US Foreclosure Settlement Talks Face Setbacks, Again, Banks Balk at NY Suit

US mortgage settlement talks face setbacks, again

* State AGs faced Monday deadline to join mortgage deal

* Many states say won’t comment about their participation

* Deal faces another setback after banks balk at NY suit

* California angling for more control over relief

By Aruna Viswanatha and Karen Freifeld

Feb 6 (Reuters) – A multi-state mortgage settlement in the works for more than a year will likely be pushed back again as dissident U.S. states continue to press specific concerns and ignore a Monday deadline to decide whether they will sign it.

States had been given two weeks to assess a proposed settlement, under which top U.S. banks would pay up to $25 billion in exchange for resolving civil government lawsuits about misconduct in servicing home loans and pursuing faulty foreclosures.

But on Monday, as a close-of-business deadline loomed, many states had not yet reached a decision.

Some states and activist groups have been concerned the proposed deal would release banks from too many claims and does not provide enough relief to homeowners.

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4 Responses to “US Foreclosure Settlement Talks Face Setbacks, Again, Banks Balk at NY Suit”
  1. papergate says:

    PS – while you state AGs are counting up the coins you amassed from the sell out – remember to “tip” or compensate websites like this one and foreclosurehamlet, foreclosurefraud. etc. – they are the people behind these blogs that have educated all of us and kept us up to the minute and informed at all times what was going on – and because of these guys’ websites – you AGs and others basking in the light of celebrity right now were given opportunities to know where the strengths and weaknesses in these matters were – based on citizens’ comments and considerations – so when you divvy up those billions of dollars don’t forget to reimburse these website folks – I think no less than $10,000-25,000 or .01% is fair considering these website hosts made it possible for these negotiations to even be in existence and in our faces in the first place – otherwise no one would be this far with these issues and the AGs enjoying the limelight right now would be in the shadows unknown – 1% or at least a healthy tip – you all owe them – as we in the trenches do.

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Mers speak sets the story straight/ They are crooks, breaking the law but if Ag’s get paid enough crime does pay. We know what you are now we are negotiating the price simple prostitutes with no balls. mark it all down. their day is coming

  3. papergate says:

    All we have to say is – go ahead – sign the agreement – then kiss your re-election goodbye.

    If the AG’s can’t hang in there to protect the citizens they were elected to protect – then it is an obvious choice they are not re-elected for AG or any other positions involving governing and protecting the people of a state or anywhere else – if there were elections right now and AGs Biden or Schneiderman were running we’d vote for them in a heart beat – they could run for anything and we’d vote for them because they stuck their necks out to do the right thing. We don’t easily forget.

    Think before you sign AGs – especially if you plan to be in politics down the road – only people can vote – banks and corporations don’t have a hand in putting you into office – but we do – remember that.

  4. Viola g says:

    I have been dealing with a fraudulent and their now defunct atty of rep in NY beyond the statute. I feel the banks should write off these fraudulent mtgs and give them back to the homeowners.

    Any settlement money won’t be seen by those who deserve it

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