Regulatory Capture | Lender Processing Services Attorney to Florida Attorney General – Please Encourage Michigan AG to Convert Criminal Suit to Civil

Lender Processing Services Attorney to Florida Attorney General – Please Encourage Michigan AG to Convert Criminal Suit to Civil

Emails speak for themselves…

Or as Abigail Field puts it…

Though stunning in and of itself–it’s a new height of special influence when a company targeted for criminal investigation by one AG can call up the Florida AG and ask it to run interference–it’s far worse when you remember that at the time Baker & McKenzie made that request, LPS was under investigation by the FLORIDA AG’S OFFICE! The emails are part of a longer string available on Scrib’d here. If you look at the one on page 5, it’s clear Baker & McKenzie represent LPS. Then look at page 24, and then page 9.

Can anyone say regulatory capture?



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  1. lvent says:

    The pretender lender attorney who is trying to aid and abet the theft of my commercial property is trying to strike my affirmative defenses 3 months after I filed my answer…the attorney is crying foul and saying we are just trying to get out of our obligation by saying they are criminals….I have found enough fraud here that the case should be dismissed in my favor and these crooks should be brought up on criminal charges….if this were me or you we would have been I prison a long time ago…the attorney tor the pretender lender used to be an assistant to the state ag…..that proves the boldness of these crooks. She should be disbarred for committing fraud upon the court…..they changed plaintiffs after the fraudclosure was filed and recorded 4 bogus assignments in order to create a chain of title to cover up for the origination fraud….

    • ammcinc says:

      for months now i have been helping the Feds and uncovered a large network of money laundering and bank fraud only to reach a dead end. I am $170,000.00 into fighting the big guys alone wondering if the Gov is ever going to step in and help me and others who lost their homes and savings. I have the proof yet they all continue to fail every tax paying American. I have been fighting alone what seem to be part of a bigger picture and a nation wide stories of widespread mortgage and foreclosure fraud committed by bank, lenders, trustees, and corrupt officials. Over a year ago now I discovered and helped the FBI uncovering this neglected issue (huge part of it that is operating in Ca for the most part) Yet, i am still left alone fighting and battling this evil without any protection or regards to my 8 year old safety. My questions and requests from proper officials were treated by refusal to investigate and gave all important documents I obtained to prove my initial complaints with disregards and lack of interest until I contacted and threatened to complain. Now, with my help and maybe yours maybe we can bring justice and prove that these massive real estate documents of fraud and forgery are the key to bring justice to those who need help
      such as Homeowners, advocates, and all helpless individuals who want to see bank reps investigated for fraud, and better business being handled right for a better future…..future my 7 year old exist in….pls help

  2. Fury says:

    LPS is a CRIMINAL enterprise.
    their employees have already admitted it.
    they should be prosecuted for their crimes in the criminal courts of all states
    and not the civil courts.


  3. lvent says:

    I am going to try and post an interesting you tube video if it does not tube search the title:
    Presidential Secrets-Former Operative Chip Tatum Speaks:

    • lvent says:

      Please watch the above video and share it with anyone that you can…

    • Mary says:

      HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

    • lvent says:

      Please watch the above posted video…this video proves everything I am saying is the truth….this is serious……fraudclosure means a lot more than a stolen home….fraudclosure means this government allowed us to be thrown into poverty…..!! They are all traitors….!!!! Every president from Clinton have sent millions of jobs overseas…they knew if we lost our jobs we would lose everything!!!! Where is the outrage????

      • lvent says:

        Please check out the video posted above….the criminal politicians cant deny what these CIA/FBI whistleblowers have to say……

      • lvent says: tube search fema….camps and fema……..coffins….theses dirty Nazi traitors need to be taken down…!

  4. Financial Crime victim says:

    Holy crap where is the FBI????

  5. debi p says:

    Isn’t this collusion?? And conspiracy?? Wow. Good catch. Deb

  6. dRp says:

    with a wink and a nod…and I ain’t talking about Santa

  7. Remember that LPS is/was under investigation by the FL AG’s office and the 50 state AG panel (of which FL AG is on the executive committee) at the time these emails were sent!

    • Mary says:

      Unf..king believable!!!!!! WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE BEING PROSECUTED!!!!!? WHAT IS IT GONNA TAKE!!!!? Conspiracy right out in the open and the media doesn’t even blink. This has to be circulated. Why are we surrounded by such a sea of disinterest?

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