Matt Weidner | AMERIKA – Land of Millions of Political Prisoners

AMERIKA- Land of Millions of Political Prisoners


Thomas Jefferson famously said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” What he didn’t tell us was that when it’s too late and the tree of liberty is long died, the flickering flame of liberty might just light those long dead branches and burn that tree into ashes.

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I recognize now that I won’t have the honor of a gravestone. My burial spot will be marked with a non-descript FEMA-issued plastic stake driven into the dirt here on the grounds of the camp I’ve been confined in for more than two years. And while my final resting spot is certainly a depressing and anti-climatic end to a life that once held promise, I suppose my little plot of dirt suits me better than the anonymous ignominy suffered by all those who died before me.…executed by government-sponsored mercenary forces in the clashes that exploded in streets all across America, but their final fate is even better than that of the many millions of souls that whimpered away, dead from the disease and starvation that hit those trapped by martial law in the major cities.

I’ve had a lot of time to sit and think, sitting away here in the Region 4 Eastern US FEMA Adjustment Camp. They don’t call this place a prison, and we’re not allowed to call it a prison staring out from behind the concertina wire, but that’s certainly what it is. It’s not so bad in here after all….all my friends are here. Not your garden-variety criminals, we campers…no this camp is filled largely with those who were labeled “Domestic Belligerents” early on. Lawyers and journalists and bloggers and human rights protesters primarily. To say it really sucks in here is of course a gross understatement. But in many ways, I understand why the federal government enacted martial law and why they felt it necessary to start rounding people like us up. The reality is when Americans finally realized just how badly we’d all been screwed, the violence and anger that spilled into the streets was explosive. You see, after years of being lied to and beaten down. After watching paychecks shrink and food prices soar. After years of losing homes and forced evictions….and being blamed for all of it…when Americans finally realized that they were not the cause of all their misery, that they were not responsible for their decimated economic circumstance and that the root cause of the dramatic decline of America was a conspiracy between the banks, the corporations and the government that was supposed to protect us, they just lost it. When the drug-addled, alcohol-numbed mass of America woke up to the horrifying reality of their perpetual existence on the roulette wheel called life, they exploded and just went bat shit crazy.

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8 Responses to “Matt Weidner | AMERIKA – Land of Millions of Political Prisoners”
  1. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    Yes MATT we know it IS Termed a Residential Care Facility in homage to the Bohemian Grove Skull and Bones Celebration of Care and Child Sacrifice to the Fires of MO Loch?

  2. matt weidner says:

    great treatment of the post man, thanks. You’re clearly a big time Domestic Belligerent now….

    • Fury says:

      matt, your writing is more terrifying to me than any Margaret Atwood, Orwell or Huxley fiction.

      what you write is real. it is happening. we have to stop it.

    • lvent says:

      Great article Matt!..those who do not get it or are trying to cover it up, I feel sorry for them..

      • lvent says:

        I watched Judge Napalitano last nite..he posed the question what if we had no Constitution…Everything that he described has already taken place! That was scary!

      • lvent says:


  3. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    sorry it didnt include the rest …seems the post times out while you type!

    #1- for each person in office now. tested for integrity & competency –
    this would be on a result of each members term of office history examination .
    action or inaction – there is no middle ground = no action[s] or no attempts to rectify the status quo amounts to part of the problem,so the politician must be removed [without pension] & replace with a new uncorrupted member ,willing to work for the term and oath of office.

  4. angry&NOT TAKING IT! says:

    Kimberli Wilson

    i agree, but i have no hope that replacing the senators will fix this,yes its a start…fwiw [ the senate should be dissolved completely as it was never part of the forefathers intent of the 3 branches of GOV .
    we must expunge all the traitors from our gov.
    this would be on a result of each members term of office history examination .
    there is no middle ground = no action[s] to rectify the status quo amount to part of the problem

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