KABABABOOOOM! | Lender Processing Services’ DOCX, Lorraine O. Brown, Indicted on Criminal Forgery Charges

Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!

This just in from our friend Gretchen at the NY Times…


Company Faces Forgery Charges in Mo. Foreclosures

One of the largest companies that provided home foreclosure services to lenders across the nation, DocX, has been indicted on forgery charges by a Missouri grand jury — one of the few criminal actions to follow reports of widespread improprieties against homeowners.

A grand jury in Boone County, Mo., handed up an indictment Friday accusing DocX of 136 counts of forgery in the preparation of documents used to evict financially strained borrowers from their homes. Lorraine O. Brown, the company’s founder and former president, was indicted on the same charges.

Employees of DocX, a unit of Lender Processing Services of Jacksonville, Fla., executed and notarized millions of mortgage documents for big banks and loan servicers over the years. Lender Processing closed the company in April 2010, after evidence emerged of apparent forgeries in these documents, a practice now called robo-signing.

Chris Koster, the Missouri attorney general, will prosecute the case. “The grand jury indictment alleges that mass-produced fraudulent signatures on notarized real estate documents constitutes forgery,” Mr. Koster said in a statement. “Today’s indictment reflects our firm conviction that when you sign your name to a legal document, it matters.”

Mr. Koster said his office’s investigation was continuing. This suggests he may hope to persuade Ms. Brown to cooperate in his investigation of the parent company. If convicted, Ms. Brown could face up to seven years in prison for each forgery count. DocX could be fined up to $10,000 for each forgery conviction.

Chris Rosenblum, a lawyer at Rosenblum, Schwartz, Rogers & Glass who represents DocX said: “We have not had an opportunity to review the indictment at this point. The company intends to enter a plea of not guilty.”

According to the indictment, Ms. Brown acted “knowingly in concert with DocX and its employees” to mislead and defraud the Boone County recorder of deeds. The documents central to the indictments were deeds of release, which eliminate a previous claim on an asset. Such releases are typically issued when a mortgage has been paid off.

Phone messages left at Ms. Brown’s home and with her lawyer were not returned Monday evening.

Since evidence of pervasive foreclosure improprieties emerged, state officials have mostly brought civil suits against the institutions and law firms that filed the fraudulent documents. Individuals in Nevada, for example, have been charged with notary fraud, but beyond that matter, criminal cases arising from foreclosure practices have been uncommon.

The Missouri grand jury found that the person whose name appeared on 68 documents executed on behalf of a lender — someone named Linda Green — was not the person who had signed the papers. The documents were submitted to the Boone County recorder of deeds as though they were genuine, Mr. Koster said.

A recent civil lawsuit against Lender Processing by the attorney general of Nevada found that former workers at one of its divisions had described their work as “surrogate signers.” One worker who was quoted in the complaint said she had been paid $11 an hour and told that her job was “to sign somebody else’s signature on documents.” The person said she had signed roughly 2,000 documents a day for months, according to the lawsuit.

In addition to deed releases, DocX surrogate signers routinely executed assignments of mortgage, which reflect changes in ownership.

The indictment is only the latest legal assault on the company and its parent, Lender Processing. In August 2011, American Home Mortgage Servicing, a large loan servicer, sued Lender Processing contending that more than 30,000 residential mortgages that it had handled across the country contained “improper execution, notarization and recording of assignments of mortgage.” DocX executed such paperwork for American Home from April 2008 through November 2009, the lawsuit said.

Last April, Lender Processing signed a consent order with the nation’s top financial regulators, agreeing to remediate improperly executed mortgage documents and to correct its default business practices. Michelle Kersch, a Lender Processing spokeswoman, said recently that the company now executed documents “with stringent controls in place” to ensure compliance with all rules.

Republished in full for educational purposes…

Copy of the indictment below…

We might win this thing yet…





24 Responses to “KABABABOOOOM! | Lender Processing Services’ DOCX, Lorraine O. Brown, Indicted on Criminal Forgery Charges”
  1. Please help! any news on foreclosure prevention in California without having to pay monies you do not have?

  2. Any news anyone on California foreclosure, everytime I turn around the loans are sole to a new lender, most recerntly, short sold home approval, got my nifty 3,000 moving was Citi Bank loan/? like when did that happen? and now I am sitting here, once again in default after tenants were given cash for keys on a loan that was at the time current; and no!!! there is no mercy for anyone with any hardships!!! all are lies, so any ideas out there!! being found dead in ones house so far hasn;t done any good, just what do these people want?? your credit is ruined, you have lost 400,000 that you will never see again, forget retiremeent plans, and some banks are giving out $$$$ you must be kidding!!! like where??? what I went through to get $3,000 and so thankful for that!

  3. richard wilson says:

    PLEASE HELP. Thank you for posting a copy of the Missouri indictment against DOCX. As for the supposed separate indictmentg against Lorraine O. Brown, Gretchen Morgenson’s NYT article gives a link to it in her NYT piece, but I am not able to open and read it. Nor could I find it in any oter media source, or the Missouri AG’s web site. Does anyone know how to access this separate indictment? I’d like to read it.

  4. any help please says:

    Can anyone cite any cases in Florida where homeowners were able to acquire their homes and cancel their debt (mortgages) due to paperwork irregularities in the processing (including assignment) of their mortgages?

    I have been defending my foreclosure for 40+ months on a pro se basis versus real lawyers. This makes me think that the reason they have not been able to foreclose on me is because they know of some serious deal breaker problem. I just don’t know what it is. Any thoughts?

  5. lvent says:

    CNBC.reporting…their is a bad assed criminal indictment of some of the Wall Street criminals coming..? Kramer was holding it in his hand but gave no details….He just said it reads like Shakespeare..? WTF..? I’m anxious to say the least, about who it is?

  6. Ron Moss says:

    Maybe our AG’s will reconsider their example of “CRIMINAL” procedures for a price. Is that forgery csalled a crim in a setting of pure Attorney Generals? or “PROSTITUTION”?

  7. lvent says:

    Patrick and Wonton..you guys forgot to mention the head of the beast… the Vatican/Jesuits…who owns Goldman Sachs? Goldman is one of the largest Vatican/Jesuit banking proxies in the world…Who owns the World Bank, all the FDIC banks, The Fed, and all of the Central Banks..? The Vatican/Jesuits and the Rothschilds….The Vatican/Jesuit/Ambrodinis are the wealthiest things on the planet..The Rothschild Dynasty is worth an estimated 50 trillion dollars..the Vaticans worth is immeasurable…they hold almost all of the worlds gold…in Swiss Bank accounts and the basement of the Vatican..Vatican City is a Sovereign Nation….they answer to NO ONE… They like to put Jews in high places so the Jews get blamed when things go bad..The Vatican owns and controls everything VIA PROXIES and they use the Jews to hide behind. When Lloyd Blankfein said he is doing Gods work….he is really saying he is an agent of Rome….These things are really all agents of Rome…..ROMAN SOLDIERS….. The Rothschilds have gained the majority of their wealth via Vatican influence…The Vatican is THEE La Costrinostra. The Zionists are AGENTS OF ROME….THE CIA, THE FBI and Homeland Security..they have infiltrated everything…the Illuminatii, the CFR…THE LAWYERS…they are all ROMAN SOLDIERS …We have all been swindled…I never knew this stuff until recently and, I am Roman Catholic..The Vatican/Jesuits have been hidden behind the scenes of all of the horrors in the world…The Pope is a freemason…The Jesuits run the world via the hidden Black Pope…

    • tnp says:

      becoming a soveirgn citizen is starting to make more sense to me.
      Rome and the Catholic Religion is the system of the

      • lvent says:

        Tnp…Yes it is…and they were oh so sneaky about it…! J.F.K. told those who knew the truth about this monolithic conspiracy to warn the people…you can you tube search J.F.K.s speech about Secret Societies and hear his warning…If the truth was not covered up about who was behind the last manufactured Great Depression..WHO WERE THESE VERY SAME MONEYED ELITE…..the crooks would have been thrown in prison or hung.. the FED would have been abolished…we would have issued our own currency..there would have been no Hitler, no WW II, no assasaination of J.F.K, no Vietnam War…No recessions, no 9/11.NO WAR WITH IRAQ OR AFGANISTAN…..AND NO MANUFACTURED FINANCIAL CRISIS TODAY…IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT WHAT THEY COULD MAKE ALL OF US BELIEVE…THAT IS HOW THEY GOT AWAY WITH ALL IF IT….AND WHY WE ARE ALL HERE TODAY..WHAT THEY REALLY WANT…THEIR EVIL END GAME PLAN IS..A SMALL PRIVATE CORPORATE GLOBAL GOVERMENT…THEY WANT NONE OF US TO OWN ANY REAL WEALTH..THEY WANT A PAPERLESS CURRENCY..ALL ELECTRONIC WEALTH….AND TO OWN AND CONTROL US VIA THE MICROCHIP..IN THE HAND….NO PRIVATE BUSINESS,NO PRIVATE HEALTHCARE,NO PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERHSIP..THEY WANT INDENTURED SERVANTS…BRAINWASHED OBEDIENT SLAVES……OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY…AND OUR FREEDOM….THEY WANT TO OWN US…! WE HAVE TO REJECT THEM…REVOLT ON ALL OF THEIR EVIL PLANS!!!

    • Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:

      True….all true….get this….since your post in 2012….a lot…has happened.

      1. Boise broke ground on a 10 year hole…it was a black eye…a condo project gone v wrong….

      2. Boise fills the hole w …..drumroll…ZIONS bank….looks exactly like a Moron Church…complete w Roman Spear top….it was a big deal for a little immature city….it was a Statement…..we made a 15 yr mess…and the LDS Temple/Ruth Christ’s Steakhouse saved the day….albeit a bit later….no saints.

      3. October 1, 2013….Benjamin is addressing UN.

      4. US Govt closes…..’rmba? Clock stopped ticking….fy john boner…loser.

      5. TBone sends a 3 page fax of facts…the arrow launched…struck the Beast in the 3rd…4th…and 5th eye….

      6. 16 days later the Gov’t reopens…

      7. What the F was written on those 3 pages?

      ……..then…..Rome retracted minted coins..6000 of em…in Latin…something akin to
      The World’s Biggest Fup…..maybe the coins said…
      ‘No Jesus’….maybe the fax read:
      ‘YES….to know jesus….’…..gotcha. 6s to 7s

      The spire on top of the hole/bank/steakhouse chapel….well, once the Morons got the ‘memo’….they were silenced…humbled…shamed??? now it is colored lights…still a spear though….. put a star of David on Top…

      It was v….close….down to the wire….but look outside…the sun is coming up….5:56am…dawn. enjoy the first 6 months of the next 1,000 years of peace.

      I am tbone…I sent the fax/facts….7up.

  8. J. Alonzo says:

    These orders came from the top. The banksters ordered all this. They don’t own these notes and robbed people of their homes. Yet nothing is done to them. Some if not MOST of the judges in the state level know very well that this is whats going on. Yet summary judgment is given on all these loans with fake documents. I should try and sue my neighbor for his house and just have the paper work done online, the way the banks do it. If I get caught doing that, I would get thrown in federal prison for ever! Made an example of. The only ones that can do fraud are the Banksters and their friends. The sheeple get raped and pillaged!

    • lvent says:

      The Vatican is the head of the beast….their monetary system is the Mark of the beast..They are the FED..For more info, read the well researched book by Eric Jon Phelps entitled VATICAN ASSASSIN’S : WOUNDED IN THE HO– USE OF MY FRIENDS…Here is a link..VATICAN ASSASSINS…TRACTS FOR FREE.. http;//www.focusnz.com/tractsforfree/VaticanAssassins.pdf

    • tnp says:

      Make it a NIKE moment–just do it!!! Be sure to ask for a summary judgement. Surely yur neightbor wont have a clue.

      • Trevor David Hitchin Kaufman says:


        Ironic….FretLife was awarded a summary judgment on my house….my American Dream. Next week I file for a summary judgement for $33 million against steve kandarian…see/uh-oh…..of MetLife Bank….n.a….. snoopy is gonna get the TBONE….if it goes to trial….I ask for punis…33 x 3 = 99….

        $99 million….99:1….may the odds be always in our favor…our…the 99rs.

  9. patrick farrell says:

    We are all doomed if we follow the Gov’t. criminals. Become Sovereign. Declare your allegiance to God almighty.
    The US govt is a criminal group.
    Lawyers are a servant to Britian,Republicans serve the JEWs who own the Federal Reserve.

    • wonton says:

      You are not nice with the remark about Jewish people this is how more division starts
      we are all one PATRICK i KNOW IT IS YOUR OPINION just wanted to wake you up and not let you go to sleep again when you know the real story then you can make an educated remark no hatred please it is so outdated…just wake up and stand up and fight with knowledge not assumptions about Jewish people we
      are always taking the rap……the Jewish people were still running things or as you think when the economy was good

      • Shemp Stooge says:

        Ridiculous, Some of our best defenders happen to be of one religion or the other. I’m confused – LPS is based in the Sunshine state – why don’t you riff raff encourage Bondi do to something? – help her out with evidence? Force her to do what she was hired to do? Make sure every Floridian gets a fair shake? Make sure the poor aren’t slammed into the ground? etc

      • wonton says:

        Encourage Bondi I have called her office for over a year and Clarkson helped me and she got fired
        Bondi is on the payroll not only of the governments listen we have to clean house we have to take back our power this is just the beginning it is a warning stop listening to the government they sent our kids to worthless wars , they are corrupt it has to start now let’s not just talk about it have to take ACTION get Bondi out she is in on the whole thing I was told to call her for something and she did not help me Clarkson did and look what happened….

    • wonton says:

      BTW Patrick don’t use faceook it is owned by a Jew don’t use anything that was created by Einstein what
      about all the contributions we have made human nature is something that is inbreed good and bad in everything …..please think as unity otherwise we will get back as humans to become separated again we all
      need to stick together and stand up to all of this crap

  10. lvent says:

    The orders came from the top so that means, they ALL need to go to prison. NO ONE is above the law. Who ordered the fraud…???? They must ALL be held accountable. A fifth grader, would know that signing someone else’s signature is wrong. There is no excuse for any of them.. They are all lousy, filthy dirty criminals and traitors! One act of forgery is a class 3 felony in my state…punishable with up to 3-7 years in prison…3 felonies = life in prison…WHERES THE CUFFS..????

    • lvent says:


      • lvent says:


    • tnp says:

      You r correct, but in America, you play by two sets of rules.
      Its a shame to see folks doing the same crimes, but one gets punished and the other ones dont.
      Maybe I should have encouraged my son to set his sights on high-level paper crimes and not hangout in the lower troughs of crime. He would have been richer and not facing imprisonment over two forged checks. Just being sarcastic–whoever said crime doesnt pay doesnt know anything about the biggest financial fraud in world history–FRAUDCLOSURES!!!

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