NY Foreclosure King Steven J. Baum | Fraudclosure Mill to Unemployment Mill

Foreclosure king’s unemployment mill

He’s a one-person, countywide economic disaster.

Steven J. Baum, whose Buffalo-area home-foreclosure mill is slated to close next month under pressure, could move the county unemployment rate up by nearly two-tenths of a percentage point all by himself.

Nearly 700 workers — just under 600 from Pillar Processing, a document processing firm he started years ago, and about 90 lawyers from his firm — will be out of a job when Baum’s firm shuts its doors.

The Baum-fueled pink slips could boost the jobless rate in Buffalo’s Erie County area to nearly 7.4 percent from 7.2 percent.

“It’s going to move the needle,” said one state labor official, noting that there were 424,000 workers in the county in November.

Baum is closing up shop and Pillar is laying off most its staff after the disgraced lawyer agreed to settle a probe by Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara into possible fraud.

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10 Responses to “NY Foreclosure King Steven J. Baum | Fraudclosure Mill to Unemployment Mill”
  1. joi says:

    So when do you want to start a class action against Fein, Such & Crane and/or Rosicki & Rosicki? I have the funds to start it, just need people who were affected to come forth.

  2. Rosetta says:

    When the employees of Steven Baum’s Firm lose their jobs, they can always be hired by Fein, Such & Crane’s Firm. They all do the same thing.

    • Shelley says:

      Lets hope they have the personal experiences we have had and they get a soul and fess up on the fraud and put the banks away in jail cells where they belong. Chase has secretly let attorneys and staff go and I am sure the attorneys from all these banks are looking at layoffs soon. The fraud has come to surface and the 99% of Americans will not stop fighting this crime until they all go to jail. If Obama gets a settlement that stabs the people in the back this week he will not be looking at his second presidency, he will be looking for a job. The 99% have voting rights and the one percent have the money but only one percent of the votes. Crunch the numbers. Politicians supporting banks will be out of office soon.

  3. David Robert says:

    gota wonder what they are going to feel like when they get laid off and get behind on the mortgage payments? knowing that 90 lawyers are going to lose their jobs is giving me the warm and fuzzes, it also sends a message to the other foreclosure mills should they be concerned that they will be next? The fact is they will, nothing more gratifying than knowing that their isn’t much use for a washed up disposable foreclosure attorney, what life skills could they possible have that is not intermixed with lieing, cheating and stealing? Like was said earlier bad karma is a mother. What is so interesting is the Banker bastards will foreclose on the pirates they used to foreclose on the American people. Pay back is a bitch. Welcome to the nightmare Baum.

  4. joi says:

    @ Fury

    Thank you for agreeing. What I’m planning is to get a class action started against these two still committing their frauds and like you said needs to be shut down. We the people need to fight back with more aggression and bring these scumbags down.

  5. joi says:

    GOD is good and karma is a mother, isn’t it. Now all we need is to go after FEIN, SUCH & CRANE and ROSICKI & ROSICKI whom used Baum for most of their evictions. They should be held responsible because they are in collusion with this dirtbag.

    • Fury says:


      rosicki & rosicki and fein, such & crane are cut from the same cloth as baum.

      shut them done! pay full restitution to all of their victims!

  6. Sam Denny says:

    The state labor official appears to be lamenting an uptick in unemployment. Being a debt collector for fraudsters is no way to make a living. The State is supposed to prosecute gangsters, not make sure they’re employed.

    • Fury says:

      just like mayor bloomberg protecting the asses of the banking & wall street swindlers
      instead of the People who have been conned by them.

      new york city will run just fine without blood money. it needs be returned to real people —
      the ones who are hard-working, creative and committed to making life better here.
      the scamsters can hit the road or
      better yet, be imprisoned.

  7. Bobbi Swann says:

    Excuse me while I puke in my mouth!

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