NBC Nightly News | John O’Brien: Can’t tell who owns mortgages (VIDEO)

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5 Responses to “NBC Nightly News | John O’Brien: Can’t tell who owns mortgages (VIDEO)”
  1. Bill McAuliffe says:

    This is the most concise, comprehensive, and simple explanation for ALL of the Foreclosure crises in Our Country. This should serve as a Template of Precedent for all 50 States. This ALL needs to go to the Supreme Court.

  2. talktotennessee says:

    YES!!!! This is telling it like it is and needs to be the Truth we live by and not a defense mechanism for the banks to take people’s homes through fraudulent documentation and no registration proof!!!!

  3. lied says:

    wells fargo put us in a state d income loan even though I had a good job worth verifiable income. what I am hearing is they did this too every one.but does that make it right too lie? at closing the papers are pushed through fast so no one would discover this. they added 700$ tho my income. just enough too put us negative ever month. they new we had 25 to30 month a until default. and bet on me failing. well people this chick ain’t failing I will fight they can’t do this a and steal our homes. please if anyone has info about these stated income loans please share I am devastated. these are our homes not some stock on wall street

    • talktotennessee says:

      You are so right! I also received a no -doc loan yet I had no defaults, no judgments or late payments of any kind. In fact my credit score was 700+. The mortgage broker who did it, just did it to sell into the prime mortgage package for an easy closing that would benefit his pocket to the tune of a huge origination fee. Lots of older people, widows, and blacks were duped the same way. I should have known better but I trusted the broker too.

      • lied says:

        same here credit score like 760 the problem is I submitted my pay check stubs and w2s. a no doc loan aka stated income loan.this must sf be considered fraud

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