Oregon House Passes Foreclosure Protection Bill Addressing Mediation, Dual Track

Oregon House passes foreclosure protection bill addressing mediation, dual track

Oregon lawmakers reached a last-minute deal Monday on protections for homeowners facing foreclosure, passing legislation that will require lenders to meet face to face with borrowers before initiating foreclosure.

The House approved Senate Bill 1552 by a 59-1 vote late Monday as the Legislature approached adjournment. It will require lenders to meet with borrowers in mediation if the borrower requests it, and it will end the “dual track” practice of foreclosing while negotiating a loan modification.

The bill passed in the Senate a short time later. Approval there wasn’t in doubt because the Senate had passed two bills addressing mediation and the dual track system last month.

The mediation requirement gives homeowners the chance to plead their case with their lender and a third party face to face.

“That’s going to make a world of difference for a lot of homeowners,” said House Democratic Leader Tina Kotek of Portland. “Some might still get foreclosed upon, but they will at least get to sit down and talk with their lender.”

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3 Responses to “Oregon House Passes Foreclosure Protection Bill Addressing Mediation, Dual Track”
  1. CAPT TRUTH says:

    GREAT job Mark!!!

    Where is the “borrower” and what did they borrow, when the Seller received a check, NOT from the Buyer, but at a “table-funded” transaction???

    In Nevada, if you ask the mediator to have the lender produce the “required” documents, you “CAN” be declared UN-COOPERATIVE and the foreclosure allowed to continue!!!

    The legislature is there with a “mediation program” to negotiate what IS NOT OWED???


    —From a Garfield student who “thought” he was right???

  2. Mark Bowen says:

    What’s all this Lender/Borrower garbage? When a Plaintiff files an Initial Pleading in a Civil Action, be they the purported Bank in a Judicial Foreclosure State, or the purported Borrower in a Non-Judicial Foreclosure State (these are generalizations), the whole idea of Lender/Borrower is thrown out the window. I would personally never “negotiate” with anyone who was trying to steal my home from me when the evidence is overwhelming that they have no legitimate Cause of Action. As long as we all continue to wrongly believe that these Banks are foreclosing with all the rights and authority vested in them by Governing Laws, and we close our eyes to the FACT that all Securitized mortgages are unenforceable and were part of the biggest fraud scheme ever constructed with the full and complicit support of every level of Government, the people of this once great nation are doomed to live out the remainder of their lives as Victims and slaves to a system that their ignorance and lack of courage helped to create. I for one refuse to pay money to someone that I don’t owe that money to, regardless of whether or not I “borrowed the money”.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      mark you are so right !! i heard that 2 years ago by neil garfield. AND THEN i would say. but whose going to tell my good olboy judge that? athe judges are not educated on this fraud. they continue to back the banks. they still beleive we all just one day decided to stop paying on a mortgage we couldnt afford. when it was the banks that waived all underwriting because they had no skin in the game. the good ol boy judge in my county of florida i heard was tuff. why be tuff , law is law. i fear everyday whe its my turn i will be undermined and sqaushed and made a fool when all along it has been wellsf argo all along committing fraud.

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