No Place To Go | “When it comes down to the time, we’re going to occupy this house Jan. 2.”

“When it comes down to the time, we’re going to occupy this house Jan. 2.”

The Henry family has a message for Bank of America and Fannie Mae: They are not leaving their house in the 13600 block of Helen Street on Jan. 2, the day they are slated to be evicted.

They stopped making mortgage payments in May 2010 after the bank ended their modified loan without warning or explanation, they said.

“When it comes down to the time, we’re going to occupy this house Jan. 2,” Debbie Henry, 58, said.

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11 Responses to “No Place To Go | “When it comes down to the time, we’re going to occupy this house Jan. 2.””
  1. Hunny says:

    It’s also pslisboe (although possibly too much like 18 dimensional chess) that the administration might have Cordray go through the confirmation process, demonstrate the lack of good faith by Republican senators as they vote to reject anyone who’ll fog a mirror, then recess appoint Elizabeth Warren.

  2. lvent says:

    This is no longer about a house, this is about property rights…they are taking homes they have no legal right to take… they are stealing our homes and stealing our country…The most patriotic thing we can do is defend our property rights…!

  3. jaclyn says:

    God bless you both, Too many of us are walking away from our homes. Homes we’ve lived in for 10,20 and 30 years.None of us would be in this nightmare if we were treated according to law. Stay in your home til your civil rights are respected. I will be donating to OCCUPY HOMES as I know this is where the fight is taking us. Do not leave your home , do not let them intimidate you. If your have a mortgage, check to see …it is most likely fraudulent in some way…as this is how they “operate”and they have forced you into default. There are thousands and probably millions of us out here in the exact same nightmare fighting off the beast .. If Bank of America tries to take my home I will be calling for an “Occupation””.. Please stay in your home, keep fighting back, you are not alone. My name is Jaclyn and I am fighting back Bank of America since 2008. I support and John Wright. and Mitchell j. Stein.

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    You go Mr. and Mrs. Henry.Stay in your home for as long as possible and don’t let them get to you.Mrs. Henry don’t get too stressed out we don’t need you to get sick again.My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. lies is all they tell says:

    when are our officials goiong to stop the evictions, stop the foreclosures. i called stoppa law group and as i was spewing my story i was “stopped” and told i have heard it all before , when you get served call me. it will cost 1500 bucks a year and we will defend your foreclosure. my story included modificiation frauds (losing paper work, moving files), appraisal rauds, a direct admit from wells fargo i was put in a stated income loan in writing. although i had verifibale income????? we need to stop this mess

    • Glenda Chauncy says:

      See if you are a part of the investigation. There is a number you can call that started two weeks ago. I have helped many homeowners contact this 888 #….if your loan is not with this 3rd party company, demand that you are qualified and they will send you out a package. The number is 888.952.9105 they will give you a reference number. I don’t think you need to wait to get served. Many of the consent orders (Google: Wells Fargo Consent Order) from the OCC (Comptroller of Currency), especially Wells Fargo can be sited on the foreclosure investigation paperwork and you can demand what you feel your issues are worth. So you know, if you look at the Consent Order against Wells Fargo (site the issues you have had with the modification process). The OCC actually “suggested” NOT demanded unfortunately, that the banks “REFORM” all loans to current market value and reset to the fixed current interest rate. If your loan is a qualified “HAMP” loan (not owned by a private investor) then it is great to go through the process over and over, because each time they keep denying you, it is MORE AMMO for you to up against the BANKS/Servicers/Lenders to expose the OBVIOUS scam to evict families from their homes.
      The number one thing you must put in writing is that “if” the banks FORCED you into a delinquent status…you must include this. All the lenders were VERY aware by forcing families into late payments over 90 days to get “help” was a very strategic way to get homes back and make millions and millions doing it!! DON’T GIVE UP!!!! You can win this war….good luck…hope some of this helps….

      • lvent says:

        PEOPLE POWER!! Do you work for a bank because what you are saying sounds like bank blather! I wouldn’t sign or agree to anything!..the banks/Wall Street’s debt is unsustainable… they committed $700 trillion in mortgage derviative fraud…Make the criminals pay their own bills…WE should not have to pay for all of their fraud with our homes! They committed trillions of fraud in our names…they nullified their own contracts….

      • lvent says:

        888#? sounds like more b.s.. They can stick their reference numbers up their lying keisters. They are all sheisters…trying to make you sign something they know can never be repaid.

      • lvent says:

        I/d rather stick with the torches and pitchforks….

    • lvent says:

      Now they are reforming loans to current market value…? a day late and $700 TRILLION SHORT!!!

    • lvent says:

      lies is all they tell..what happened with your quiet title suit? you shouldn’t have to hire an attorney to defend your home, Who was the attorney from your home closing..maybe he could advise you and it won’t cost you that much.

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