(un)Fair Foreclosure Act Sponsor | Did Representative Passidomo Get Duped?

The story below relates to a bill that Passidomo introduced to protect insurance companies from bad faith claims.

It just goes to show how much of a puppet she is.


Did Representative Passidomo Get Duped?

Some excerpts from the report…

Despite the power of this logic, and the obvious and clear words of existing law, Passidomo clung stubbornly to her statement that a valid Civil Remedy Notice could be filed ‘even a second after the claim’, so that the bill was nothing more than a 60 day safe harbor period for insurers to get claims settled. She seemed, genuinely, to believe this was true. How could she?

One of the lobbyists who appeared to speak in favor of her bill was Charlie Wells, a lawyer who used to sit on the Supreme Court. He WROTE THE OPINION in the Talat case. He had to know Passidomo’s belief that a valid Notice of Insurer Violation could be filed ‘at any time’ was just wrong.

Presumably they worked together to get the bill ready for filing and presentation, and even to prep her to be able to explain it. So…. Did he never actually, accurately explain to her how her bill would actually work? And if not, was that her fault, or his?

Most importantly, when Wells spoke to the committee, after hearing the bill sponsor make such a glaring mistake about whether a Notice of Insurer Violation can be properly filed before an insurer violation occurs, why did he not correct the error. As the judge who wrote the very opinion that said the purpose of a Civil Remedies Notice is to give the carrier an opportunity to cure what it has (already) done wrong, how could he allow her and possibly others to remain confused about that?

It reminds of the unintended consequence of term limits, that keep legislators from being able to develop the same level of expertise as they previously had, and basically forces them to rely on paid lobbyists for that expertise. That new power elevates the importance of these paid lobbyists, even beyond the power of the moneyed interests they represent.

You can read the report in its entirety here…



2 Responses to “(un)Fair Foreclosure Act Sponsor | Did Representative Passidomo Get Duped?”
  1. Randye says:

    *Passi-DUMBO* continues to live down to her name.

    The truly astonishing thing is that people actually voted FOR this nitwit.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      Ah, the word nitwit….perfect description for her. We (Floridians) already knew she was a nitwit; it appears that her district were the only ones who did not!!! Hopefully, come re-election time they will have educated themselves enough to know better.

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