(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction | Mortgage Reincarnation – Paid Off Mortgages Coming Back to Life at an Alarming Rate

Manufactured Fraudclosure Via Revocation of Satisfaction of Mortgage

Over a year ago, we started noticing documents filed in county land records that were “clarifying” or “correcting” previous documents. The previous documents happened to state that a mortgage was satisfied, or paid off, and the debt was extinguished. Then a new document showed up, “clarifying” and “correcting” any “error” that suggested that a mortgage had been paid off. “Oh, no no no. Our bad. That mortgage was not paid off. Oh No! That Sucker still owes us a LOT of money and we are moving to fraudclose!”

We have many examples from many different states, as well as a few reports of court cases over this very issue.

When families’ attorneys attempt to ask questions via depositions or discovery, they are shot down at every turn.

I wonder how bank puppet elected officials or judges would handle a “revocation” of a mortgage satisfaction on their own property? Would they just keep quiet and docile and resume payments on a reincarnated debt that had been deemed paid off?

The key language in these documents is:

The mortgage has not been fully paid off, satisfied, nor discharged, but instead continues to exist; and further, that Certificate of Satisfaction which was made in error, should not be construed as any impairment on the mortgage.”

Think you paid off your mortgage?

Think you are golden when the bank discharges the mortgage debt?

Think again Suckers!

Here are some examples of mortgage reincarnation documents filed around the nation, followed by a Kansas bankruptcy judge’s order and memorandum on this issue.



AZ Err in Release of Deed of Trust.pdf

AZ Err in Release of Deed of Trust2.pdf

AZ Err in Release of Deed of Trust3.pdf



  1. Linda Green Broward AoC1.pdf
  2. Linda Green Broward AoC2.pdf
  3. Linda Green Broward AoC3.pdf
  4. Linda Green Broward AoC4.pdf
  5. Linda Green Broward AoC5.pdf
  6. Linda Green Broward AoC6.pdf
  7. Linda Green Broward AoC7.pdf
  8. Linda Green PBC AoC1.pdf
  9. Linda Green PBC AoC2.pdf
  10. Linda Green PBC AoC3.pdf
  11. Linda Green PBC AoC4.pdf
  12. Linda Green PBC AoC5.pdf
  13. Linda Green PBC AoC6.pdf
  14. Linda Green PBC AoC7.pdf
  15. Linda Green PBC AoC8.pdf
  16. Linda Green PBC AoC9.pdf
  17. Linda Green SLC AoC1.pdf
  18. Linda Green SLC AoC2.pdf
  19. Linda Green SLC AoC3.pdf
  20. Linda Green SLC AoC4.pdf



  1. WA not paid off after all


NY (400 in one fell swoop)

Chase to 400 New Yorkers Who Have a Paid Off Home in Suffolk County – “SORRY SUCKERS! You Still Owe!” http://ning.it/pyJ9KV



US Bank err sat.pdf

US Bank err sat2.pdf

US Bank err sat3.pdf

US Bank err sat4.pdf

US Bank err sat5.pdf

US Bank err sat6.pdf

Just Kidding! Not Paid Off.
KY Aff Err Sat 04.07.09.pdf

KY JPMCBNA Err Sat 08.06.05.pdf

KY JPMCBNA Not Satisfied3.pdf

KY JPMCBNA Not Satisfied1.pdf

KY JPMCBNA Not Satisfied2.pdf



NC NWT made error in recording sat.pdf





Bowers v MERS USDC Kansas

26 Responses to “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction | Mortgage Reincarnation – Paid Off Mortgages Coming Back to Life at an Alarming Rate”
  1. Fern says:

    This is no surprise. Now if people would realize just how they can prevent these things from happening. There are ways to prevent or address situations like this. I am in the process of it right now. Will be watching some really upset lawyers when the bus arrives for them.

  2. lvent says:

    CNBC reporting BOFA mortgage settlement case may be moved to Federal Court.

  3. lvent says:


  4. Zee says:

    I can see why this is exploding in popularity for the banks! Since they are having trouble foreclosing on properties because of MERS – why not STEAL properties that they don’t own at all?! Little non-contestable fraudulent paperwork (judges accept anything from banks) filed and the house is THEIRS for FREE without any consequences!

    The clock is ticking until the bankers push a homeowner too far and make it so they have absolutely nothing more to loose in life.

  5. lvent says:

    I believe this is all the direct result of the bailout of AIG…!

  6. Gordon Brooks says:

    I’m wondering when this one is going to come back to bite me. I have two satisfactions of mortgage, resulting from refis, that were made via MERS. I wonder if some bank will come along at some point to say “no, no, we owned that mortgage, and you still owe us the money.”

  7. readdocs says:

    Contracts no longer have any value when made by entities such as banks. They can change directions, their
    minds, or just because they can. NO ONE is safe. Even if the property has been yours or your families for
    generations does not guarantee anything. So far the courts are still favoring the banks, because they’re always
    right, always innocent…and only the borrowers are wrong. Millions of borrowers are wrong while the few thousands of banks are always competent, innocent, honest, and transparent.

  8. To Tell The Truth says:

    Since the attempt by Deutche and GMAC/Homecomings/Bankers Trust to foreclose on my home, I discovered a few things I did not know before as have so many others…that the mortgage registered at the clerk’s office on line had a date changed on it that was written over(uninitialed) to coincide with the date on the note and the HUD statement ( HUD and mortgage had same dates)(unknown to me of course as I am trained to initial all changes to a contract including the date changes were made ) and also that the bank that held the mortgage prior to refinancing the mortgage with another bank, did not register a satisfaction of mortgage until a year later. I wondered why I never received that satisfaction letter like the other times I had completely paid off my mortgage (without refinancing) I got those letters within the time frame required. So now, this adds another dimension to my fraud-closure documents.

    Also, since the Administrative judge dismissed my fraud-closure without prejudice, since the plaintiff did not substitute an attorney to replace Stern in time, the bank has not tried to refile the fraud closure. I have not received any bills from them since they filed in 2008. I do receive letters saying they have placed insurance on my property, and I also pay my own insurance and taxes…go figure, and now I have so far received 2 letters to fill out the form for this new independent analysis of my case…mm-mm I believe they are using this so call independent administrative analysis PLOY to get all the info from us to use against us at a future date and not to try to help us but so the banksters can correct their fraudulent documents, etc. Your thoughts….

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      I agree that this so called indiepended review crap is just a means for them to extract information that a borrower has in defense so that the lender can use it in their own cause!!!!

  9. StuckinSoPa says:

    I notice that article does not state how many of these were actual PAID UP mortgages (homeowner right), and not just a paper error (banker wrong.) Oh, that’s right! Everything winds up on paper in some form or another, and banksters are NEVER wrong so it does not matter one way or the other.

    My own mortgage was paid off in full in 1988. Even got my deed mailed to me priority mail with the notarized notice of satisfaction printed right on the deed! Does that make me feel safer than most that this could never happen to me. Not really.


  10. Chas Karndon says:

    Bondi is just a clueless employee. She has a brain that works. But her role is one of customer service, service to the Banksters, that is. In a way, she represents a peculiar American tragedy. Predators in ties and suits can do what barbarians of old have done, throwing people into the streets, forcing them into bankruptcy, lying and stealing in the courts. Bondi, like an indifferent royal from a medieval time, nods in approval at the plunder and destruction.

  11. Zee says:

    I agree – when there is no law any longer for the kings, the blatant theft and rape of the American people will continue unabated until someone stops it. Sure the bankers are laughing as they enjoy their steak and lobster, while they pick another house to steal without any consequences whatsoever.

  12. lvent says:

    No one is safe from these fraudsters!

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