Fraudclosure | Lisa Epstein Strikes Again (VIDEO SPEECH) w/ Surprise Announcement

And I support this message…

Paid for by the 99%…

Did you catch the surprise announcement?


15 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Lisa Epstein Strikes Again (VIDEO SPEECH) w/ Surprise Announcement”
  1. thisblows says:

    Hi LIsa

    You are unstoppable! Bravo!

    Please let us know what we need to do, to get the signatures for you. I know I collected a lot of signatures for Matt Weidner.

    Being a West Palm Beach Resident, I am thrilled at the news!!!

  2. Fury says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!
    you have helped so many families, including mine.

  3. Fed up says:

    Congratulations Lisa!!!

  4. Eugene Villarreal says:

    Congratulations ! I’m in New Jersey and I know you will be successful. You have helped so many. From Florida and hopefully to New Jersey, all homeowners will start to listen.

  5. papergate says:

    Many of us who would gladly give Lisa a vote are not as you know there in the area, but I am sure us ‘outsiders’ would contribute perhaps towards a billboard – signs – whatever – to get the message out she’s running in PB Co. – just let us know – we owe Lisa a great deal and if this is a way to support her and say THANKS then let us know what it is we can do – start a “Lisa for Clerk of Court” page or something specifically set up for contributions, instructions of what the people there need to do – sign petitions (locally) etc. give her a page on this site and put an ad on DinSfla’s foreclosure fraud site, etc. . . . we’ll follow her all the way to victory!!

  6. Randolph (Randy) Frodsham says:

    The best in your political endeavors from California. GO, Lisa!

  7. David Robert says:

    for those of you who saw “Watergate” with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman there was a point when they figured out that the corruption went all the way to the White House. The finical destruction that America (the World) is experiencing today was/is a well thought out and executed plan. It started in 1913 as many of you know and if you do not know you need to research Jekyll Island and the conception of the Federal Reserve.

    Its brave souls like Lisa who are weakening their plan. Everyone needs to get involved – what you say?

    How about sending the truth to the Clerks, Judges and Sheriffs, flood them with the truth. Imagine what hundreds of copies of Robo-Signed documents to county recording offices and sheriffs offices will do? Teach these people who still think the world is flat that they are wrong and if they do not wise up their kids, grand kids and great grand kids are screwed. The Bankers have their sights on their families too.

    Remember the Sheriff is the most powerful person in any county.

  8. SDFraudfighter says:

    And I support this message too!! Go Lisa!!!

  9. woodknotgo says:

    God Bless you Lisa-You will be a fantastic Clerk of Court !
    where do I sign up ?

  10. JamesM says:

    I thought DCA judges were appointed not elected. Maybe I am wrong again.

  11. albert says:

    i filed appeal for the 4th court of appear and they sent it to 3rd Court of appeal, was dismissed in 4 day aprox…
    they docketed one day late … 3rd court of appeal is so corrupted…\

    i filed motion for reconsideration and pointed the “clerical “error…nobody notice that motion….


  12. lies is all they tell says:

    i think you can get the signatures needed. I am so happy!!!! good luck. we have to get the fraud reavealed.

  13. incognito123 says:

    As proof this past week, WE AND YOU CAN DO IT LISA!!!!

  14. Mad as Hell in Maryland says:

    Good for her! I’m not in Florida, or I would help her candidacy! Keep fighting the good fight! Challenge everything! (They don’t have it or its made up anyway!)

    Its time to stand up and be counted! Be well! Good luck to all!

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