Dearly Departed Face Possible Eviction as Cemetery Goes Up For Auction After Foreclosure (VIDEO)


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  1. Bloodsoaked says:


  2. Bloodsoaked says:

    They need a place to put the bodies when the revolt comes the’ll stack them one on top the other then build a shopping mall over them. If they don’t care about you when your alive, why would they when your dead? They set you up still your home bulldoze it. build a new one and give it to some foreigner at a discount and a grant to pay for the rest and free grants for education if you promise to be a good citizen and go along with plan. Then when those pesky Old Americans! You Know The Ones That Remember That Stupid Old Paper That Was Written Back In The Olden DayZ. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES I THINK IT WAS!! AND SOMETHING ABOUT SOME RIGHTS AND I DON”T KNOW SOME STUPID WORD THEY MADE UP. FREEDOM! Ya! You Know Those Lazy Ones That Lost There Jobs Because We SENT THEM TO YOUR NATIVE COUNTRY AND PUT ALL YOUR RELATIVES TO WORK FOR LITTLE PAY. So When The Old Americans Wake Up There Going To Be REALLY MAD! SO You Will Have To Fight Them Be Them CHRISTIAN OR JEWS! OH! AND IF YOUR A MUSLIM YOU CAN BUILD YOUR MASC ON THAT MORTUARY OVER THERE. Don’t Worry It Won’t Be Hard. We Already Have Them Weekend For You. They Are Fat And Can’t Move Very Fast Because We Have Them Hooked On Fast Food. We Have Also Got Them In A Choke Hold So You Can Pick There Pockets While We Cancel There Accounts And That Will Give Most Of Them A Heart Attack. AH Now That Was’nt So Hard Was It. Like Giving A Blanket To A Cold INDIAN. BURRRRRR ! AAAA HA HA HA HA! LAUGHED DONALD RUMSFELD. Then Under His Voice He Mutter’s. After We Erase History Just See What We Do To You. And There You Have IT! HUMAN MULCH. ANYONE WANT TO DIG IN THERE GARDEN?

    • lvent says:

      Bloodsoaked…there are horrible people who have hijacked our country and our lives… sure you have heard about the FEMA camps and FEMA coffins…I agree with you….just look at how they have destroyed millions of lives and tell me that you want Obamacare….First they had to take away our wealth and healthcare in order to make us accept it. That is how F.D.R ushered in the new deal and Social Security..during the last Great Depression that was manufactured by the same debt cartel…Same reason for 9/11…that was how they stole our rights….all draconian measures are ushered in under the guise of other things….like NDAA…..and what they are trying to do with SOPA…They are evil liars…

      • MARIO KENNY says:


      • lvent says:

        Hospice comes in to do away with you with the Brompton mixture when the Gov thinks its time for you to die ….I saw it first hand with my Grandparents…the doctor can send in hospice anytime within 6 months that the doctor thinks you are going to die..and to anyone who thinks this is humane or dignified think again…the hospice crew comes in with the drugs and diapers…if you are not bed ridden they drug you untill you are..then they put the diaper on you and they lett a family member feed you your last meal…but little do you know that it is their last meal…then they starve you and drug you to death..and if you think it goes fast after that…..think again….I watched my Grandma die a slow agonizing death that took 3 more days…what they do to prisoners who are executed goes much quicker…the story of what hospice did to my grandparents is way worse than I described but you get the idea… is incredibly evil…and these people are not doing Gods work if you know what I mean..

  3. lvent says:

    The owners of the Banks/Wall Street have hijacked America via the politicians and the CFR…they have installed their members in all positions of high power such as the Treasury Dept, the DOJ and the White House…from there it trickles down…

  4. papergate says:

    Didn’t the decedents or their living family members buy each plot – their real estate is paid in full – if they’ve paid for their ‘eternally paid for real estate’ how can they be sued or even ‘foreclosed’ upon – each plot is OWNED and paid for by either the interred or intended to be interred. . . doesn’t each one owning a ‘plot’ have a say in this – albeit via their living family and members – they cannot foreclose on each plot – this should be treated as each plot are (albeit mini) subdivisions owned outright by the interred and its family – they can perhaps foreclose on all the ground/land surrounding not already purchased by plot owners in this structure ‘cemetary ‘ . . . something isn’t right about this – I would approach on the basis of every single owned plot versus an entire ‘cemetary’ – that’s like saying a development of 100 homes who each bought their own lot and home are included in a foreclosure lawsuit upon the original developer – each home owner has a say so in the mess – don’t they? I’m clueless . . . I know that if the cemetary my mother and all my family members were buried had this problem – there would be major, major battling going on – whoever was interred would be up and spinning with me from all the noise I’d make . . .

    • Hell No - No More Bankster Bailouts! says:

      Those agreements to buy a ‘plot’ are just agreements with the cemetery, are they not? I question whether the individual plots have any deed that is recorded with the county. Therefore, the plots in the cemetery would not have the same protection that a lot in a housing development has.

  5. Beth A. says:

    Interesting that there isn’t some sort of safety net for cemetary gounds – to ensure the safety of its occupants in the event of something like this. Otherwise it seems that none of us our safe even after death. Well, just another reason to add to my list of reasons why I prefer “cremation and scatter me to the wind”.

    I am just so sorry for the families impacted by this issue. Just awful.

    • MARIO KENNY says:

      So a dead person can be evicted? I now ask can we create a truth in lending for the dead? how would a bankster serve a dead person? place the service on the grave site? and how would a dead person represent itself? Pro Se RIP? OMG.

      Your honor my client is dead, but we had a meeting last night and the ghost told me it wished to Occupy the grave site, we are proposing a mod with BOA, do not worry judge, my client has all the time in the world, can we toll this case? while we do discovery.

    • Shelley says:

      There is no saftey net for anyone any where. Not even after death obviously. So many crimes and so many atrocities. I hope this ends well and not an additional heart ache to the loved ones, and their family members. So much sadness and crime out there.

  6. MARIO KENNY says:

    So the homes of dead people are up for grabs? we have seen it all, when the place where dead people live goes up in foreclosure you had better know that if the dead can be in default we so need to change how people live, for sure.

  7. Charles Deihl says:

    Forecloser on a Cemetary ? !!!! What are they gonna do ? Put the Coffins on the side of the Road and tell them to find another resting spot ? Come on People this is getting way out of Hand,toally a Disgrace of Humanity !!

    • Shelley says:

      This is all a disgrace! A disgrace the politicians have breached their duty to the public. A disgrace our judicial system is so corrupt and you can not get help until you are in the appeals courts. A disgrace the public is not protected by the government. A disgrace the banks have gotten away with this crime for centuries. A disgrace homeowners can not find more good lawyers to help us. A disgrace we have not been believed we have been defrauded. A disgrace to the militay fighting for our rights and freedoms, while losing their rights and Americans losing our rights in the process, being terrorized by our own internal government represenatives and the criminal entities calling themselves banks. A disgrace homes are being bulldozed and given away to charities, while the homeowners and their families are caused to be homeless by criminal entities. The dead must be rolling in every grave in every grave yard, especailly the miltary grave yards. The priorities of our government officials is backwards, inside out and upside down. it is so unreal to think this has happened and so unnessicary to have happened. I trully believe if all the criminal entities had been regulated and the laws in place had been kept and our constitutional rights and many laws were followed and not disregarded by criminals running our district and state courts, and the basic rule of law was followed none of the hell we are experiencing would be happening. The judges in the district courts and state courts need to be held accountable and the politicians that represent the banks. I watched a foreclosure on video the other day and the homeowner started to tell his truth of the events, and the judge said flat out I dont care about what you have to say or the paperwork you have and granted the foreclosure. Now what kind of justice is that? One of the biggest war zones we have is in the court rooms turned into crime scenes. Judges and lawyers breaching their oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Politicians breaching their oath of office and their duty of care.

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