights legally and have not tapped into this. I filed an adverse possession and seizen in my King County records and the pretender lender is Peoed! I received a letter telling me they were looking into what they could do about it. I did not file a false claim I went by the law in my state. I also keep paying my second mortgage. I dont owe my first do to their fraud and mod fraud and a lot of reasons you and I know I wont add here. They are all in my complaint. I am throwing every rock at them I can.

  2. Art says:

    Lol, don’t they know it’s only ok to steal a house if there’s the word “bank” in your name ?

  3. Michael T Pines says:

    It is NOT illegal to move into an abandoned home for two reasons.

    1. If the foreclosure and eviction by the bank was illegal the foreclosure is VOID and they do NOT legally own the property.

    2. If the property is abandoned, it can be legally occupied by “Adverse Poession”. Take care of the home, pay the property taxes and depending on what state you are in, within 5-7 years you own it.

    Anonymous Attorney

  4. Javagold says:

    moral hazard is a bitch !

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