Invasion of the Occtupy (VIDEO)

Source: ‘Invasion of the Occtupy’: Here’s Why Time’s Person of the Year Is Off Base


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  1. notmyhomeyournot says:

    The problems are not recognized nor realized, because the rich have their own world that the lower class is not invited to. In fact if the rich at the top had the opportunity to have all the people below their status assassinated like they did with all the presidents that were or were almost killed for going against the plan of the European Elite. I know you want to call me a conspiracy theorist, but down inside you know I’m right. You seen it, you experienced it, you felt it, now it’s happening to all of you. The new world order was the plan since the Romans tried it. And it has evolved through the years, after one failure, another one comes to compete. We are now seeing a world of misery caused by the Elite of the whole world, with all the politicians at the beck and call of Wall Street and the others like the UN, The world Bank, Federal reserve, and the others to many to name in all the other country’s in Europe and Asia. All this time the Pope has even started wars behind the backs of all the Catholics that they think that the Catholic Religion is God’s chosen head of Christs church, when in fact is has been nothing more then an army grabbing for power and money. Religion has been pitted against itself for generations to get rid of the population that has not succumbed to their threats. All of us on this world have been deceived and are now just waking up to the facts. Rise up children against your governments who rule your life and take your freedoms. Rise up and take down the Elite and take the spoils of wars, of generations that fought one another for nothing more than a rich man wanting more from another country who wont give it to them by deceit. Rise up and take your freedom my brother and sisters, for the time is neigh, and the weather is foul. Take on the storm of insanity for one another and help this world reclaim it’s needs for the PEOPLE.

    • talktotennessee says:

      The Catholic Church is not the anti-Christ. The growing Muslim influence in the US is a mounting risk for anti Christian beliefs, but I would not go that far in putting my own interpretation on the Bible. God is in charge and nothing will happen that is not in his plan or control. As a life-long Bible student I listened to my minister Dad talk about the dangers of the Catholic church. Like you, he believed they represented the anti-Christ. However, look at the evidence. The Catholic church is almost universally (my pun) discredited in harboring pedophiles as priests, evidence still unfolding. Yet ,everyone who embraces the Catholic dogma is not evil and everyone who embraces Christianity or the Muslim doctrines is not evil. Evil is on an individual basis. Bible history tells us God used evil (nations) to punish those who needed correcting or return to basic beliefs in God..
      Judgment is in God’s realm of expertise and we should leave it to him to manage. In short, if we are to believe the Bible as truth, there will be ia new world order if God ordains and there is little we can do about it outside our own personal relationship with God through Christ..

  2. tee says:

    go RON PAUL !!!!!!

    • talktotennessee says:

      I have a hard time seeing Ron Paul as championing the rights of homeowners. I do hope he chooses to run on a third party ticket as he has significant support from the far right tea party. Giving he tea party just due, they protested the bank bailout but that is where the comparison stops in championing their cause to dismantle the federal government and rendering it impotent, leaving us all to the mercy of our various state legislatures. Mine is so biased toward corporate welfare that they have disenfranchised both voters and handicapped the courts. Do you really want that for yourself? Do you really want anarchy or chaos with revolution in the streets after the dismanteling of Social Security, Medicare and health care? Do you really want to take in all your relatives and provide care or watch them die in the street?
      Because, when you epouse destruction of all social programs that is what you will have? Look within and ask yourself? Am I my brother’s keeper? Do I believe the Bible mandate to care for the poor?

      Oh, yes, why I want Ron Paul to run on a third party ticket is because it will ensure the re-election of President Obama. Yes, I know, he isn’t perfect. He is in the corporate pocket and benefits from the banks lobby but he is far better than the next best option.
      Think about it?

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