Fraudclosure | Largo Man Nearly Loses His Home Over 80 Cents, Still Not In the Clear

Imagine having the chance to save your home from foreclosure and then lose it all because you hit the wrong button on a telephone. It nearly happened to a Largo man.


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  1. WOLFEY says:


  2. WOLFEY says:


    • lvent says:

      SO WOLFEY…What exactly is it that you do to make your so called stand?…BTW…feel free to use all of the caps that you need to use to express yourself…….there is no limit that I know of….No law on caps yet…

      • lvent says:

        WOLFEY, you say talk is cheap…and you are prepared to make a stand?…Do you call making a stand telling us that speaking out against this tyranny is not enough? I beg to differ…There is more than one way to fry this flounder…. !! Do what you have to do…that is your right but don’t attack others for doing what they feel they need to do….

      • Wolfey says:

        If you really feel that answering the same post 6 or 7 x’s is therapy for you I vent , knock yourself out . This Nazi style Govt . wants it ? Another revolution ? There is a time to beat the plowshares into swords and put the pen down . Never underestimate your opponent ( US ) A man is most dangerous when pushed into a corner feeling he has nothing left to lose , I wish it could be solved amicably by writing to this guy or that rep , but it is so far beyond that I feel sorry for you in thinking that lobbying crooks will help . And I pray I am proven wrong I Vent . Nothing Personal

      • lvent says:

        Yeah WOLFEY….fighting fraudclosure and fighting the tyranny was not exactly what I planned on doing with my life right now but I guess God had other plans for some of us…shit happens…

  3. lvent says:

    Obama proved one thing when he signed that ndaa he is a traitor…..and so are the Congress and the Senate!!

  4. lvent says:

    F the new world order…! They are sneaky crooks…..that’s all they are! They try to make us believe all of their big lies! Reject them…..know your enemies..,..the politicians and the government are not our friends they are completely corropt and useless and they declared war on all of us…..that war started on 9/11……

  5. Jennifer Grenning says:

    Obama’s passage of NDAA – it’s gone folks, your homes, your rights, gone. (They were gone already, as anyone trying to save their home has seen. )

    • lvent says:

      It is only gone if we act like cowards……!!!! They are acting like tyrants but can only get away with what we allow……there are way more of us and cnbc reported today gun registrations are way up……the new world order has hijacked America but, they are a big fraud…..a put on!!!! It is really all about what they can make us believe!!!!!!

  6. john says:

    Well, good luck to this gentleman….take noticed that the telephone rep from BofA said (with emphasis) that the person was ‘in the process’ of being approved for a permanent mod. Right. They strung me along for eight months with the same three month promise, the gave me the boot because of NPV—something they promised had been addressed prior to the Trial mod. Thousands more with the same or similar stories. This is outright fraud.

    • see says:

      John you are right. She made the point loud and clear that he was in the procss and not that he had been approved. The only reason he got this far was because of the media coverage.

  7. Zee says:

    Bank saw a massive amount of equity in this guy’s home and hence why it was targeted for THEFT by them. Hard to get $$ from upside down foreclosures, so why not steal nearly paid off houses – no risk and no consequences for the banksters AT ALL!

    • lvent says:

      they are getting the credit default swap insurance $$$$! 3 times or more the value of the homes!!! This is about a lot more than monetary gain….this is about world domination…
      This us a new world order Hitler plan to steal everything from us under the guise of debt and the Color of law!!! All big lies!!!!! There is no law that says if you don’t pay the mortgage you lose your home…..they destroyed the legal contract by committing fraud…..and ghat $700 trillion in debt fraud is their debt….not ours!!!!!!! This financial crisis is all manufacturer by the ruling elite……this is a big put on just in order for them to steal everything from all of us!!!!! This is a big fraud…….the biggest fraud in history…a put on!!

      • incognito123 says:

        lvent, try usually about 30 times, not 3 on insurance payouts

      • lvent says:

        incognito 1,2,3…I believe it..this is the biggest fraud in history…foreclosuregate so they say…they also say that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered!!

  8. see says:

    That pesky computer made another error. We all know that if this person did not get the media involved he would be in deep sh$t.

  9. lvent says:

    This is the kind of reporting that should be on the Msm everyday instead of all of the b.s. they spew!! Foreclosuregate continues on in order to enable this ongoing criminal enterprise to continue the massive robbery…..the media creates the distractions and the diversions….cnbc just called the fed the creature from Jekyll island!!!! Way to go!!!! Time to abolish the fed who are no more than a cabal of criminals committing crimes prosecutable under Rico!!!! Drug laundering counterfitting thieves!!!!

  10. indio007 says:

    OMG I can’t believe they didn’t foreclose for prepayment. They have tried it before.

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