BonusSpeak | 2 Month Tax Cut = Hidden Permenant Fee in Future Mortgages to Help Support Freddie & Fannie

Mortgage Fees Would Rise Under Payroll Tax Cut Deal

Homebuyers, beware.In exchange for a two-month tax cut, the Senate on Saturday approved a permanent increase in fees attached to mortgages backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

The fee hike would apply to new mortgages and new refinances, and would last for the life of the loans.

The increase is meant to pay for the roughly $33 billion package the Senate approved Saturday to extend a 2 percentage point payroll tax cut for another two months. The Obama administration says 160 million people benefit from that tax cut.

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This bill passed the US Senate on Saturday but has yet to be voted on by the US House. Call your US Congressional Representative to express your thoughts on this three card Monte method for paying for Freddie & Fannie bonuses of over 35 million (video here).

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  1. lvent says:

    This is what they do…Thom Hartmann’s radio program was addressing this very issue last week on his radio show…They sneak stuff in on the tail of bills..Their Christmas bonuses were probably in there somewhere too…!!!..There are many sneaky criminals hiding behind the scenes of all us and those sneaky bastards I am speaking of are THE POLITICIANS…. and they really don’t give a shit about any of us, They take way more from the people than they ever give…We should all expect this by now, they do nothing unless there is something in it for them and/or their criminal friends…! People can blame the banks and Wall Street until the cows come home!…THE POLITICIANS DID THIS TO AMERICA!….AND IT WAS INTENTIONAL…THEY ARE TRAITORS!…WAKE UP AMERICA!!!….THE EX-CEO OF FANNIE MAE, MR MUDD ALREADY SAID IT, THE GOVERNMENT APPROVED THE SUBPRIME LOANS….THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF THESE CRIMINALS….IN ORDER TO PROSECUTE THEM, THEY WOULD HAVE TO PROSECUTE THE POLITICIANS WHO ARE ALL WORKING FOR THE NWO….THEY ARE TRAITORS OF AMERICA.THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD BE SAYING..OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! INSTEAD, THE PEOPLE CONTINUE TO PLAY THEIR GAME…AND SHOW UP AT THE POLLS AND PARTICIPATE IN THEIR DEBATES….AND GO ALONG WITH THEIR CHARADES…THEY CAN ONLY GET AWAY WITH WHAT WE ALLOW!…AND IF WE KEEP ALLOWING IT, KIM JONG IL WILL LOOK LIKE A SAINT COMPARED TO WHAT THESE DIRTY BASTARD POLITICIANS HAVE IN STORE FOR ALL OF US….LOOK AT HISTORY…LOOK BACK TO WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOWED THE RISE OF HITLER AND THE THIRD REICH…THIS IS SNEAKY CLASS WARFARE!…WAKE UP AMERICA!

  2. Why is it that I am not surprise?

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