Dylan Ratigan | House of Pain – States Take Charge of ‘Fraudclosure’ Crackdown w/ Martha Coakley

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2 Responses to “Dylan Ratigan | House of Pain – States Take Charge of ‘Fraudclosure’ Crackdown w/ Martha Coakley”
  1. Mark says:

    Hey Pam Bondi,,,,,, Did you listen to the above video? Maybe you could take a few pointers on what it means to
    stick up for the people who voted your dumb a%^* into the position that you now sit. Maybe you could actually join the other AG’s and get relief for the people of Florida instead of slapping down innocent people who try to do what is morally right to protect the foundation of keeping families in houses and not in the streets.

  2. Judith McDonald says:

    Your site is a must for education! I saw the show yesterday and thought YES finally this is starting to hit Bankers treating Homeowners as “Bottom Feeders” This movement from several AG’s say WAIT let’s see what the little girl has to say and for that you go to judemcdonald.8697@twitpic.com to see how Bank of America directed instrument to be assignee to Alaska Federal Credit Union on 7/20/11 listing my name and MERS.Now remember April Consent order w/DOJ that this was to cease,I will show that in July of 2011 they did not follow Consent Order AA-EC-11-12, so many Homeowners wait for OCC Comptroller of the Currency to review their case and as we wait I am hopeful Dylan will continue the mission,Recorder of Deeds in every State recognizes lost fees is MERS Inc. and Attorney Generals help Homeowners along with the Investors.Peace & Love

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