#OccupyWallStreet Ten Top 10’s (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. lvent says:

    What a powerful speech by that young man..That young man really gets it. Surprisingly, the young people do get it more than their parents do.. My kids who are in their 20’s really get it…I am amazed by how they see the big picture and the causes behind the horrible state of our nation… This young man is correct, if we let them get away with this and allow the continuation of this evil plan, what comes next no one will want to live under it, it will be unbearable..ABOLISH THE FED…ISSUE OUR OWN CURRENCY BACKED BY GOLD, NOT DEBT…hold the politicians who have been traitors to our great nation accountable, prosecute the financial crooks…..I agree that Ron Paul is the only politician who makes any sense at all…but it will take more than Ron Paul to get us out of this mess…it is going to take the whole nation making demands with direct and meaningful actions if our demands are not met…real consequences for them, a real pushback from the Establishment by WE THE PEOPLE.

  2. lvent says:

    What about reinstating Sarbanes Oxley and the Uptick Rule…shut down that casino on Wall Street…the POLITICIANS, their minions and cohorts all decided around 1975, they wanted to make trillions off of the backs of all us instead of millions….We also need to remove our nation from the U.N. tyranny…Abolish the FED..We need to issue our own currency….Restore the U.S. CONSTITUTION to its original form…We need real American Patriots running this country…not this rigged political system that has hijacked the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and is owned and controlled by the Plutocrats and the Oligarchs with puppet leaders who are working in the best of interest of the ruling elite and have almost completely extracted all of the wealth from our nation..Start with the traitors from within…the politicians who not only were in on the planning of this destruction of America but also instituted the evil on many levels and got filthy rich off of our demise and still are…Insider trading in CONGRESS is DESPICABLE…

  3. Kathleen Burt says:

    Wish they’d stick to demands that impact more people–like reinstating Glass-Steigall and the consumer protection agency — getting its Director confirmed so he (former prosecutor) can begin taking action!

    West Palm Beach should be on the map–Occupy’s has been given the old city hall building to use for the duration, water and utilities connected.

  4. IMHO says:

    When I see some of the “stars” that are representing this movement , I have to wonder how seriously this movement will be taken > I know – opinions are like *******’s , everyone has one. But that is mine.

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