Stand Up for The Bayless Family | Bank Fraud – America’s Servicing Company, Anita Antonelli, SASCO Trust 2005-RF4, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Bank

Bank Fraud

America’s Servicing Company
Anita Antonelli
SASCO Trust 2005-RF4
U.S. Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Action Date: January 3, 2012
Location: Delaware, OH

The Closing Date for SASCO Trust 2005-RF4 is August 31, 2005.

All of the mortgages in the SASCO 2005-RF4 Trust were required to have been deposited in that trust by August 31, 2005.

This is particularly significant right now because SASCO 2005-RF4 is the trust that is claiming to own the Bayless Family Mortgage in Delaware, Ohio, and trying to remove the Bayless family from their home this week.

SASCO is trust shorthand for Structured Asset Securities Corporation.

In almost every case, SASCO trusts CANNOT PRODUCE THE MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS required by the trust documents.

In almost every foreclosure case filed by U.S. Bank as Trustee for a SASCO trust, the mortgage assignment is dated several YEARS after the trust was supposed to have acquired the mortgage.

What mortgage document mill consistently supplies these “years late” Assignments? Consistently, that is America’s Servicing Company (ASC) in Ft. Mill, SC, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank.

Who are the signers of these “years late” Assignments? Anita Antonelli, China Brown, Natasha Clark, Nikli Cureton and Herman John Kennerty – the five most prolific robo-signers at ASC -have signed hundreds of these Assignments.

If the trust is a SASCO trust – STRIKE ONE;

If the Assignment is dated years after the trust closing date – STRIKE TWO; and

If the Assignment is signed by Antonelli, Brown, Clark, Cureton or Kennerty and notarized in York County, SC – STRIKE THREE.

Throw the bank out – not the Bayless Family.

As for Anita Antonelli, who signed the Mortgage Assignment in the Bayless case:

Many times Anita Antonelli is the Vice President of Loan Documentation for Wells Fargo Bank.

But then she is also often the Default Documents Manager for Wells Fargo Bank.

At the same time, Antonelli is often an Assistant Secretary of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.

She is also an Assistant Secretary for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. acting as a Nominee for American Home Mortgage…

…and acting as a Nominee for Hilton Head Mortgage, LLC…

…and acting as a Nominee for DHI Mortgage Co., Ltd….

…and acting as a Nominee for Myers Park Mortgage, Inc…

…and acting as a Nominee for CTX Mortgage Co., LLC…

…and acting as a Nominee for Market Street Mortgage Corp…

…and acting as a Nominee for Loan City…

…and acting as a Nominee for Mortgage Network, Inc.

With this history, why would anyone trust the validity of a mortgage assignment signed by Anita Antonelli – and particularly, why would anyone rely on such a document when produced by a SASCO trust?

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12 Responses to “Stand Up for The Bayless Family | Bank Fraud – America’s Servicing Company, Anita Antonelli, SASCO Trust 2005-RF4, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Bank”
  1. Fury says:

    lynn szymoniak is such a heroine. the help that she is providing fraudclosure victims is immense.
    her work for the families that are facing imminent illegal eviction is such a blessing.

    her summaries are incredibly powerful. these families as all of us have been defrauded.

    to see lynn lay it out as clearly as she does makes it so hard to understand why the courts and the states AGs
    just don’t call for a full-scale moratorium on this whole wicked Con Game that has been played by the banks and their servicers and f/c mill attorneys that has created a Greater Depression.

    It must stop NOW!

  2. lied says:

    here is something to think about. wells fargo has been
    my service r ok they always said that phrase this is an
    attempt…… now in foreclosure they are foreclosing on us the service r . the note is rubber stamped by joan m mills. my signature font is larger then my mortgage signature do we have a little episode of forged here. it gets better there is no mortgage number on note and lastly the time date stamp is 02/23/2011? this loan closed on 3/22/2006? I have hired mark group to see us through this mess.

    • lvent says:

      Lies…they are all third party debt collectors……they have no legal standing……the original pretender lender got paid when they sold the loan to wall street….they need 39 docs to fraudclose……that would be the chain of title….doubt very much the serviced has those docs!!!! If the gses or the bank had them they would not be hiding behind the servicer…it is all fraud!!!

      • lvent says:

        What they are doing is prosecutable under Rico…….they are racketeering in order to collect the credit default insurance $$$$$$$$$!

      • lvent says:

        They are all imposterd and frauds…it all starts with the politicians and that Kenyan is the biggest fraud of them all….he works for Rome….the head of the beast!

      • lvent says:

        Ooops neant to say they are all imposters and frauds!!!!! Cant trust them….they must sign contracts with the people for 2012 or we are doomed!!!!

  3. see says:

    In my foreclusure Herman John Kennerty signed an Allonge to Note. This doc showed up in the paperwork to lift our BK stay. It says Allonge to Note dated: March XX, 2006; In Favor of: ABC Mortgage Corp; And Executed by: left blank; Pay to the order of, without recourse: left blank; Dated: 5/15/2009 Ohio Savings Bank and signed by this idiot with the title of VP of Loan Documention. Ohio Savings bank I believe in the late 2006 was taken over by Amtrust and in Dec 09 the FDIC closed Amtrust. This doc was never attached to the note. On a list that I found, this guy has more than 30 job titles.

  4. Fury says:

    i hope this Stand will be successful for the bayless family.
    US Bank , ASC and wells fargo are all crooks and have conned millions of people
    who have lost their homes because of them.

  5. indio007 says:

    US Bank Trust offices are like a mile from me. If I knew what these people looked like I would go punch them in their face. Ya, ya I know violence isn’t the answer…. but it should be.

    • lvent says:

      Yes….they are part of the ongoing criminal enterprise….with my commercial property they claim to be trustee for the trust…….that is fraud……they claim that this occurred after the fraudclosure was filed…the loan was sold to bay view loan scng after the fraudclosure was filed and by the magic of 4 fraudulently recorded assignments the loan was fraudulently reconveyed back to the original pretender lender!!! I want to see the 39 docs aka the chain of title…..if they have those they will be admitting to criminal racketeering!!!

      • lvent says:

        This is an attempt to collect a debt means just what it says……they do not own our loans or our homes…….they are no more than third party debt collectors with no legal standing to take our property!!! It is all a big show, a put on!!!

      • lvent says:

        They are stealing homes for the new world order with a huge incentive… default swap insurance money…..they are committing massive insurance fraud by fraudclosing and we the people are still paying for our own robbery!!!!! Some liar is on cnbc talking about underwater homes….the homes were never worth the bubble price……he did say that bofa is insolvent and Goldman is massively overleveraged…….in other words…….they are crooks!!!! Those are code words for criminal activity…… robosigning!!!!!!

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