Police State | NYPD Silencing Protesters from informing the general public that NDAA passed (VIDEO)

Protester went to Grand Central Terminal NYC to inform the Public that NDAA passed but was met with arrests.




11 Responses to “Police State | NYPD Silencing Protesters from informing the general public that NDAA passed (VIDEO)”
  1. paul james says:

    America, you are a disgrace to humanity in your greed and love of control. Shame on you.

  2. Free Speech is no more…5th amendment is no more…. bill of rights is no more….right to peaceably assemble…. is no more…. petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances is no more….:The woman was arrested, attacked and put in jail…..for speaking.….in a public place…..Matt Widener said the following and he is right,
    “Have you been to Grand Central Station? Do you know it’s as big as two football fields? And so a few dozen people are standing in the middle and talking loudly….that’s a crime? Apparently in this country it is…… Quote: “Where are you attorneys? Is anyone speaking out here? All you sheeple that are laying back scared, out of touch, disconnected, what are you doing? For all you attorneys out there, and all you people…examine this video carefully…..WHAT IS THE CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED HERE? HAVE YOU SEEN THE BRUISES AND MARKS SHE RECEIVED? WHAT IS THE CRIME SHE COMMITTED?

  3. lvent says:

    Fox business reporting bill daley resigning from his post at the white house…he is fed up with Valerie Jarrett and is said to be interested in the job of treasury secretary!!!!

  4. Fury says:

    we’re living in a Police State.

  5. lvent says:

    This is why i love you tube…here is video proof of this tyranny and it is undeniable…I agree with Shelley there needs to be a petition by we the people…we cant let them get away with this. Some free and open society huh? Even the 1% should find NDAA disturbing…fox business reporting the CzME is being investigated for MF GLOBAL…CME saying the system did not fail….The firm did by breaking the law…..the media also reporting that more millionaires are being audited by the IRS…..well WTF…the 99% sure doesn’t have the missing money!

  6. Laws can be petitioned to be undo law and make law. Someone with knowledge and the tools needs to get on the internet and put a petition up for us to all sign to take this law out. There have been petitions for us to sign on the web anyone with knowledge on how to get this petition going please do so and send out to everyone on this web and we will email everyone to sign it.

  7. Ted Spangler says:

    Obama attacked the Constitution, and the Inc. press is mostly quiet. Who could have imagined this in 2008?
    Who imagined Obama would turn his back on millions of homeowners and then claim the perpetrators didn’t do anything illegal? But his most recent obliteration of civil liberties is what Wall Street pays him for.
    to keep people in line. The housing holocaust may be just the start of a precipitous decline. Scary times!

    • Cossbtia says:

      I heard a comment from a foreign report on the cause of the East Coast Earthquake and at the end of the report it says; “THE DELIGHT IN TOTAL IGNORANCE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CONTINUES TO ASTOUND THE WORLD”

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