The Young Turks | Media Watch: Telling the Truth isn’t ‘Vigilante’ Reporting

“New York Times” public editor Arthur Brisbane asks for reader input on when news reporters should challenge or question in their articles quotes they know to be false.

“When should you challenge it? How about every freaking time! What do you think your job is? Do you think you’re a stenographer? Oh, Politician X said this, and Politician Y said that. Let’s all go have cocktails together!” Cenk begs the newspaper’s editors and reporters, “Please have the courage to do actual journalism!”


6 Responses to “The Young Turks | Media Watch: Telling the Truth isn’t ‘Vigilante’ Reporting”
  1. lvent says:

    Max reporting Ron Paul surging in the polls…surprise…the media is lying and covering this up…

  2. lvent says:

    Gotta watch the latest Keiser Report…Max is awesome as usual…today he talks about the difference between wall street and the mafia…there isn’t any…I love this guy! Vigilante journalism at its finest…! Go Max and Stacey…

    • lvent says:

      This episode is entitled Spaghetti Monster and Chief…..

    • Sammy Mitchell says:

      It’s awesome Vent, no where else on TV is a host going to mention complicity of US Regulators.
      Bill Black nails it, the Government basically oversaw the great economic heist. OCCUPY!!

  3. lvent says:

    I guess we are all potential vigilantes now….congress thinks the battlefield is just outside our window…..isnt that what the nazis said in hitlers germany? gee…thanks Obama…! Who knew hope and change would mean NDAA?????…….

  4. Sammy Mitchell says:

    The corporate media is mostly a worthless blowhole that’s used to mindlessly report “news”, without question, investigation or analysis. Most content is tightly controlled, they’ll only report on something like the housing crisis when it is unavaoidable.
    Smaller, less corrupt outlets are far more reliable – since they actually have a vested interest in reporting, and accuracy. It’s no wonder the Bankster-Predator class doesn’t want the truth, their whole business model is based on fraud and deceit.

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