Analysis of SB 1890 Florida’s Foreclosure Act from Henry Trawick – IT’S SPOT ON FANTASTIC!

Henry Trawick

Trawick is in private practice in Sarasota, Fla. He has been an attorney for more than 50 years and specializes in litigation and probate matters. His respected treatises cover Florida practice and procedure and the law of wills and estates. Trawick’s books are widely used by Florida lawyers and judges, and over the years he has become known as “the dean of rules.”

Here are suggestions
1. the letter is posted for people to make their own comments to the letter then letter and comments are sent to all senators (emails listed below for all senators)
2. everyone send the letter with the subject line URGENT READ! Re: 1890
Florida State,,,

Copy of letter below…



Trawick Letter

2 Responses to “Analysis of SB 1890 Florida’s Foreclosure Act from Henry Trawick – IT’S SPOT ON FANTASTIC!”
  1. Ali says:

    All of them should resign!!!!!!! This act is totally uncontitutional in so many ways, the very Constitution that they swore to uphold. Here we go, the shit is about to hit the fan at high speed! Obviously they don’t even know how many of the constitututional rights afforded to the American citizens are being violated. If and to me its a Big if , this laws passes I expect there will be many appeals and it will end up in the Suprene court were some Judges like to legistate from the bench, they should also resign for letting all of this get out of hand. JUST FOLLOW the Laws already on the books and give the People whom they work fork for and pay their pensions and contribute to their health care funds, THEIR DUE PROCESS, if they donot I expect their will be dire consequences and we will all lose not just those in Florida. There is a process that be followed toed to amend the constitution. The ramifications of taking away the rights of DUE PROCESS will have dire results. The people on that committee should be arrested, and Contitutional Rights restored in the way our founding fathers wrote them and just to be clear, they were written just for these reasons so evey citizen would would not be deptieved of their DUE PROCESS to protect us from slimy, greedy basturds, who’s portfolios are full of MBS’. How dare they take peoples homes to amke money wall street with them. These homes have been paid over and over again, and therefore the homeowner certainly deserves a chunk of the Trillions of dollars that enabled them to become richer. How is this this fair in any way, shape , or form? Why should strangers have anything to say about about OTHER PEOPLES MONEY? They should look to their financial advisors to make good on their bad bets on THE PEOPLES HOME. This is what our founding farthers were really worried about, our being deprived of our property rights, they saw this coming. Who in Washington has the BALLS to stand up for The Contitution”, I want to know before I go to the ballot box!!!!!!!! Many Jugdes have had to recuse themselves and many more should. Demand a substitution of Judges and and possibly a change of venue so you can get a FAIR trial. Thats what I say. UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION and arrest the the criminials, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

    • J. Alonzo says:

      You ask who has the balls to up hold the constitution. Ron Paul! The man Republican & Democratic Neocons want to keep down. It’s to bad We the people don’t have the balls to elect him. Where have you been.? He is a libertarian running for the presidency. You know the guy Fox news ignores every chance they get. So does CNBC.

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