Up w/ Chris Hayes | Architecture Brings New Life to Foreclosure Crisis

Up host Chris Hayes pivots the conversation from the foreclosure crisis plaguing Detroit, to the future of suburban housing communities and how architecture may play a role. Architect Michael Bell joins Up to discuss this shift, and his installation in New York’s Museum of Modern Art that addresses “rehousing the American dream.”



5 Responses to “Up w/ Chris Hayes | Architecture Brings New Life to Foreclosure Crisis”
  1. Pamela Edwards says:

    They are trying to incarcerate all of us whether it’s pod housing,FEMA camps or all the new prisions being built.We need to take serious action now or the generations coming up behind us are going to be forever lost.Just like what they are trying to do to us now.People need to get a grip and get on this,start learning survival skills and so forth.You better be prepared when the time comes or your new home could very likely be one of these places.

  2. WTF says:

    Reminds me of the pods in the movie 1984 , think about it my friends – and these fuckin tools should be the downstairs neighbors , make your mothers proud today – kill a banker or lawyer TODAY

  3. P Nach says:

    This is what they have been working towards all along…..pack ’em, stack ’em and rack ’em. They want all of us in public housing projects…..after all, they know what’s best for us. They know what’s best for our children, they now are on the verge of controlling our health care, giving them the decision who gets treatment and who does not and now they’re planning on deciding how and where we live. What fun!! Now I don’t have to think for myself at all! All I need to do is breed, do my job and do as I am told……Can’t wait!

  4. readdocs says:

    Making a bad idea into a nightmare, when in the future it’s exposed this architectures’ buildings are
    on property it doesn’t and never owned due to clouded titles. What a way to go.

  5. Beth A> says:

    I dunno – this struck me as sort of creepy.

    Let’s just stack people into this type of housing.

    Are they also designing FEMA camp structures that will lull residents into thinking they are so lucky to have private pods in the camp.

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