Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks

Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks

By Christopher Ketcham

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Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks

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10 Responses to “Stop Payment! A Homeowners’ Revolt Against the Banks”
  1. lies all of it says:

    i was served to day i live in florida. no assignments and no allonges. all 3 forclosure mills out of business this year watson, ben ezera and stern no one to fabricate paper work in florida for wells farrm. go bank. i have a lawyer s topa law firm. but would like advice why no allonges and assignemnts????


  3. Press Release of Senator Cantwell

    In letter to DOJ, Cantwell demands full investigation into robo-signing scandal and ‘pump and dump’ mortgage bubble scheme

    “Cantwell also raised the concerns that not enough reforms are in place to effectively prevent another crisis and that victims of fraudulent mortgage schemes are not adequately compensated. Cantwell encouraged Holder to require reforms to ensure mortgage servicers don’t abuse the system again. She noted that confidence in the proper transference of notes and mortgages must be restored and clear chains of titles should be available for all mortgages. Until financial institutions can prove they have the legal authority to foreclose, Cantwell asked for the Mortgage Electronic Registration System to be shut down.”

    “A settlement with mortgage servicers must also require reforms to ensure such abuses do not happen again,” Cantwell wrote. “The goal of servicing mortgages must be accuracy and adherence to the law, not expediency and corner-cutting. Confidence must be restored that proper transference of notes and mortgages was followed and clear chains of titles are available for all mortgages. Until then, the burden of proof must be on financial institutions to prove that they have the legal authority to foreclose. The Mortgage Electronic Registration System should be dissolved and shut down, and the shortcut that allowed banks to avoid hundreds of millions, if not billions, in local fees to local registrars of deeds be closed off.”

  4. lvent says:

    Love the title…this movement needs to go nationwide..!

    • lvent says:

      An attorney told me over a year ago, the more homeowners that go into foreclosure will eventually mean no one is in foreclosure..and the banksters can no longer fraudclose!

  5. Jeff Burns says:

    Good, lengthy, depressing read, with more than a few story telling lack of objectivity paragraphs.
    What if, for example, Fanny n Freddie knew full well what they were doing but the laws and regulations were gone so they did it anyway?
    I don’t understand why these stories need a hero and a villian. Evidence is that the villians were the Government (GSEs/Treasury Department and Banks) working together on the same team, to do the damage. I don’t expect Harpers to talk about homeless people, no one would read their articles, it would be too uncomfortable. Losing a home to foreclosure isn’t a “gee aw shucks moment” it’s killing people. No one is willing yet, to admit who the terrorists are, who carefully engineered this whole thing, so that millions of us would fail.

  6. indio007 says:

    How come the meme that MERS was invented to avoid filing fees won’t die? Banks never paid the recording fee in the first place! Prior to MERS the fee was assessed on the buyer as part of the loan. The fact that they have used this lie since it’s inception should tell us something about it’s true purpose.

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