Abigail Field | What a Strong Servicer Settlement Looks Like

What a Strong Servicer Settlement Looks Like

by Abigail Field

Many–including me–have attacked the idea of a multistate and federal settlement with the biggest bailed out banks (wearing their mortgage servicing hats) on the grounds that it’s wrong to settle something that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated. We’ve also objected by pointing out the numbers on the table are too small by at least a zero to make much of a difference to homeowners or the housing market as a whole. We’ve raised more specific objections too, like the scope of the liability release and concerns about enforcement since the banks have exactly zero credibility on deals they’ve previously inked on these issues.

But community groups and others have countered hey: homeowners need help now, and desperately, don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. So here’s a guide to what “the good” would look like, at least from where I sit. (And here’s a hint; it looks nothing like what we’ve been told is on the table.)

1) Enforcement. Now, there’s been rumors about an independent court appointed monitor to do enforcement. That sounds fine as far as it goes, but here’s what real enforceability means:

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  1. To Catherine Cortez,
    Pam Bondi,
    Kamala Harris,
    Eric T. Schneiderman
    Attorney Generals of the States of Nevada, Florida, California
    and the State of New York

    Thank you for standing firm on not settling with the banks and the others that have damaged our lives and our economy.
    Please consider the new mortgage terms, and principal reduction policy outlined in this paper, before any settlement with the servicers, and other parties involve in the fraud case the States have filed against them. Please forward this information to all the AGs that are participating in other lawsuits in other States.
    If at all possible please confer with President Obama
    Thank You
    Leonard C. Tekaat, Economic Scholar

    We are in a national economic slump caused by national policies! We must change national policies to resolve national problems.
    Main St., the middle class, the working class, small businesses, and people in general have been financially decimated by the current financial crisis. Their disposable income , and confidence have been decreased.
    This financial crisis has created one of the longest down turns in US economic history.
    The vacant, and abandoned homes that are in our neighborhoods are similar to food that is rotting in the fields. We can do better than this for our citizens, when you consider that so many families need better housing.
    The buzz on the housing market is: Sell the foreclosed homes to investors. Rent the foreclosed homes to previous home owners and tenants. Sell the homes with underwater mortgages by short sale, to deal with the foreclosure crisis.
    Let me ask you, Do we really want a nation of investors, and renters?
    Short sales are OK, and renting is appropriate for some people, but we need to help the majority of people stay in their homes, if at all possible, to maintain the American Dream of home ownership.
    Sure we screwed up this time, but wise people learn from their mistakes, and make the necessary corrections to stop repeating the same mistake we have been repeating for the last 100 years.
    Lately there has been talk about a national refinance plan that would help heal the primary home market.
    Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, and Elizabeth Duke have made speeches in favor of the government doing more to stabilize the housing market. President Obama mentioned a national refinance plan in his 2012 State Of The Union speech.
    I believe the private financial sector needs to step-up, and help resolve the foreclosure, and unemployment crisis they helped create.
    We need to go beyond just a refinance plan. The economy needs a principal reduction plan to quicken recovery. We cannot wait 30 years until all the underwater mortgages are paid off, or the homes are foreclosed, or abandoned.
    Every qualified homeowner with an underwater mortgage must be included in the national refinance plan, and the principal reduction policy. Which is approximately 25% of current homeowners.
    The economy needs a principal reduction plan to unload the burden that the Big banks, Wall ST. and the government helped create to increase their profits, and tax revenues.
    Homeowners are not innocent, but the working, and middle class people should not be the only ones suffering to clean up the mess the “BIG BOYS” MADE.
    WE; Have to change that! The Big Boys got the “Gold Mine” WE got the BILL!!
    The Committee For Economic Reform and A Better Economic Future has developed a PRIVATE SECTOR SOLUTION TO JOB CREATION AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY.
    The Plan has basically two parts. Get the economy on a healthy path to recovery, and change the policies that helped create the financial crisis.
    To help prevent another financial crisis from occurring, we need to stop relying on the Federal Reserve to slow the economy down, when it is getting out of balance, and the amount of money, and credit that is being created is growing too fast. Instead we need to use the income tax to control inflation psychology, and excessive hard capital asset appreciation.
    We believe that the financial sector, investors, and the people will embrace the “PLAN”, because it will help heal the economy, and the primary home market. Improving the primary home market will decrease the unemployment, and the foreclosure rate, without increasing the deficit, like a government jobs program, or another government stimulus program will do.
    We do not want to leave our children, our grand children, and our great grand children a legacy of debt to pay off with higher taxes, or an inflation tax, which will make us all poorer, create more poverty, and more government social liabilities.
    For more info. go to foreclosurecrisissolved.wordpress.com

  2. Ron Moss says:

    CRIME DOES NOT PAY especially RICO type, Unless of course our AG’s are bought like congress was when the unfederal reserve was adopted without an Amendment. BOUGHT AG’ smell just like BOUGHT congressmen or women


    Barry Fagan v Wells Fargo Bank

    Reply Brief with Expert Opinion of CPA Shawn P Adamo and Forensic Document Examiner Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel concerning Wells Fargo’s bank and document fraud.


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