Experienced Robosigners Wanted | JPMorgan, BofA Strain for Qualified Staff to Clear Foreclosures

JPMorgan, BofA Strain for Qualified Staff to Clear Foreclosures

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp. told regulators they were straining last year to hire and keep enough qualified people who could clear a backlog of foreclosure complaints.

JPMorgan, the largest U.S. bank by assets, vowed to expand training after its review found that the mortgage-servicing unit “struggled to absorb rapid staffing growth and, in many cases, hired representatives with little or no home lending industry experience.” Bank of America, ranked second, said compliance operations were understaffed as of midyear 2011 and that some people lacked the skills or stature needed to do their jobs.

The assessments, released yesterday by the Federal Reserve, were contained in action plans submitted after U.S. banks were ordered last April to clean up foreclosures and mortgage servicing. The order followed a deluge of borrower complaints about lost paperwork, broken promises and missed deadlines that cost some of them their homes. The accord compels the 14 largest servicers to repay homeowners for any losses tied to the errors.

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11 Responses to “Experienced Robosigners Wanted | JPMorgan, BofA Strain for Qualified Staff to Clear Foreclosures”
  1. WALTER says:


  2. Gulfresident says:

    Robo Signer Beverly Brooks signed over our mortgage that is still owed by Freddie Mac to Bank of America this MONTH. Freddie Mac doesn’t know this. I have an affidavit in the mail that she in fact is a robo-signer. I found over 50 other assignments of mortgage from her to banks all done the same day by just looking at 4 counties in Florida. “Rene Rosales” and “Amanda Stackhouse” were also on many of the documents. Our County Clerk’s office told me they have never even heard the term Robo-signing! Unbelievable the Banks are still doing it like nothing ever happened! I also called my local Title office and asked about the meaning of an “Assignment of Notice” and she said “oh it really means nothing, banks do it all the time”. Bank’s CEOs have been telling me for weeks they have the note even though they know the loan was owned by Freddie Mac. This is literally criminal!

  3. Wake Up America! says:

    Signing so fast causes your hand to cramp
    So we have to employ a stamp
    It’s our employee of the month
    Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant!

  4. Dianne says:

    Bank of America now uses robo stamps. I have a robo stamped Note purported to be the signatures of Laurie Meder and Michele Sjolander, robo signers, and after comparing the stamps to copies from other people in other parts of the country; we have matched identical stamps; even down to the smudge prints.

  5. Beth A> says:

    For those who used to work for JP Morgan Chase (and others) —

    If you falsified paperwork (like mine), signed or otherwise adhered signatures (like mine) to paperwork, if you altered asset/liability info (like mine), if you knew an appraisal was full of beans (like ours), or did anything else untoward either independently or at the direction of your bosses….come forward and tell your story. The truth will free you – and now is your chance to help millions of people. You’ll sleep better if you do, you can hold your head high again – if you do, and your soul just might make it.

  6. MARIO KENNY says:

    I am very qualified

  7. David Robert says:

    hiring pirates should be pretty easy, it really only takes a couple of answers to a couple basic questions.

    #1 – can you sign a document that you know absolutely nothing about but are willing to say that your are?

    #2 – can you sign a couple thousand documents per hour?

    #3 – have you ever dreamed of being a VP of a Bank? maybe even several Banks at the same time?

    #4 – do you have a pulse?

    If you answered yes to these questions your hired.

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