AUDIO | California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris on Fraudclosure Settlement

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This week, attorneys general across the country are reviewing a multi-billion dollar settlement proposal for five of the nation’s biggest mortgage servicers over their role in the housing crisis. California Attorney General Kamala Harris has expressed doubts about the deal, arguing banks shouldn’t be protected from claims that haven’t been investigated. Harris joins us to discuss this and other issues she’s dealt with during her first year in office.


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  1. lvent says:

    I was watching the FIVE on FOX..I DESPISE 2 …THEY ARE COMPLETE MORONS…! They said Obama talked about helping the deadbeat homeowners again in his State of the Corporate Union Speech…That is another lie…Obama offered to refi insolvent mortgages for “responsible” homeowners…that would leave out those of us who lost our jobs and businesses because of the $1.2 QUADRILLION IN FRAUD WALL STREET AND THE BANKS COMMITTED…!! Dirty lying dirt bag scum sucking arrogant bastards..!.They will all have to answer for their treason one day..! The media are part of the 98%…and there is no loyalty among these thieves..Satan only cares about himself..he uses all of them..they will be sorry one day..

  2. short sold, whoppee, not, would have preferred too keep, not allowed said the banksters, and now here we are in our final, final, already they are planning to just rip it out from underneath me. Glanced at the State of the Union? For all of you hard working deserving people, lets play fair??? something is clearly wrong here, the housing market has destroyed California and it just continues

    • lvent says:

      The banks and corporate Wall Street, MEGAMONOPOLY..are destroying America..They also bought and own all branches of Government so now we are all living in a FASCIST TYRANNY..The Vatican/Rothschild/Rockefeller NEW WORLD ORDER have infiltrated America and are holding freedom and democracy hostage via the FEDERAL RESERVE which they also own and control via their Banks..They bought the politicians at the White House and in Congress/the Senate…many are members of this big club via secret societies and organizations….According to FBI AGENT Ted Gunderson, they hijacked our Government 60 years ago by infiltrating it..Mr. Gunderson also said this evil plan has been in the works for 200 YEARS..almost since the founding of America…It is up to all of us to rout them all out and throw them and all of their evil plans out of America…

  3. lvent says:

    Normam Goldman radio show tonight said the AG’s have reached a tentative agreement with the banksters..but it is being kept hush hush..I am going from memory but Norm said the deal effects only the loans made from 2008 to 2011…? Huh? They were still committing fraud after the market crashed and they were fraudclosing on those homes..?? I guess they will reduce the principle up to 20% for distressed homeowners…give people money in exchange for their stolen homes…out of the fraud settlement..and still be able to continue robo-signing and committing fraudclosure WITHOUT PENALTY…!!! WHAT AN EFFING JOKE…A SHAM!!!

  4. lvent says:

    AP reporter asked Bernanke in the FED press conference a few moments ago… Would principle forgiveness help the housing market? .long story short….in laymen terms..Bernanke said… ….the housing market is Shot…the mortgage fraud debt is massive and unsustainable! No amount of finagling is going to fix this manufactured mess!!

    • lvent says:

      …..and Bernanke is threatening to hail satan with yet more QE inflation/deflation if the banks start to choke to death on all of their fraud….!!

  5. jaclyn says:

    MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARDS are being abused “big time”. A tenant renting my home in San Diego g 4 foot “pot farm” in an area 6′ x 20′ plus a 6×6 shed with grow lights and fans without my knowledge, were not cited because all he had to say “I have a MMC” officer asks “can you get thayt for me ?” “tenant answers” I don’t know where it is.” “Officer says OK”. MMC not mandatory …tenants can grow pot in the backyard of a rented house and it’s “OK”.
    Thank you Compassionate Act.
    RN and Landlord.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      jacyln I am also an RN 25 years. because of 12 hour shift and the ability for hospitals to cancel nurses when cenus is low we are in this mess of a housing nightmare, where are you in this. did the mortgage broker lie about your income?. When i applied for my curent job i tld the broker i was aperdiem employee and i can get cancel when census is low. i did work and have income for 2 yeasr. i presented her with my w2 forms form 2005 and 2004 and last 2 month of paycheck stubs she still lied and put me in a stated income loan. knowing if my hours were decreased i would lose my home. well honey i am still in my home and have lawyer fighting a WELLS FARGO. that is predatory lending. i do not deserve this after working 25 years

      • wendy says:

        I too am a nurse, and because of this haven’t been working because I’ve been in “law school” over seeing how I can fight these thieves, I’m lucky if I have time to brush my teeth, and the fraud I’ve uncovered is sickening and instead of seeing a doctor for my patients, I’ve had to see a doctor for myself. This servicer is trying to steal my home, yep, steal!

      • Steve says:

        Lucky you found a lawyer. I don’t see how they can call it a predatory civil matter when these loan apps. didn’t get delivered or needed to be resigned at closing. I went back to the brokers office to collect copies and I retrieved copies from the Title office. The dates tell the story on how the scum did it, but how do you get access to the brokers program files to prove the latter filing without it being a criminal matter. The DA says it doesn’t have the funds and Dept. of Real Estate says they see nothing (they don’t look). From what I understood Bush preempted the laws from suing banks for predatory in 2004 and Obama could only put some of them back. I was told by a predatory lawyer you must have an equitable loss. Do you have an equitable loss after the market crashed?

    • Stan Kerbon says:

      Sounds great to me, weed could potentially help people get through the hell of foreclosure. Liquor kills, foreclosures kill, weed hasn’t killed anyone – the war on drugs has filled our prisons and killed many many people.
      Renting a house SUCKS bigtime, that’s why people buy houses. And recently many many of these people have been destroyed by the Biggest Drug Dealers of all time, the Banksters!

      • lvent says:

        That is a sneaky weapon they like to use to dumb people down…porn, lotto, drugs and booze…that is how they will sneak in the rest of their evil plan for global tyranny…while people are crying in their beer…while they are high, drunk and watching reality tv..Anyone see the ad to sign the petition to protest Hillary Clintons support of a GLOBAL SMALL WEAPONS GUN BAN…yeah..maybe its time to put out the joint and put down the beer and ..go sign the petition…! They are stealing our country right out from under our drunk, high.. stupid asses..!

  6. doo says:

    where is the f in audio?

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