A Critical Analysis of The Florida Senate Banking Meeting And The Foreclosure “Reform”… It’s Just Crazy…

And contrary, to representations made at the hearing yesterday, the letter in opposition to the bill written by Henry Trawick applies to many of the issues that are still addressed in the current version of the litigation.

Replay of the hearing on SB 1890 here…

Henry Trawick’s honored opinion and analysis of this bill should not have been so quickly disregarded by the incorrect statement that it did not address issues that are in the current bill….

Read the letter and compare it to the current bill….




8 Responses to “A Critical Analysis of The Florida Senate Banking Meeting And The Foreclosure “Reform”… It’s Just Crazy…”
  1. Kathleen Burt says:

    Even the banks don’t want all this property put on the market at once! Why is the legislature pushing for that?

  2. Mark Bowen says:

    Here is a tool we can use in our nationwide effort to stop these Bills from passing into law. Please sign the petition below and forward to everyone you know to do the same. The State of Florida (the REAL State of Florida, as in “The People”), thanks you for your help.


  3. Ali says:

    It just shows the ignorance of our legislators who are deffinately on the Bankers side. as they keep racking up fee’s for “taking care of the so called abandoned properties. I don’t purport to know much but this I do know, the bank DO NOT own the property nor are they doing as instructed by the the inveastors who want nothing to do with this because of the tax implecations and and their responsiblility to upkeep the properties that were stolen from the rightful bowwerers until they have their “DUE PROCESS”! And futhermore lets talk about the title insurance, it does not cover the moving costs, repairs, and other things a new owner might want to do to their new home and it certainly doen’t give them a clear title to the property. 2k to a homeowner who was fraudulently foreclosed on is a fucking joke. 2K REALLY? They were right about one thing, they better be careful about enterting a sopposed abandoned property, they might get their heads blown off, LEAGALLY!!!!

  4. J.R. Homeowner says:

    Letter already sent to Senator Fasano now posted below as an *open letter*

  5. J.R. Homeowner says:

    Dear Senator Fasano,

    I watched the video of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee with much interest today.

    It is very unfortunate that both Senator Latvalla and Representative Passidomo were so intent on obscuring the truth about the bills.

    As you heard in public testimony there is GREAT concern about protecting the rights of homeowners to properly defend their homes in a court of law.

    Both Senator Latvalla and representative Passidomo were unwilling to state that the TRUE INTENT of the provisions of their bills with regard to the “show cause” hearings is to codify the same sort of “Rocket Docket” that was so infamously used in Representative Passidomo’s district.

    Quite clearly, the homeowner will be completely at the mercy of a very brief “show cause” hearing without benefit of legal discovery, depositions or other procedure. All homeowners will be put at a SEVERE legal disadvantage at the outset.
    “Railroading” foreclosure defendants doesn’t begin to capture what will clearly be the end result of this deceitful piece of legislation.

    If Representative Passidomo and Senator Latvalla honestly sought to protect the legal rights of foreclosure defendants and their bills were ONLY about abandoned houses, they would NOT have insisted on the “show cause” hearing language remaining unchanged.
    It is clearly a subterfuge on behalf of servicers and bankers who would much prefer that Florida be turned into a *non-judicial* foreclosure state by proxy.

    The sad thing about all of this is that the concerns over protecting the legal rights of homeowners could be alleviated buy ONE SIMPLE CHANGE to the bills:

    Starting at Line 149 of SB1890:
    3. State that the filing of defenses by a motion, responsive pleading, affidavits, or other papers or by a verified or sworn answer at or before the hearing to show cause SHALL, (not “may”), constitute cause for the court not to enter the attached final judgment.
    The problem is that NOTHING in either of the bills defines precisely WHAT constitutes sufficient cause.

    With the imminent passage of this terrible piece of legislation, perhaps we might look forward to working with you to propose an amendment to this law and perhaps “repair” the wording of the “show cause” provisions of the law.

    I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this matter and I remain ready to speak with you personally.

    Best Regards,

  6. lvent says:

    This is all happening because truthfully they are all nuts..They are all either/or all of the following… completely morally bankrupt , corrupt or brainswashed by fear or stupidity..!

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