Matt Weidner | RED ALERT! Florida unFair Foreclosure – This Is How They Steal Your Home

RED ALERT! Florida unFair Foreclosure – This Is How They Steal Your Home

Here it is folks, the language that will be put into the bill this week that will allow the bank to use any trick they want to steal your home and never, ever fear because you could never, ever get your home back.

Forget about robo signing, they can outright steal and there would be NOTHING YOU COULD DO TO GET YOUR HOME BACK!

This folks is what this whole stinking bill is about right now. This is the language that everyone is demanding be in the bill. Everything else is just a distraction. This is the piece that is the ugliest and most dangerous. This is the piece that will send the criminality and the fraud and the outright abuse of homeowners absolutely over the top!


574 702.036 Finality of mortgage foreclosure judgment.—

575 (1)(a) In any action or proceeding in which a party seeks

576 to set aside, invalidate, or challenge the validity of a final

577 judgment of foreclosure of a mortgage or to establish or

578 reestablish a lien or encumbrance on the property in abrogation

579 of the final judgment of foreclosure of a mortgage, the court

580 shall treat such request solely as a claim for monetary damages

581 and may not grant relief that adversely affects the quality or

582 character of the title to the property,





3 Responses to “Matt Weidner | RED ALERT! Florida unFair Foreclosure – This Is How They Steal Your Home”
  1. Bloodsoaked says:

    We need a Vigilanty coup to take theses people out. Get the pitch fork and torchs out! Time to Barry the MONSTER!

  2. Gene says:

    I’m not a lawyer, but here goes:

    When a judge issues a summary judgment (i.e. the house is foreclosed), any party (typically the one foreclosed) only has a right to monetary damages if the foreclosure action is subsequently found lacking, invalid, improper, etc. The language goes one step further: the summary judgment will deem the house’s title forever clear.

    So let’s say your house is foreclosed illegally (not that that would ever happen), you can never get your house back. Let’s say an investor who thought they were investing in your house but the servicer, bank, whoever did not securitize it properly, they can never lay a claim that results in their getting their investment back: the physical, “real property”.

    In essence, this bill will create law that will forever clear the title of a foreclosed home from any past wrong-doing ever involved with that “real property”. Any previous owners (borrowers, investors, etc.) will only be entitled to some money IF another court rules there were past illegalities involving servicing, chain of title, standing, robo-signing, etc. involving the foreclosed house.

    This is our elected officials’ way of saying we do not care if you were screwed by a bank or servicer that results in a foreclosure. And if you were screwed, legally you will only be entitled to a few dollars as compensation. This is kind of like what the state AG settlement will (supposedly) do by “giving” victims $1,800 if you were illegally foreclosed. And our elected officials go one step further and unilaterally (and illegally) deem the title clear.

    Lawyers: is this an accurate interpretation?

  3. Financial Crime victim says:

    can someone please explain each line in non legal jargon

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