Mandelman | DOER ALERT: Wells Fargo this is Unnecessary, Unreasonable and Unthinkable

DOER ALERT: Wells Fargo this is Unnecessary, Unreasonable and Unthinkable

Look, Wells Fargo… we have to talk. And frankly, I’d appreciate it if you’d jot down a few notes as we go because I really don’t want to have to repeat myself on this subject… and dear Lord, trust me when I say that you don’t want me to have to repeat myself either.


Here’s the deal…

When you’re dealing with a family that has lived in their home and been a part of their community for 15 years… who have raised four children in that home… and has contacted you because the father in that family who works for the school district has been seriously injured in a work-related auto accident and placed on workers comp… right after his wife lost her SECOND JOB (that’s right, she works two jobs), and they have a special needs child, a beautiful daughter who is autistic… you KNOW you are dealing with VERY RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE, right?


Because the parents I just described are the embodiment of the word “responsible,” you do see that, right?


So, when you say to them, “Let’s get you qualified for a loan modification.” you’re doing the right thing. And when they immediately send you all of their information and documentation, including updated paystubs and bank statements every 30 days for six months, you shouldn’t be all that surprised.


Even so, their Wells Fargo representative was quite surprised, so much so that he actually expressed to them how surprised he was, saying that they had done an outstanding job getting together everything he asked for, right on time, and exactly as he had instructed. Jeneane, the wife, explained that she used to be an escrow officer so she was quite familiar with preparing and submitting such paperwork.


Not that doing everything right and on time mattered all that much, because Wells still filed an NOD and now has scheduled a sale date for February 3, 2012.


Of course, Grant… their Wells Fargo representative, was very comforting when he explained that they should not worry about that pesky little sale date, because if a decision wasn’t made by the underwriting department, he would simply request that the sale be postponed. Well, that certainly must have been a relief for these parents to hear, I’m sure.


A little more than a week before the sale date Jeneane called again to check on how things were going but wouldn’t you know it, her Wells Fargo specialist, Grant, was just transferred to a different department. A department without phones, apparently.


She was told that she would have to wait to speak with her newly assigned specialist until he or she was assigned. (That’s what your people said, Wells Fargo. I’m not responsible for that sentence.)


So, Jeneane called back again yesterday and was told that someone had been assigned but, darn the luck, they weren’t available, so she asked the person who answered the phone if her home’s sale date had been postponed or if there had been an answer on their loan modification.


Now, stay with me here because this is the sort of thing that you read… and it makes your hair hurt.


The Wells Fargo woman said that it appeared that they needed some additional documentation. Jeneane is quite adamant that this was not true, because she had just sent Grant 36 pages last week. He had said that everything was there and he even told her that he had scheduled the postponement while they were on the phone.




Are you getting confused? Yeah, well aren’t we all.


(I have to tell you, when it comes to paperwork being together, I believe Jeneane 100 percent. This woman knows her paperwork. She’s a paperwork Queen, you might even say.)


Nonetheless, Jeneane asked what Wells needed and was told she needed to send in her 2010 tax return. Jeneane replied that she had just sent in her 2010 Tax Return last week and was quite sure that it was there. The woman placed her on hold for 10 minutes (kind of a long time to be on hold, don’t you think) and when the woman returned she said: “”Yes, I have it,” which by the way is not the proper response in that situation.


Just so you know… in that situation you’re supposed to say, “Oh, I’m sorry… you were right… we do have it.” Or something to that effect. I’m not trying to be picky here, in fact my expectations of Wells people have been lowered to such a degree that if they don’t spit or throw up in the middle of a conversation, I consider it pleasant.


The Wells woman then explained that the delay is because… are you ready for this: How does the bank know that Mr. Stover will EVER return to work full-time? Can you even imagine? Jeneane pointed out that he is back to work half time, and everyone certainly hopes he ultimately recovers 100%. They think he will… they’re prayers are… OMG. Would someone like to explain to me how in the world Wells Fargo would go about answering that question. Do they have a direct line to the Almighty… I mean, Lloyd Blankfein? I mean… rude much?


Since the tax return thing didn’t stick… and the obnoxious unanswerable question didn’t seem to help… the next thing the Wells woman thought of to say was: They won’t approve a postponement unless there was approval of the loan modification.


Come again? Say what? Ex-screws me? Wells Fargo won’t approve a postponement of a sale… unless there’s approval of a loan modification? Go over that sentence again for me… real slow. Wells you are starting to make my hair hurt. Does that make sense to ANYONE? So, noodle me this:


If there was approval of a loan modification, why would there be a sale date to postpone?


Jeneane then asked if there were any notes in her file from last week when good old Grant said that he had requested the postponement. She said no… and I have no trouble believing that. In fact, at this point I wouldn’t have any trouble believing that there wasn’t even a file in which to potentially put notes.


Then the woman said, “You can’t even request a postponement until one day prior to the sale date.”


I’m getting dizzy… is it hot in here?


Then the woman told her to contact the trustee… Jeneane had never heard of a trustee before, but she figured you guys needed the extra hands so she made the call. Can you guess what happened next?


The trustee said they hadn’t received anything about a postponement from Wells Fargo, but that it could be with Wells’ liaison, whatever that means, and that “sometimes you can’t find out if a sale is being postponed until the day before the sale.”


That’s when in her email to me, Jeneane said: “Somebody is playing a game with me!”


A game? I’m not sure about that. I don’t think I’d call it a “game.”



So, here we are at the end of the day on January 27th… it’s a Friday, by the way… so Saturday is the 28th, Sunday is the 29th, Monday the 30th, Tuesday the 1st, Wednesday the 2nd… and voila’… Wednesday the 3rd will be upon us.


And still… no call from Wells Fargo.


I know you guys must be wicked busy over there but can’t you feel what these parents must be feeling as they watch the clock tick-tock into the weekend. They’re looking at a weekend in HELL because it’s going to be spent knowing that when it ends there will be only two days to do anything about losing your home. And you’re dealing with an organization that can take two days just to receive a fax.


Memo to Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf…


You and I have been around this sort of issue before, and not very long ago. And the last time, you were very gracious and attentive to the problem at hand, so I’m going to make the assumption… and I want very much to believe… that this is just another unfortunate slipped through the cracks sort of thing.


So, I’m going to assume that you’ll read this and feel the absolute unfairness of what Jeneane and her husband Tom are being forced to endure at the hands of Wells Fargo’s personnel and systems.


Because I just can’t believe that anyone would intentionally do this to the parents of an autistic 12 year-old girl… invite them to apply for a loan modification, and then after six months, leave them over a weekend with the uncertainty of losing the only home they’ve known for 15 years… in a matter of days… the home in which they have raised four children… all because the husband was injured while while working for the school district… and the wife lost her second job… it’s simply unthinkable.


Who will call first… underwriting to say they’ve been saved… or the investor that just bought their home? It’s positively surreal, Mr. Stumpf. It is very definitely a form of torture. How can a consumer brand like Wells Fargo not feel less secure about its future every time something like this happens? Short memories? I think not.


And here’s the thing… I’ve looked at this couple’s numbers. Their mortgage is around $320,000, and their income is right where it should be to qualify for a loan modification relative to that amount. And not only that, but their home is 50% UNDERWATER, so not only do I believe they qualify, but I would bet you dinner at the Cliff House that they pass any NPV test you’ve got going at Wells.


Wells Fargo Beats Expectations…

By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that your earnings showed the bank’s income was, “boosted by a release of $600 million from reserves.” I’ll tell you what… that is some mighty flowery language considering what you really seem to be saying is that income was “padded by the recapture of a prior expense.”


So, I’m curious how was it done? Was it booked as a negative expense provision, or just some kind of a reverse of an expense taken in a prior period? Six of one half dozen of another, I suppose, but it’s still kind of cutting off the end of the blanket and sewing it onto the other end to make the blanket longer, right? I don’t suppose we should we be expecting you to shift that amount back over during the next quarter or two, should we?


The only reason I ask is that Bloomberg said the following…


Slowing economic growth, low interest rates and volatile capital markets have sapped revenue at the largest U.S. banks, leading them to seek other sources and cut expenses. Stumpf, 58, reduced his staff by 3 percent to 264,200 and reaffirmed plans to trim $1.5 billion in quarterly costs by the end of this year.


I realize that I’m kind of the ultimate cynic about these things, especially when they happen in the fourth quarter… you know… bonus season. So, what was it that led you to conclude that you wouldn’t need the $600 million in reserves for future losses in light of the fact that you reduced staff by three percent and pledged $6 billion in cuts by the end of 2012? That sounds like you’re expecting the economy to contract this coming year, and that would seem to mean the potential for losses.


Never mind, it’s none of my business anyway. Besides, net income up 20 percent to $4.11 billion… you beat earnings estimates by a penny a share, and best of all you made Jamie Dimon over at JPM Chase look like a piker.


Okay, back to the issue at hand…


So, Jeneane’s new Wells’ specialist is Albert at Ext. 60613. I won’t print his last name here. He’s the one who was just too busy to make a call before taking off for the weekend. So, is it that he just has to many people in the same position as Jeneane and Tom, so there’s not enough time to call all of them, and so what the heck… time to go? Or if this couple’s situation is at least somewhat unique, and I sure do hope it is… then what kind of person is too busy to make a call in such a situation? I’d have taken the number home with me… called over weekend.


But, I don’t blame Albert at Ext. 60613… well, or maybe I do… I don’t even know… honestly, the whole thing has me dumbfounded… flummoxed… you might even say that I’m completely STUMPFED? I just do not know what else to DO…


Lucky for me, I know some people who DO know what to DO…


Tom Stover & Jeneane Traynor-Stover

8216 Seeno Ave.

Granite Bay, CA 95746

Loan Number #0150299733


And look what I found… a whole list of email addresses for Wells Fargo execs, but let’s start with letting Mr. John Stumpf know how littler we think of this situation his bank has created. Let’s let him know we’re here and we’re paying attention… and that there are quite a few of us.

Chairman of the Board, President, CEO:


John Stumpf (415) 396-7018
CEO: John G. Stumpf
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94163


Mandelman out.

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  1. Expose The FL Reg Agency Corruption Fraud Malfeasance says:

    How many years will elapse before this insanity is stopped?


    Posted on February 13, 2012 by Neil Garfield

    Barry Fagan v Wells Fargo Bank re: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint

    Information about the company
    Wells Fargo Bank NA
    United States

    Wells Fargo Bank has fraudulently altered Barry Fagan’s Deed of Trust and the attached expert opinion dated 1/12/2012 from Forensic Document Examiner Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel specifically explains that the handwritten page 4 has been altered on two separate versions of that original Deed of Trust. Barry Fagan has recorded all 3 versions of the same deed of trust with the Los Angeles Registrar Recorders Office on November 29, 2011 as instrument no. 2011-1608398.

    The recorded Notice of Pendency of Action showing three different versions of that same July 9, 2007 Deed of Trust as originally recorded under instrument no. 2007-1622100. Judge Tarle, of The Superior Court of California, West District has taken Judicial Notice of that Recorded Document. Barry Fagan has submitted credible evidence from a forensic document examiner with over 20 years of experience that multiple fraudulent alterations have occurred on the “Handwritten Number page 4” which is located on page 3/4 of the Deed of Trust. All of the Deeds of Trust now reflect an entirely different handwritten NUMBER 4, and one of the exhibits also has a snake like line drawn on it, which is not present on the other two exhibits.

    C.P.A. Shawn P. Adamo stated: “It is my professional opinion that the altered deed of trust is concealing an irrevocable assignment, and explains why Wells Fargo is unable to produce loan level accounting concerning Mr. Fagan’s loan. Wells Fargo claims that any level of detail relating to Mr. Fagan’s mortgage is non- existent. As a result, CPA Shawn Adamo provided two expert opinions, (one an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury dated January 24, 2012 and the other is a Feb. 6, 2012 complaint letter sent to various regulatory agencies) from C.P.A Shawn Adamo explaining that Wells Fargo Bank has failed to provide a loan level balance sheet accounting and is concealing the fact that they do not own Barry Fagan’s loan.

    Additionally, forensic document Expert Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel has declared under penalty of perjury on January 2, 2012 that Wells Fargo Bank is robo-signing Discovery Responses by using multiple authors of the name Rhonda Bernard Thomas.(see attached declaration from Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel) I have also attached an affidavit from from forensic loan analyst/expert Javiar Taboas dated July 14, 2011 who is specifically stating that Wells Fargo securitized/sold Barry Fagan’s note and is fraudulently claiming continued ownership without any proof whatsoever.(See attached affidavit of Expert Javiar Taboas) Also attached is an illegally prepared Declaration of Default which is not actually signed by a natural person, but is signed by Wells Fargo Bank NA. This is a blatant California Civil Code Section 2923.5 and 2924 violation in that this illegally prepared document set in motion the entire illegal Non-Judicial Foreclosure.

    Also attached is a letter from Wells Fargo Bank dated December 5, 2011 and states that Wells Fargo Bank is reviewing Barry Fagan’s file and will respond on December 15, 2016 (THAT’S 5 YEARS FROM NOW!). Barry Fagan claims that this was a form of retaliatory contact. Wells Fargo is a criminal enterprise that is attempting to illegally foreclose on my primary residence by way of fraudulently altered documents, robo-signed discovery responses, invalid Declaration of Default, no loan level accounting and Barry Fagan’s loan file needs to be investigated at the highest level within your organization to see that a crime has actually occurred! The law offices of Kutak Rock LLP located in Irvine, California needs to have Barry Fagan’s NOTE and Deed of Trust subpoenaed so that your own CFPB organization can inspect those documents to see that they have indeed been fraudulently altered and photo-shopped. Please also visit to see that even Barry Fagan’s loan application was fraudulently prepared by Wells Fargo private banker Dalia Warren.

    Complaint history

    A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau specialist is reviewing your complaint and may contact you and Wells Fargo Bank NA to collect additional information. This could be a lengthy process, so we ask for your patience.

    Thank you,

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    (855) 411-CFPB (2372)

  3. Fed Up In Mass. says:

    I just sent Mr. Stumpf a nice little email for the Stover’s. Hope it helps.
    Paying it forward…..

    Wells Fargo Sucks!!!!

  4. Mary says:

    So they are still up to their same old tactics! We have ALL been through this systematic torture the big banks put us through. They must have a step by step manual somewhere with the title (How to steal a home when your not even legally connected to it).

    The truth is spreading and we will have our day!

    As for the Stovers…I made my emails!

  5. lvent says:

    The DECEPTIONS are so rampant and so incredibly dangerous to our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and therefore our NATIONAL SECURITY that, the word DECEPTION has literally come to mean the same thing as TREASON!..skillful liars is all these politicians are..First you have to get to the see who the DECEIVERS ARE!! THESE DECEPTIVE LIARS HAVE PUT OUR ENTIRE NATION IN PERIL!!!

    • lvent says:


      • Joe Gaffney says:

        Ivent, you had me going there, for a moment, down to the fourth line from the bottom. And then, and then, you dropped the Vatican bomb again! That made all of your preceding rhetoric just that: mere rhetoric! Go back to work for your fraudclosure lawyers, or your big foreclosure bank. Leave us poor little people to fight our own way through this crapola. I, for one, don’t need your “help!” So, either “help” or get lost!

      • lvent says:

        Hey might want to check this out: VATICAN CALLS FOR NEW WORLD ORDER…YOU TUBE VIDEO:

      • lvent says:

        Joe Gaffney…I truly believe that you cant get help unless you know the truth about WHO the real players are hiding behind the scenes of this….The REALOWNERS…as George Carlin calls them in his video THE OWNERS OF THE COUNTRY…..This truly is a vast conspiracy….a truly evil plan…..Experts have called this vast conspiracy another moneyed elite Hitler Plan..Wall Street and the Banks are their perps..the FED needs to be abolished..!

      • Pamela Edwards says:

        Ivent I totally agree with you.Think Joe must be having a bad day and doesn’t know you’ve been on here forever.Forget the haters we wouldn’t have half the info. we do if not for you.

      • lvent says:

        Thanks Pam! This is truly vast and evil plan. The scope is almost unimaginable …..or maybe some just don’t want to see it..That’s fine, but the question I have, if that is the case, is why shoot the messenger?

      • Pamela Edwards says:

        My sentiments exactly.The problem here is people just don’t see the forest for the trees.That being said you never shoot the messenger as where would you get your info. from to atleast get your mind to thinking.I believe that this is a huge conspiracy and it started so far back in the day that a lot of really good people cannot concieve that this is actually going on.It is too painful and beyond thier comprhension level.

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        @ Ivent – the video states that the Occupy Movement is going to like this plan!! Bullshit! Just another means of them with their brainwashing and spinning of the news! God help us if this comes to fruition. And I agree, we must abolish the FED. We are a sovereign nation and never meant to be part of a Global entity. Remember it was England who we fought to seek freedom and away from religious prosecution. Am I not correct that the Church of England is tied to the Vatican? You are correct, if this ever happens were are done! And here we are again fighting for sovereignty from evil!

      • lvent says:


  6. DanJS says:

    What follows, many of you still know…. but I am beyond frustrated. Most of the readers of Mandelman are citizens of Florida. You are the epicenter of Mortgage Fraud. What happens in Florida affects the nation, for better or worse.

    Based on what I have learned while reviewing this website and other similar websites and blogs, it appears that one of the major issues is a puposeful and effective attempt to confuse the issues by muddling the definitions of the words used in converstations (in courts and elsewhere in the “media.”)

    When reporting or discussing the economic meltdown of our nation, let us please get it into our minds that Mortgage Fraud and Foreclosure Fraud are two separate crimes and focus must be given to the definitions of the two.

    “Mortgage Fraud” is a long-established criminal act that must always be severely prosecuted…. but —

    Our most pressing national mortgage-related problem is not mortgage fraud, but “Foreclosure Fraud”!

    The “culprits” and the “victims” are different parties:

    In Mortgage Fraud, individuals fraudulently manipulate real estate activities, sales and closings… The “culprits” falsify information to obtain loans to finance homes…. The “Banks and Lenders” are the “victims.”

    With Foreclosure Fraud, it is the “Banks” and the “Wall-Street Lenders” who are the “culprits.”

    Homeowners, local governments, pension funds, and other investors are victimized.

    Banks are stealing homes from homeowners. They do this by suing for foreclosure without proving they have standing to sue and without presenting to the court proof that the “borrowers” have defaulted on an obligation owed to the party named as the plaintiff.

    Bankers’ attorneys routinely bring forged and fabricated documents to court. They then submit perjured documents regarding factual information required by law and “rubber-stamped” by local judges who do not question either the documents nor verify that the foreclosing attorneys are actually representing who they say they are representing.

    These same banks fraudulently by-pass local land records offices and illegally evade paying fees and taxes which could be providing much needed local revenues while leaving land records rooms with severely clouded property title chains! There are land recorders in our nation who have proclaimed the records rooms they are responsible for maintaining as a “scene of a crime.” ….Rife with document fraud the land recorders did not cause. Now they are the “stewards” of the mess that has resulted.

    Every land recorder or Clerk of Superior Court of every county in this nation should work with their “commissioners” to obtain and initiate suits on behalf of the taxpayers of their counties to reclaim not only revenues that have been illegally evaded, but damages sufficient to correct the titles in their land records at least back to the end of the 1980’s.

    Pension funds and other investors have been lied to by the “investment bankers of Wall Street” whose “offerings” were bolstered by suborned ratings agencies. As such, millions of Americans whose funds managers purchased fraudulent securities rated “AAA” have seen the value of their retirement funds reduced by 30-40% or more. Our national economy is in a shambles due to this one scandal alone!

    We must re-frame the task of the “President’s Working Group.” The “committee chairs” must be told that “Mortgage Fraud” is not the foremost priority desired by the Homeowners/Voters of America.

    What must be targeted as the highest priority is Foreclosure Fraud!

    In every communication we initiate, those who are involved with this issue must clearly state the words “Foreclosure Fraud”!

    [My favorite descriptor is “Fraudclosure,” but the nomenclature of the this vital issue must be re-framed to stipulate what the issue is. ]

    Otherwise, millions of Americans will ultimately lose years of the fruits of their labors to theft by thieves and scoundrels.

    Definitions of words are vitally important. Ayn Rand stated “Words have meaning!” The words we use daily direct the argument we are making.

    Just as the “Banksters'” public relations folks have effectively created the proposition that there were thousands of people who created “Liars Loans” to “Get mortgages they could not afford!,” we must consistently counter (with accurate words) the notion that it is the homeowners who “Just want to get a free house!”

    We must repeat with vigor and clarity that it is the “‘Banksters’ who “want a free house!” ..So much so, in fact, that they intentionally engineered a system designed to manufacture and create unjust results.

    The very idea that a “tryer of facts,” any judge, who would proclaim that the bank may proceed when no legally certain, and verifiable proof of “standing to forward a legal case” exists by the foreclosing party… The very idea is repugnant, but these actions take place daily in American courts! Any judge that permits perjury in his or her court should be re-called by the citizen homeowners of his or her jurisdiction.

    Where are the cases being filed that will hold judges accountable to the law they are sworn to adjudicate?

    Where are the criminal indictments to hold accountable, fine, and incarcerate the “culprits” at every level of this “local to national” land fraud. At the very least, forgery, perjury, and false utterances by all parties (and their enabling attorneys) should be addressed. To the extent these crimes can be revealed and proved, the existing laws should be enforced.

    For any District Attorney or Attorney General to say that there are not laws on the books to prosecute these crimes is specious and suspicious… it’s as though they hope to legislate new laws that will provide “wiggle room” for defendants to use to avoid massive fines or jail time. No future “financial settlement” should ever allow a corporation to “neither admit nor deny fault.”

    And… for the millions of homeowners who live in “non-judicial states”… the real estate law of every state that prevent judicial review of foreclosure by local courts… those state laws must be overturned.

    Indeed, “non-judicial foreclosure” was the first, foundational step of the “Banksters and Wall-Streeters” who engineered massive, unregulated, residential mortgages securitization, and the “MERS-Machine” that enabled the massive Ponzi scheme that must be unraveled!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      An email to each and every one on that list! Good Luck! And do keep us informed!

    • Fury says:

      dan, i strongly disagree with this statement you made:

      In Mortgage Fraud, individuals fraudulently manipulate real estate activities, sales and closings… The “culprits” falsify information to obtain loans to finance homes…. The “Banks and Lenders” are the “victims.”

      there is another form of Mortgage Fraud where the Banks and Lenders are most certainly the “culprits” and the homeowners are the “victims.”

      the Mortgage Fraud is perpetrated in these ways (but not limited to this list):
      * False high Appraisals by appraisers who are hired by the banks
      * Changing the terms of the loan making the terms different than the TILA
      * Forging the signatures of the homeowners by using PhotoShop

      • Fury says:

        * Steering people with high credit scores into sub-prime loans when they qualified for better rates
        * Predatory Lending

  7. Pamela Edwards says:

    I agree with the hut master get rid of the scumbags.It’s not just this paticular family either.How many countless families before them have lost thier homes and lives because of these thieves?How many more will there be after them.If this doesn’t stop nobody’s going to have anything left.Then where will we all be ?Where will they be with nobody to lend to?You can’t make money off of people that don’t have it to spend.How are you going to fill all the pre exsisting homes that are on the market now never mind the ones still being built if no one has money or credit to buy?Oh I know they will just create another Ponzi scheme or allow you to buy with no down pymt.and the whole vicious cycle just starts again.Cut out the cancerous growth,apply chemo,start living again and more importantly breathe.just get rid of them and make sure there’s no one standing in the wiings!!!


    Barry Fagan v Wells Fargo Bank

    Reply Brief with Expert Opinion of CPA Shawn P Adamo and Forensic Document Examiner Dr. Laurie Hoeltzel concerning Wells Fargo’s bank and document fraud.

  9. TheHutMaster says:

    Tom Stover & Jeneane Traynor-Stover
    8216 Seeno Ave.
    Granite Bay, CA 95746
    Loan Number #0150299733


    Ya know sir, I deal with you dirtbags at Wells Fargo on a daily basis for my clients.

    Your silly, sugar coated lies on how “You are here to help” is flat out BULLSHIT. Your reps are pompous, rude, lying dirtbags.
    You continually lie about lost documents, do not perform the NPV or if you do it is ALWAYS WRONG.

    You send the silly property inspectors (low life contractors) that say “I am from the bank”, which I educate folks that IS NOT TRUE and to use any type of law enforcement needed to remove these stalking, intrusive cockroaches from their property.

    We have a national campaign to take ALL monies from your scum bank along with the other dirtbags banks to include CHASE, BOA, GMAC/ALLY, and so forth.

    When the FDIC breaks up your ponzi bank, I truly look forward to you being unemployed and suffering.

    STOP steeling homes you do not own. We know what has transpired and will fight you to the end.

    WELLS FARGO does not own the world and I am painstakingly announcing to the country, to stop paying mortgages to ANY o you scumbag CRIMINALS.

    In the event you do not back off the above mentioned loan, I will be forwarding to all on the list below.
    We will also occupy this home to offset your criminal theft along with the local media.


    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day!

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