VICTORY | SB 1890 / SB 670 / HB 213 The Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act is DEAD!!! Congrats Everyone!!!

The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act is Officially Dead!

(it appears that way anyway, you never know with these dirty bastards)

Congratulations everyone for you hard dedicated work on defeating the bills.

Now that we defeated the bills, lets work on defeating the banked owned shills in the legislature that supported this sham piece of legislation

Remember, it is an election year and ALL of them are up for re-election!

Especially our good friend Kathleen Passidomo.


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  1. List of who voted FOR HB213 —-THEY ARE THE ENEMY:

    THE BAD GUYS (94)

    Y Adkins
    Y Ahern
    Y Albritton
    Y Artiles
    Y Aubuchon
    Y Baxley
    Y Bembry
    Y Eisnaugle
    N Berman .
    Y Bileca
    Y Boyd
    Y Brandes
    Y Brodeur
    Y Broxson
    N Bullard
    Y Burgin
    Y Caldwell
    Y Campbell
    Y Cannon
    Y Chestnut
    Y Clarke-Reed
    Y Coley
    Y Corcoran
    Y Costello
    Y Crisafulli
    Y Davis
    Y Diaz
    Y Dorworth
    Y Drake
    Y Ford
    Y Fresen
    Y Frishe
    Y Fullwood
    Y Gaetz
    Y Garcia
    Y Gibbons
    Y Glorioso
    Y Gonzalez
    Y Goodson
    Y Grant
    Y Hager
    Y Harrell
    Y Harrison
    Y Hooper
    Y Horner
    Y Hudson
    Y Hukill
    Y Ingram
    Y Julien
    Y Kreegel
    Y Legg
    Y Logan
    Y Lopez-Cantera
    Y Mayfield
    Y McBurney
    Y McKeel
    Y Metz
    Y Moraitis
    Y Nehr
    Y Nelson
    Y Nuñez
    Y O’Toole
    Y Passidomo
    Y Patronis
    Y Perry
    Y Pilon
    Y Plakon
    Y Porter
    Y Porth
    Y Precourt
    Y Proctor
    Y Ray
    Y Reed
    Y Rehwinkel Vasilinda
    Y Renuart
    Y Roberson K.
    Y Rogers
    Y Rooney
    Y Schenck
    Y Smith
    Y Snyder
    Y Stargel
    Y Steube
    Y Thompson, G
    Y Tobia
    Y Trujillo
    Y Van Zant
    Y Weatherford
    Y Weinstein
    Y Williams, A.
    Y Williams, T.
    Y Wood
    Y Workman
    Y Young

    Total Yeas: 94 Total Nays: 17 Total Missed: 8 Total Votes: 111

  2. First, I want to apologize to the readers of this blog for asking SOMEONE ELSE to make a list of people who VOTED FOR, VOTED AGAINST and ABSTAINED (Did Not Vote). Hopefully, The following list that I post in another reply will be legible and if not, simply go to the LINK #1 below to find out who voted FOR this HORRIBLE BILL in the Florida House of Representatives:

    Then go to this second LINK #2 to find out who your elected Florida Representative is based on your own home address:

    IF YOU FIND OUT THAT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE VOTED FOR THIS BILL HB213, then tell all your friends and neighbors NOT TO REELECT HIM because he/she is against the poor and the middle class in Florida and is serving the special interests who are trying to destroy our community for their own profit and are in league with criminal governor Rick Scott.


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