Catch the Replay of Citizen Warriors Radio Jan 29, 2012 on

Just in case you missed the live stream of Citizen Warrios this weekend you can catch it on the Radio Show tab above.

To view show from the beginning, click on the Jan 29th show in the video library.

Special guest Phillip Taylor, Oklahoma Anti-Fraudclosure Attorney with two recent strong Oklahoma Supreme Court wins under his belt.

It was an electrifying show.


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  1. Fury says:

    i wasn’t able to listen to previous broadcasts before because the live streaming would stop and start.

    last night my family and i tuned into the broadcast via the internet on the new radio station.

    it played through and the broadcast w/ the oklahoma f/c defense lawyer was fantastic.

    all 4 of the participants (lisa, michael, joanne and phillip) brought up the issues that we have been fighting
    for years—-massive fraud!

    it felt like we were behind the Iron Curtain listening to the Voice of America or like hearing FDR’s fireside chats during WW2. it was like we were huddled around the radio hoping to hear of hope, safety and victory
    against evil forces.

    we are at war! we are fighting for homes, our swindled money, our ideals and our lives.

    it like being in the French Resistance.

    we are not going to let the greedy, amoral bastards
    destroy everything we hold dear!

    • lvent says:

      The truth is out yet, the cover up rolls right on like none of us exist and nothing happened here..! Tonite, for the first time, I saw Larry Kudlow get really pissed off on CNBC…! He expressed his outrage about how the FED is bankrupting America and destroying the dollar.. ..! CNBC has put out more truth about what these crooks did and are still doing than , CNN or FOX combined….at least I can say if you know the truth…you know who is lying…CNBC’s documentary House of Cards described the casino on Wall Street and how they gambled on anything with a revenue stream.! One CNBC anchor even went so far as to walk in on an investor meeting to try to see who the investors are! The word leaked out… some Saudis were in there…SURPRISE!! She got herself banned from investor meetings! These criminals are so bold right now…they have threatened to have Obama killed by the MOSSAD according to RT NEWS last nite..for not fully cooperating with the Rothschild regime! They think they own us by proxy! SCREW THEM…THE DIRTY, EVIL BASTARDS!

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