Toxic Titles | Imagine Buying a House then Finding Out Years Later that Someone Else Claims to Own Your Land (VIDEO)

Woman could lose house over land claim

Imagine buying a house then finding out years later that someone else claims to own the land under your home. That’s what happened to a St. Petersburg woman. Now she faces a lawsuit and threats that.


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  1. StuckinSoPa says:

    O.K. For the umpteenth time people.! Buy ANYTHING built, bought, resold, WHATEVER! in the last ten years (and hope to God it’sJUST the last ten years,) save time and effort, SUCK ON A TWELVE GUAGE!

    It’s quicker, and the results the same. You are dead meat!

  2. flex says:

    This is the beginning of a new era. Toxic titles are the law suits of the future regarding real property. There must be more than millions of toxic titles from all the homes that were sold again and again through Securitization in Wall St. for the last two decades. Millions of homes taken from homeowners from Fraudclosure by the pretender lenders and servicers that work for the lenders have clouded titles and one day will be the issue with the land and the property. Specially all those millions of REO’s that had been sold to private investors by the banksters without any legal documentation of transfer of real title.
    In many cases, the chain of title has been broken a long time ago and no one has kept records. Please take a look at the chain of title at the county records. Many county assessors have already done investigations of the title and found out that their records is a crime scene.
    No one is paying attention to this now, but one day it will come up by the millions of law suits against the pretender lenders. As always, the ones who are getting screwed here are the homeowners and the investors.
    De ja vu all over again. I guess we will never learn. Investors should stay away from REO properties because it will be a matter of time when the real owner will come up with the proof evidence of the real ownership of the land and the property.
    With the rush of making a few bucks, the banks, the title companies, and the investors, the new homeowners and the ones who lost their homes in illegal foreclosures are the real losers in this ordeal.
    Many title companies do not care because they cover up their wrong doing or their negligence with the title insurance. Anyone should make sure that the title insurance will cover any of these claims.
    As most insurance policies, they also cover up any wrong doings or claims in their famous fine print that no one reads or understand. Most people don’t even know they have MERS in their loan documents because they never read them, much less they never read their Title insurance policy. They only know that to be able to close escrow, they must pay for a title policy. Millions of dollars go towards tittle insurance and very rarely anyone uses it or ever makes a claim.
    This is how many title companies make millions of dollars and buy each other and get out of business. Has anyone try to go after a title company that does not even exist or was bought out by a another company. Has anyone try to get their loan documents from a title company’s warehouse. They claim they have the documents in storage, but when you request the documents, they take months or forever and you never receive the documents from them. They make all kind of excuses so you go away and with time people give up and lose their homes anyway. Once people lose their homes, they move on and forget about the whole ordeal because that is what they want the most, to forget the nightmare they had been gone through for the last few years.
    Why do you think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can not sell their millions of foreclosure homes in their books to anyone? They are giving them to the government so they can sell them to private investors all over Europe and rent them back to the people. This news has been all over the place in the last few weeks. I guess people will rent their own homes from the government or private investors companies covered up by the banks. Rumors has it that the government is actually using the banks themselves to handle the deals with the private investors.
    Here goes again, the fox guarding the hen’s house.
    God Bless America!

  3. 1ofthemany says:

    Now isn’t that special, they are continuing to ruin our lives as we breath. Much deeper than we know. We are being sold into further slavery unknowingly for most. Seems they would get it straight but I doubt it, too much money to loose by the banksta gangstas. Yep looking for money aren’t we all!!!!

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