Naked Capitalism | Is Schneiderman Selling Out? Joins Federal Committee That Looks Designed to Undermine AGs Against Mortgage Settlement Deal

Is Schneiderman Selling Out? Joins Federal Committee That Looks Designed to Undermine AGs Against Mortgage Settlement Deal

It’s clear what the Administration is getting from getting Schneiderman aligned with them. It is much less clear why Schneiderman is signing up. He can investigate and prosecute NOW. He has subpoena powers, staff, and the Martin Act. He doesn’t need to join a Federal committee to get permission to do his job. And this is true for ALL the others agencies represented on this committee. They have investigative and enforcement powers they have chosen not to use. So we are supposed to believe that a group, ex Schneiderman, that has been remarkably complacent, will suddenly get religion on the mortgage front because they are all in a room and Schneiderman is a co-chair?

Maybe Schneiderman has convinced himself that he will get more reach or resources this way, but I have trouble fathoming the logic. While he did do a real service by begin the first to question the AG settlement when that was a isolated and courageous position, and was also early to crank up investigations, other less well resourced states (Delaware, Nevada, Massachuseetts) that started later have filed serious cases. In particular, Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada has been doing old fashioned, go-after-the-foot-soldiers-to-get-the-capos prosecutions of the sort Eliot Spitzer recommended in Inside Job. Why has Schneiderman, after such a promising start, done so little?

Maybe Schneiderman has fallen for the same sort of pitch that the Administration used on Elizabeth Warren. But the tradeoffs were completely different for her. The CFPB was her baby; giving her the chance to set it up was terribly seductive. And she could convince herself that she’d have more power as an insider than running a shadow CFPB out of Harvard to keep the real one honest. But Schneiderman already has a real power base and media reach. It’s hard to see what the Administration could offer him to get him to compromise his independence (which this effort will, no matter what he has convinced himself).

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Yves also closes out her post with…

It would be better if I were proven wrong, but this looks to be yet another clever Obama gambit to neutralize his opposition. With all the same key actors in place – Geithner, Walsh, Holder – there is no reason to believe the Administration has had a change of heart until there is compelling evidence otherwise.

Again, I hope she is wrong too…


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  1. lvent says:

    The Obama administration is trying to force the AG’s to decriminalize hundreds of trillions of dollars in fraud…?? Then they will have to release Madoff and Skilling and Rajmarjin from prison…as well as all of the mortgages..IF THEY ARENT CRIMINALS…THEN NO ONE OWES A MORTGAGE EITHER..END OF NIGHTMARE…ALL STOLEN HOMES AND BUSINESSES RETURNED..FREE AND CLEAR..!

  2. Pamela Edwards says:

    Every man has his price and thats where all of this is going.They found his price or so it would seem.Err on the side of caution and see what happens and where he goes with all of this.

    • david black says:

      my guess the deal is if he whitewashses and cooperates to neutralize the objectors in the other ags he gets the democratic party support to run for new york senator as a democrat.

      or replace eric holder.

      my money is on the former rather than the latter.
      best r,

  3. lvent says:

    They are bagging him…same thing they are doing to homeowners with the REFIS..and loan mods ..They want to rope in all dissenters and bag them..The New World Order plan for Global tyranny is maniacal and diabolical..!..They are using scare tactics and lies to make people conform or they tell them they will perish… PLEASE DONT CONFORM AND COMPLY WITH THEIR EVIL PLANS Mr. SCHNEIDERMAN….DONT SELL OUT TO THESE SNEAKY THIEVES OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!!!!

  4. Hell No - No More Bankster Bailouts!!! says:

    Could it be that Schneiderman finds it to be in the best interests of his own continued pursuits to also participate where he has been INVITED?

    If he refuses and that fact were leaked to the media, the pundits could add this to the dispute that has been raised by Miller on how Eric exited the 50 AG group.

    Also, if he refused, the administration would possibly have had still another position on the committee to fill with pro-banksters.

    The way I see it, the media will raise questions about his participation regardless of joining or passing.

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