Florida Man’s Home Fraudclosed After Heart Surgery (VIDEO)



5 Responses to “Florida Man’s Home Fraudclosed After Heart Surgery (VIDEO)”
  1. readdocs says:

    WHY did you pull down the thread on the smoking gun?

  2. mario kenny says:

    we are almost there, soon the wave would reach the shore, then we see total change.

  3. Most homeowners in this situation, give up, totally exhausted from fighting the banks and whoever else is helping, the gentleman can only do so much on his own, it has now gone too far! they will find him a rental, doesn;t it seem they could have lowered his payment? like is he going to be here for the 30 yr fixed, the sooner they disable him the sooner he will be disabled, why be surprised this is happening all over to even more extreme cases to basic loss of jobs or seniors retired early due too no fault of their own, the mortgage company;s should have fixed this!!

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    I simply cannot wait for the Day that we can inflect great pain on the scumbags behind this mess. It is comming and they know it as the yellow bellies are leaving the country at high rates of speed.

    “Fight The Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day

  5. usjustice4all says:

    10 dollars say they don’t do a follow up!!

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