PB Post | Bondi Can Go After Banks: Appellate Rulings have Shielded Lawyers, So Target Lenders

“LPS, which earlier this year hired a Florida assistant attorney general, also is under investigation by the Florida AG’s office. Yet, Ms. Bondi has been all but silent on foreclosures, except to say she doesn’t want the settlement to allow homeowners to get away with not paying their mortgages.”


Bondi can go after banks: Appellate rulings have shielded lawyers, so target lenders

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi should look to Nevada, California and Massachusetts for guidance on handling foreclosure fraud. Attorneys general in those states are going after the lenders and mortgage servicing companies that falsified court documents to foreclose on delinquent borrowers. Florida has, with limited success, gone after the lenders’ attorneys who allegedly did the same.

The 4th District Court of Appeals has now ruled twice that the attorney general’s office does not have the authority to investigate foreclosure attorneys for alleged fraud under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Last year, then-Attorney General Bill McCollum issued subpoenas to Boca Raton-based Shapiro & Fishman, the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson in Fort Lauderdale and the Plantation-based Law Offices of David J. Stern.

The appellate court ruled in April that Shapiro & Fishman did not have to comply with the subpoena because their work on behalf of lenders did not constitute trade or commerce as defined by statute. Ms. Bondi did not appeal that ruling. This month, the 4th DCA made the same finding on behalf of the Stern firm. Ms. Bondi’s office has said it is reviewing that decision.

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12 Responses to “PB Post | Bondi Can Go After Banks: Appellate Rulings have Shielded Lawyers, So Target Lenders”
  1. jaclyn says:

    I vent…You are so right..it is up to us homeowners to fight back
    My name is Jaclyn and I have been fighting BOA since 2008, San Diego, Ca

    • lvent says:

      Jaclyn…bravo to you…!! you are a true American patriot…those who think that the attorneys or the government are going to save them are sheeple..they fear those who get it….I remember a prophecy that I read….something would happen to cause the people to arm themselves and it would be up to the strong to take care of the weak…..knowledge is power! Armed with knowledge you can do anything….the only power they have is what they can make you believe…question everything……property law is power…make them prove they own your loan….the contract is a nullity if they never assigned the lien….!

  2. lvent says:

    The Government nor any of the politicians are going to save us…It is up to all of us to take our country back!

  3. gregory says:

    this is what happens when judges are on the take, florida, california one in the same “coruption”

  4. mario kenny says:

    Occupy foreclosed homes NOW

  5. To Tell The Truth says:

    So who can officially go after the attorneys who committed fraud? Can the homeowners do so? And since the attorneys acted as agents of the banks, then technically they should fall under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act…as they were taking the place of the lenders, acting on their behalf…something is not adding up here…I thought there were agency laws that apply here…and since they knowingly commit fraud against the homeowner…where does this all lead to? They are not immune from the law are they?

    • Patrick Farrell Secured Party Creditor says:

      No they are not immune.
      Look at Fl. statutes 817.545 mortgage fraud but loot FS 895 and 896, money laundering and racketeering,which says that ANYONE [this includes lawyers,clerks, judges, et al] as liable.
      But hen you have to get a judge [who was a lawyer] to fuck his peeps.
      Good luck.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Wellm we elect those d%^& judges so next go around……..they’re OUT! Besides, we need to take further action against the judges for not applying the law properly…can just anyone bring on a suit against a judge under this statute? and why hasn’t the AH’s office do so already? Oh wait, we have Blondie Bondi at the helm….well, time to get rid of her too!

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