Miami Herald | Bondi cleared of wrongdoing in firing of two foreclosure attorneys

“The beginning of the end, according to the report, was a PowerPoint presentation the two attorneys created that was criticized for having inaccurate or improper information about pending cases. The final straw was when Clarkson emailed a confidential subpoena document to Lisa Epstein, an outspoken activist against foreclosure fraud, the report said.”


Looks like they are going to blame Lisa now for everything.

They already took out Carol.

Now they are going after Lisa…

Guess I’m next…


Bondi cleared of wrongdoing in firing of two foreclosure attorneys

An investigation into the firing of two attorneys leading foreclosure fraud investigations found no wrongdoing by Attorney General Pam Bondi or anyone else in her office.

Though Bondi didn’t directly call for June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards‘ termination, she was widely criticized this summer when the two went public with their story. Bondi said the inspector general’s report, released Friday, vindicated the firings and shed light on concerns about the attorneys’ work performance.

“The report confirms the terminations had nothing to do with politics or outside influence,” Bondi said via a news release. “Rather, it was about doing the right thing, in defense of the people of Florida.”

Ned Luczynski, the chief financial officer’s inspector general, issued his report Friday afternoon, nearly five months after Bondi called for an independent investigation. In addition to interviewing Clarkson and Edwards, investigators also spoke with their co-workers in the Attorney General’s Office and others who were connected to companies the two had investigated.

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Unfair, Deceptive and Unconscionable Acts in Foreclosure Cases

6 Responses to “Miami Herald | Bondi cleared of wrongdoing in firing of two foreclosure attorneys”
  1. Ben Parker says:

    Cleared of wrongdoing? Thankfully, the court of public opinion isn’t owned by the Miami Herald. Is the IG even more compromised than the AG? Now that’s the question we need an answer to.

  2. lvent says:

    I hear Dylan Ratigan is making a trip down to Florida soon….Something about too much corruption down there?

  3. anthony says:

    Bondi is a LIAR
    Clarkson really tried to help me she really cared
    Bondi is IN on all of this probably got PAID off big time anyone checking heer swiss bank account
    Pam you should be ashamed of yourself

  4. Fury says:

    what could be more dangerous in florida than an
    “outspoken activist against foreclosure fraud?”

    lisa epstein and michael redman are dangerous to people who commit fraud and try to hide the truth.

    they are heroes to everyone else!

    • lies is all they tell says:

      Amen, i sencond it. if it were nit for lisa and michael and mark stopa we may not have been homeless’ 2 years ago no one new what was happening. this is just the begining of bringing these frauds to the end. this must stop, families are dumbfounded how this could have happened. we inocently went to the closing table to buy homes for our families not to be robbed of our equity and our homes. we are hard working people that deserve more then this. where i shollywood with all its money. why not make a movie and bring this to the publics eye. make sure more families stay in there home and stop paying their mortages. the more people continue to pay the linger it will take to end. wells fargo has forged my signiture on my note. how horrible

      • Fury says:

        the whole corrupt, ponzi scheme is imploding. the players are turning on each other.

        this is the End Game, people. maybe we will finally see justice after all.

        clarkson and edwards produced a slide show that revealed the criminal enterprise in florida’s
        fraudclosure crisis. rather than heralding them, bondi and others sought to destroy them.

        too late. the world knows. we see the Truth.

        have you been reading the posts that have been coming in recent days, especially the
        Deustche Bank and Wells Fargo victim’s stories?

        the Grand Bank Heist may be near the End.

        as frightening as it may be, do NOT leave your homes. fight the bastards and sue them!

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