Lee Camp on the Settlement | Oh My Gawd! Fun With Big Bank Fraud!

Explicit Language So Viewer Discretion Advised

Recently the states agreed to a deal with attorney general to settle with the big banks for $25 billion. So millions of homeowners had their homes stolen, but they get a whopping $2,000 in return! Talk about a sweet deal… [LeeCamp.net]



2 Responses to “Lee Camp on the Settlement | Oh My Gawd! Fun With Big Bank Fraud!”
  1. Mike Lygnos says:

    Lee, You offer a moment of clarity about the AG sellout settlement with some of the banks but you display a good amount of ignorance as regards the McDonald’s hot coffee case. Certainly a fella bright enough to see this AG settlement scam for what is is, can refrain from speaking out on the coffee case until he spends an hour of two researching the matter. Maybe you can check out the documentary on the coffee case. Then let us know you understand you fell into that trap of belittling that real claim as frivilous, without knowing the facts.

  2. charlie rice says:

    WTH… Just go get your homes backs!

    There is no justice with this. Come on attorney make a ruling to give the homes back encumbered, or the AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL RISE AND DO IT THEMSELVES!

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