The Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Bill Passes Florida House Economic Affairs Committee 12-4

House committee passes quickie foreclosure bill

by Kim Miller

A bill that would hasten Florida’s foreclosure process while reducing the time banks could pursue a homeowner for loan debt won a tepid approval from the Florida House Economic Affairs Committee this morning.

The proposal, HB 213, is derided by homeowner advocates who fear it will leave borrowers with less defenses against bank repossession. But supporters claim it would only allow quickie foreclosures in cases where homes are abandoned, when the action isn’t challenged, or when a judge rules the homeowner has no legitimate reason to block a bank takeover.

Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, is sponsoring the bill. She defended it Wednesday against critics who claim it takes foreclosures out of the judicial system.

“Firstly, and let me put everyone’s mind at rest and contrary to the e-mails and calls you’ve been getting, this bill is not a non-judicial foreclosure bill,” Passidomo said. “This bill expedites the judicial process while at the same time guaranteeing the rights of citizens.”

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Need to keep the pressure on!


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  1. Our failed message in Florida to our dear leaders is that they must ADMIT that they are for fraud – or against fraud.. 70 people or so, showing up for the first 3 rounds of the Rally in Tally is not making a difference to kill the onslaught of corruption that the bankers’ lobby brings to Tallahassee every year. 7000 home and property owners showing up and demanding all legislators sign the FOR or AGAINST FRAUD document to be printed in the media across the State and Country could make a difference. 7000 home and property owners could not be hidden down by the cafeteria in the basement of the legislative building to hide us from the reporters. What is wrong with Florida? Here ya go!

  2. incognito123 says:

    “This bill expedites the judicial process while at the same time guaranteeing the rights of citizens.” BULL F’IN S*&^

  3. Gene says:

    These are previous votes on this bill:

    Original Civil Justice Subcommittee vote January 25, 2012-some overlap with upcoming Judiciary Committee
    Y Abruzzo Y Gaetz Y Kiar Y Passidomo Y Stargel
    Y Bernard Y Hager Y Metz no vote- Plakon Y Steinberg
    Y Eisnaugle Y Harrison Y Oliva N Soto Y Weinstein

    Today’s on February 8, 2012, Economic Affairs Committee
    Y Artiles no vote- Holder Y Nehr Y Renuart N Thompson, G.
    Y Boyd Y Horner Y Nelson Y Roberson, K. N Waldman
    Y Drake Y Hukill Y Nuñez no vote- Slosberg Y Workman
    N Gibbons N Jenne Y Perman

  4. Gene says:

    Here is the contact information (email and Tallahassee office telephone) for the members of the Judiciary Committee that will be voting on HB213: (850) 488-8832 (850) 488-4171 (850) 488-2124 (850) 488-4233 (850) 488-9770 (850) 488-1170 (850) 488-3006 (850) 488-2234 (850) 488-8749 (850) 488-3087 (850) 488-7088 (850) 488-0348 (850) 488-4487 (850) 488-7754 (850) 488-0465 (850) 488-9240 (850) 488-0690 (850) 488-1304

    We need to research these Members to find how we can approach each one to influence their votes. I will say most are attorneys; a good prerequisite to be as a member of the judiciary committee. I highly recommend visiting Attorney Matt Weidner’s blog to look at his post from 2/7/12 where he critiques the proposed legislation line by line. You will need the free program Adobe Reader to see his “sticky notes”. Find his critique at

    I have set up a special email at and I would be happy to receive your suggestions and compile them towards developing an effective strategy to influence this vote next week. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: we MUST get this work done NOW, for everyone affected by this bad bill. Perhaps I can get the assistance of a blog operator to somehow communicate everyone’s suggestions. However, we cannot “advertise” our strategies nor can we risk our individual efforts to save our own homes. I am open to suggestions on how we can network with each other to protect ourselves and our strategies.

    If you live in a district, you have more power to contact your legislator directly. If you know of lobbyists who back our cause, contact them and ask how we can help their efforts.

    We can do this!!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      @ Gene – I am not sure what you mean by ” we cannot “advertise” our strategies nor can we risk our individual efforts to save our own homes.”. You think a composite of one piece of media is going to influence those members of committee?! We should flood their emails, faxes and anything else to bring our the word of our opposition to this bill. Risk our individual efforts to save our home???? Where do you think the members of this blog came from? It’s not INDIVIDUAL efforts that have saved homes; it is a COLLABORATIVE effort. Elected officials listen to VOICES (plural) not just one voice resounding along all others. Me, I am going to send each and every one of those members Matt’s comments on the proposed law. He would not have put it out there for all to see if he wanted to keep it a “secret”. I suggest everyone else do the same!

      • Bobbi Swann says:

        Okay, here is the email that I sent to all those on the committee:

        Members of the Judiciary Committee: I am a Florida citizen and registered voter who strictly opposes the HB213 and whom, I might add joins thousands of other citizens and registered voters in Florida as well. While I am not an attorney, I do rely on the expertise of those in that field to properly interpret current law and law that is being considered. I am sure that most, if not all, of you are attorneys licensed in the State of Florida and at the same time elected officials to serve your constituents who have elected you. When it comes to the overall effects of a law upon the people I don’t really care who is Republican or who is Democrat or even who is Independent. This proposed ruling affects ALL of us in Florida in a most negative way.

        Below you will find a link from Matt Weidner Law, a widely recognized servant of Justice and Truth who has taken the time (with sticky notes provided) to shed the light on what this bill means to us, as individuals, as homeowners, as voters and how it creates great conflict under our current system of due process of law.

        I’m sure that you will be receiving many, many sources of communication on this subject from the citizens of Florida. I urge you to contemplate the percentage of those who oppose it and why.

        Thank you for your time.

  5. Financial Crime victim says:

    Can some one please list the Dk head Florida representatives who voted for this piece of crap.

  6. Mary says:

    Any ideas? I think we need to start some serious brainstorming!!

  7. Mary says:

    Sorry…. Meant to say A LOT!!:)

  8. Mary says:

    We are gonna have to do ALOT more than whine people if we want something done about this flagrant corruption!!

    • Katheryn says:


      Next they’ll have us paying for air to breathe that the banksters bought while we weren’t looking. And when we question it they’ll say we missed that changed piece of legislature that was sandwiched in those 25,000 pages defining the new “pay for air” bill. PO THE TIC

    • incognito123 says:


  9. J. Alonzo says:

    its seems we are feeling even more of the pressure from the Neocons. I know now very well that Republicans are certainly not what we need the Democrats which I have never been, are all cut by the same cloth. They seem to want to show thay care. Not that they do, but will at least make an effort. Then behind closed doors the real truth comes out. Both Dems & Republicans are owned by the BANKS. Why on earth would any one want to give more power to the banks that have admitted they have done FRAUD, yet this bill states they must have all their paper work in order. Yet its not clear on what is in order. The banks just make up their paper work on Computers and get away with it. So how is that helping home owners? I trully hope this bill does not make it. Ron Paul Revoliution 2012 Libertarian Freedom!

    • Katheryn says:

      have their paperwork “in order” and who is to define what that “order” is they couldn’t get their paperwork in order even if they wanted to the black infinite holes of missing and lost information would not lend credence to their claims of proper “order” what a fantastic joke they have played on the hardworking tax paying citizens of this country Anyone know of a half way decent country that might be worth looking to move to? I would love anyone with feedback. The US is just the “white collar” more sophisticated and more fine tuned cartel the same as those in Mexico, Columbia and other countries riddled with abuses against the honest citizens.

  10. J. Alonzo says:

    Can anyone tell me what happens now. It still must be passed by who for this to become law? Who do we need to write? Please advise.

  11. If this bill passes be ready to an increase in foreclosures of at least 50%, Just like in CA

  12. Mike Grim says:

    You guys already have the notorious rocket docket – what a bunch of idiots.
    Courts need serious overhaul in the USA. That is the bottom line. The way it is now, probably has been for years, is that whoever has the most money wins, whether in court or in writing legislation. The Banks own Florida.

  13. Beth A. says:

    WebSters (People who use internet) Dictionary reads:

    Passidomo “Pass’ id omo” – See also “bank whore”. Noun. A person who has forgotten that they were elected to represent the general population of actual people versus banksters.

    Thanks. I’d call you a bi-otch, but I’m not entirely convinced you’re a female. Watch our for Karma, Passidomo – now THAT can be a bitch.

  14. lies are all they tell says:

    we need to keep calling and writing these people. FIRST AND FOREMOST WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FORECLSOURES IN FLORIDA ANYWAY??????/ why dont they deal with those issues. Go back to origination. check income verification. i never approved a stated income loan yet i have one???? my foreclsoure is induced. loan made to fail. mortgage approved on gross income instead of net. call, and write we have to stop the foreclosures and give our homes back.

    • Beth A. says:

      Re: Bank “fib” using your gross vs. net income.

      Our bankster didn’t even do that — they made up an outrageous set of figures.

      They changed my income on their internal document (signed as “XXXXX”…the unknown income verifier for the bank) and upped the figure by about $30,000/month (I am NOT kidding) and said I was receiving rental income as well. Interesting – since I’ve never owned a rental property in my life. So, my assets – per the copy received from a QWR put my assets at over $1 million —- Fiction!

      When I saw this copy (they actually supplied it in the QWR response package) – I was shocked beyond belief. I’d love to show it to the attorneys of investors who poured money into a Chase trust.

  15. Fury says:

    what a crying shame!

    floridians are suffering.
    the corrupt judges and politicians are worse than any hurricane damage.

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      I got an email message response back from one of the representatives in Florida when I wrote against this HB213. She indicated to me that she was AGAINST the bill and would vote as such….but I guess she was only one of the 4 that voted against it. Our only hope is flooding them with emails to the Economic Affairs Committee! Or marching up in Tallahassee… God, we need help down here in Gator land!!!!!!

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