California Audit Finds Broad Irregularities in Foreclosures, 84 Percent of the Files Contained what Appear to be Clear Violations of Law

Audit Uncovers Extensive Flaws in Foreclosures


An audit by San Francisco county officials of about 400 recent foreclosures there determined that almost all involved either legal violations or suspicious documentation, according to a report released Wednesday.

Anecdotal evidence indicating foreclosure abuse has been plentiful since the mortgage boom turned to bust in 2008. But the detailed and comprehensive nature of the San Francisco findings suggest how pervasive foreclosure irregularities may be across the nation.

The improprieties range from the basic — a failure to warn borrowers that they were in default on their loans as required by law — to the arcane. For example, transfers of many loans in the foreclosure files were made by entities that had no right to assign them and institutions took back properties in auctions even though they had not proved ownership.

Commissioned by Phil Ting, the San Francisco assessor-recorder, the report examined files of properties subject to foreclosure sales in the county from January 2009 to November 2011. About 84 percent of the files contained what appear to be clear violations of law, it said, and fully two-thirds had at least four violations or irregularities.

Kathleen Engel, a professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston said: “If there were any lingering doubts about whether the problems with loan documents in foreclosures were isolated, this study puts the question to rest.”

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  2. Fury says:

    how on earth can any AG sign that bogus settlement when there is such
    rampant violation of laws and fraudlosure??!! there haven’t been proper
    investigations done!

    • Bobbi Swann says:

      @ Bloodsoaked – your posting was an excellent piece! I wish I had some way of getting it posted on Facebook. I think what you should do is read this aloud as a video and post it on YouTube. You could awaken some of the “children of the corn” so to speak….

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